Shifting to the Higher Mind

Have you been finding it difficult to keep a positive frame of mind?  If so, you aren’t alone. As we are now in a period where we are no longer able to hold on to false identities or beliefs about ourselves, there is an increasing pressure to choose a higher point of view.  Below areContinue reading “Shifting to the Higher Mind”

Trouble Sleeping? Try Gratitude!

Night time is often a very mentally active time for people (me included).  It is the time when we are finally still enough for all those thoughts we’ve held at bay to come to the forefront.  Sometimes they are worries and other times they are creative ideas.  Whatever the purpose behind them, they can makeContinue reading “Trouble Sleeping? Try Gratitude!”

Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within

Ever feel like your inner world has gone all topsy turvy and you aren’t sure why?  Well, if you have, then you will relate to this post!  Check out the photo below.  My husband brought it to my attention.  It’s a photo taken of a local arboretum where a tornado hit.  Notice the plaque… “Nancy’sContinue reading “Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within”

Surrending the “To Do” List!

For years, I’ve been a “to do” list type of person. An excellent multi-tasker, I would often have many half-completed tasks going at once and a long list of things to get done. I’m finding that this approach isn’t working very well for me anymore. While I always have several projects going (I’ve decided thisContinue reading “Surrending the “To Do” List!”

Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies

I’ve found that there is nothing that makes me feel as powerless as a health issue. This spring, I seem to have developed some type of allergy and suddenly my favorite time of year is no longer so wonderful. Being outside and watching things bloom, feeling the warming sun, and enjoying the fresh air areContinue reading “Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies”

Divinely Inspired Message-A Safe Haven

I’ve asked for a Divinely inspired message for you today (on whatever day you happen to read this!) and this is what I was shown.  DIVINELY GUIDED VISION I am sitting on a white rock.  Around me is dark water.  The water is so dark I can’t see what is within it.  I feel theContinue reading “Divinely Inspired Message-A Safe Haven”

Simple Pleasures to Overcome Stress

Wow! It has been quite a ride the last few months energetically, emotionally, and financially for so many people. It is easy to get caught up in the cycles of stress during times of change. So here are a few simple treats to remind yourself that this too shall pass! Aromatherapy: I’m really into roseContinue reading “Simple Pleasures to Overcome Stress”

Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress

Have you ever felt like your brain will not be quiet?  I’ve had a real struggle with this for a lot of my life.  Whether my mind is obsessed with worries or involved in creative brainstorming, sometimes it will not leave me alone!  While I get a real high when my brain starts off on a creativeContinue reading “Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress”