Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Allow the Flow

The intuitive image I saw this morning was of a river of mud flowing by.  I saw flashes of diamonds in the mud as it churned by me.  I saw an Angel on the opposite bank.  I went into the mud and felt it healing me.  Deep underneath, I found a huge quartz crystal.  IContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Allow the Flow”

Shifting to the Higher Mind

Have you been finding it difficult to keep a positive frame of mind?  If so, you aren’t alone. As we are now in a period where we are no longer able to hold on to false identities or beliefs about ourselves, there is an increasing pressure to choose a higher point of view.  Below areContinue reading “Shifting to the Higher Mind”

Restoring Optimism

Yesterday, I went to a Memorial Day parade and ceremony in my town.  I was really impressed with what the mayor had to say.  In it, she talked of how our country has become very pessimistic.  Of how we seem to be focused on what is falling apart, often to the point of overlooking whatContinue reading “Restoring Optimism”