Transforming Fear

I know many of you are going through major life transitions right now (me too!), and while we all get that these changes are ultimately for our good, the process can be challenging while you are in it!  Below is a technique I used after my good friend suggested I actually physically write down whatContinue reading “Transforming Fear”

Releasing Unhealthy Emotional Patterns

“But if you bring your attention to tension, won’t you get lost in it? This is the fear that leads people into escapist positive thinking practices. The logic of positive thinking is rather appealing, because this doctrine claims that you should give more energy to positive thoughts, and less energy to negative thoughts. Unfortunately, thatContinue reading “Releasing Unhealthy Emotional Patterns”

Afformations: Positive Questioning!

I read a great article about Noah St. John and Denise Berard’s concept called “afformations” (Positive Questions) and I have to say I’m fascinated.  My understanding is that by posing a positive question you are actually working more in sync with the way the brain functions.  All I know is that I’ve been trying itContinue reading “Afformations: Positive Questioning!”