Morning Musing – Guidance for Your Day (whatever day you come upon it!)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be helpful to get a little guidance for the day ahead. I hope you find it helpful! Love to you all! Nancy The Vision… I am looking at a red rose from the top of the flower. The petals make curved patterns of light and dark. I amContinue reading “Morning Musing – Guidance for Your Day (whatever day you come upon it!)”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Perception

This is a picture of a wildflower called Bloodroot.  It is one of the early spring arrivals and it is always such a thrill to see it after the long winter.  I chose to share this today as a reminder that even when things seem to be dead and lifeless, new life is growing beneathContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Perception”

Good News? Bad News? Who Can Tell!

My dear Soul Friend and colleague, Lauren May, shared a 2000 year old story that comes from the Taoist tradition with me the other day to help me with a challenging situation I was facing.   I found it reprinted in an article by Evelyn Theiss in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, so I wanted toContinue reading “Good News? Bad News? Who Can Tell!”

Morning Musing for Today!

I have been asking for intuitive insight for the day ahead through my morning musings. Here was today’s message (though I believe that whenever you read it, is when you need it!). I find it is most helpful to imagine yourself as the animal in the image. Let yourself feel things from its perspective andContinue reading “Morning Musing for Today!”

Morning Musings-7/31/2012

About Morning Musings…I have been feeling guided to do some morning writing.  This is more of a journal-style sharing.  I hope you find it brings you some insight into your own inner workings… I see a river flowing into the ocean.  The water is rough and tumbling as it merges with the salty sea.  ThereContinue reading “Morning Musings-7/31/2012”