Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Higher Aspirations

I thought this photo might be helpful today as I know many of us are struggling a bit with emotional balance and well-being right now.  Gladiolas have the following message in Ted Andrews’ book, Nature-Speak, “The gladiola is a reminder to make ourselves more receptive to divine will.  Now is the time to assert yourContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Higher Aspirations”

Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!

I have a confession to make – I love animated films. My husband has accepted that watching something rated beyond PG with me means I’ll spend most of the time hiding my eyes. He broke down and went to see the new movie, The Croods with me over the weekend. What a wonderful movie (evenContinue reading “Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!”

Morning Musing: Unconditional Love and Ostriches

As I continue to work with the concept of living a more heart-centered life, I find myself uncovering areas of resistance in connection to love.  Love is an interesting thing.  We talk of love all the time, but I am beginning to realize that much of what we consider love isn’t really love at all. Continue reading “Morning Musing: Unconditional Love and Ostriches”

Love the Fear: Shift from Fear to Love this month!

I had another life changing session with Jaap Van Etten.  We have both been receiving similar messages about the path ahead.  Our discussion led to a concept that has been coming up in readings I’ve been doing over the last month.  We both feel that our species is in the process of evolving.  Our lizardContinue reading “Love the Fear: Shift from Fear to Love this month!”

Techniques to Manage Anxiety

I had a panic attack in 2002 and after spending two long years fighting anxiety, I find that it is the experience I dread the most when something upsetting happens.  If I could keep my sense of calm as I deal with things that feel challenging, I would navigate them so much easier.  After all,Continue reading “Techniques to Manage Anxiety”

Build Courage

I find it quite a “God Wink” that the pre-determined topic for this month’s newsletter  is courage, based on the archetype (aspect of the personality) focus of the Warrior.  This aspect as defined by Carol Pearson’s book, Awakening the Heroes Within:  Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World has the giftContinue reading “Build Courage”

Be Well! Take care of the Emotional YOU

Ever feel like a victim to your emotions?  You aren’t alone!  Feelings are something we all experience (no matter how we sometimes try to ignore them!)  One of my biggest passions is learning to master self-care and to teach others how to do the same thing.  Over the years, I’ve become very adept at caringContinue reading “Be Well! Take care of the Emotional YOU”

Divinely Guided Message 3-Security Within

I’ve asked for a Divinely inspired message for you today (on whatever day you happen to read this!) and this is what I was shown. DIVINELY GUIDED VISION (as shown to Nancy Nicholas)   I am standing in white, silky sand looking out over a beach.  Clumps of wild grass and small dunes flow outContinue reading “Divinely Guided Message 3-Security Within”