Creating the Foundation-Your First Chakra in the Age of Light!

This month, my Earth Sanctuary program participants are working with the first chakra (the energy center at the root of our being). If you think about the human energy system as a tree, the first chakra is the roots and the soil that holds them. Just as a tree depends on its roots to getContinue reading “Creating the Foundation-Your First Chakra in the Age of Light!”

Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!

Happy New Year! Below is a Morning Musing that came through when I asked for guidance about 2013.  I believe we will be “feeling” our way through 2013, instead of “thinking.”  In doing this, we will be learning how to come into harmonic resonance with our true natures, with the Divine and with the Earth. Continue reading “Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!”