July Special Offers -Tuesday Tune Ups

Check out this month’s special offers and a new weekly gathering – Tuesday Tune Ups! Details are below… Tuesday Tune Ups! WHEN: 7/6, 7/13, 7/20, 7/27 – 4 PM MT (3 PM PT, 5 PM CT, 6 PM EST) Approximately 30 minutes WHAT TO EXPECT: Join me for a weekly 30 minute energy and coachingContinue reading “July Special Offers -Tuesday Tune Ups”

Gifts and Challenges of the Wood Element

I am loving looking at life through the focus of the Five Elements (Dondi Dahlin). This spring, the Wood element seems to be a dominant theme (and spring is all about this element as well as the liver!). We all have a primary and secondary element that we most relate to. We also have allContinue reading “Gifts and Challenges of the Wood Element”

Staying Centered – Three Questions to Promote Peace

For those of us who are highly sensitive or empathic, other people’s emotions and dramas can often feel overwhelming. The extra level of awareness that allows us to be compassionate and intuitive, also means we are more aware of the energy and emotions swirling around us. There are many tools to help you stay centeredContinue reading “Staying Centered – Three Questions to Promote Peace”

Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within

Ever feel like your inner world has gone all topsy turvy and you aren’t sure why?  Well, if you have, then you will relate to this post!  Check out the photo below.  My husband brought it to my attention.  It’s a photo taken of a local arboretum where a tornado hit.  Notice the plaque… “Nancy’sContinue reading “Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within”

Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies

I’ve found that there is nothing that makes me feel as powerless as a health issue. This spring, I seem to have developed some type of allergy and suddenly my favorite time of year is no longer so wonderful. Being outside and watching things bloom, feeling the warming sun, and enjoying the fresh air areContinue reading “Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies”

Tough Times Bearing Gifts?

The last few days have been one of those times when I felt that if I heard one more bit of bad news, I’d start smashing dishes.  Being a compassionate person who always wants to help is somewhat torturous when it seems like so many people are suffering.  I sat down and did a readingContinue reading “Tough Times Bearing Gifts?”

Hand Turned Bowls and Discovering One’s Unique Self

I’ve been working with a very gifted artist, named Jim Holland from North Carolina.  He makes these amazing hand turned wood bowls, vases and containers.  They are really beautiful and each is so unique.  I am keeping my favorite stones in one.  I purchased one for a friend of mine for Christmas and filled it withContinue reading “Hand Turned Bowls and Discovering One’s Unique Self”

How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been

Below is an article I had published in the Journey Magazine this year.  Included is an activity to help you integrate who you have been into who you are today.  I hope you find it helpful!  🙂 Nancy How Roots Become Branches by Nancy Nicholas “Only another breath will I breathe in this still air, onlyContinue reading “How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been”