New Meditation Available-Get Unstuck!

We had a great Get Unstuck Empowerment Call tonight!  It was wonderful connecting with everyone who was able to make it!  If you missed the call and are looking for some guidance on how to energetically and spiritually shift a frustrating situation, check out this link (this recording is at the bottom of the page): Continue reading “New Meditation Available-Get Unstuck!”

Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…

This month’s archetype focus is the Destroyer.  I have to admit that this hasn’t been an easy part of my psyche to accept, mostly because I’ve had a bad habit of not allowing it out until cataclysmic destruction was necessary.  This time, I’m trying to activate the destroyer energy more consciously by diving down intoContinue reading “Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…”