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Ohio Live Your Joyful Life Classes – Start 10/25

Montana sunrise

Montana sunrise

I’m in Montana still, but will soon be on my way back East!  I’m going to be back in the Akron/Cleveland area at the end of the month through Thanksgiving.  While I’m home, I am going to be teaching a new course we (the Spirit Earth Coaching Team) have developed called The Protocol.  It is the foundational teaching to learning how to live a joyful, heart-centered life.  I’m very excited to share it with all of you! Details are below: 

Live Your Joyful Life Course – The Protocol

In the quest to lead a heart-centered life, you are inevitably confronted with fears that trigger fight or flight. These fears encourage you to return to a survival mode of operating in your life, which puts you back into the fear/survival mode of living. To counter that, the Spirit Earth coaching team developed a process we call the Protocol. This process offers a series of concepts, hands on techniques, and spiritual consciousness that returns you to the path of love. Below is an outline of the course:

Week One: Balance Your Body – For this class, you will learn how to listen to your body’s wisdom, restore energetic balance, and understand what you need to come back into a more grounded, peaceful state.

Week Two: Understand Your Mind – For this class, you will learn how to work through your emotions and the thoughts that create them, so you can discover the cause of your fear and move back into love.

Week Three: Follow the Spirit – For this class, you will learn how to discover what the gift of learning is that the fears are offering, align with your truth, so you can manifest what brings you joy.

Week Four: Putting It All Together: For this class, you will have the opportunity to practice using the whole protocol on a topic that you are currently struggling with. Participants will also create a toolkit of the protocol to use on their own.

Ohio Course Details

Where:  Medina Massotherapy – Medina, Ohio

When:  10/25, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 6:30 -8:30 PM

Love Exchange: $30 per class (Soul Friends Members – $25 per class)

How to Register:  Email Nancy Nicholas –  Class space is limited to eight participants.

Sending love and hugs!


My new hat!

My new hat!

Living a Joyful Life Quest

Sedona 2012

Our first destination – the red rocks of Sedona!


Writing My Joyful Life on the Road!

I’ve been teaching workshops on how to write your joyful life for awhile now.  I believe we are in a period of time where we can create a new movie script for our experiences by using the concepts of quantum physics and other spiritual principles. The energies of this time make it easier to co-create with the Divine and to choose what belief structure you want to live from. I have been diligently clearing limiting beliefs that pull me away from my life purpose and am now ready to head off into my new “movie.” I have been working with a shamanic practitioner and I am in the process of going through training with these principles. Many of them are things I’ve stumbled upon through my own spiritual work. As I’ve worked with these concepts, I have come to realize how much I resonate with the shamanic archetype. I’m realizing that living close to the earth, living simply, sustainably, and in alignment with the flow of nature and my Spirit is how I need to exist. This has led to a call to go on a vision quest of sorts. Starting this spring, I’m heading off on a journey around the medicine wheel to see what happens when I put these concepts into practice. I’m planning to be sharing and teaching about what I learn through social media, sessions by phone, and other in person and virtual events, as well as writing a book about the experience. I’ll be traveling and living in wild places as much as possible, offering wilderness workshops, joyful life coaching sessions, along with continuing my empowerment readings and classes and participating at shows along the way. The purpose will be to learn and teach about how we can all start living from love, not fear, and also to build a community of people where resources and experiences can be shared to support the process.

spiritearth_smallThe Birth of Spirit Earth LLC

Last summer, I had a life changing experience when my son, Jacob, and his friend Ryan, joined me on a week-long spiritual retreat with Dr. Jaap Van Etten. The three of us instantly bonded and started having powerful spiritual experiences. This led to the inspiration to go into business together to create a community and offer services that brought the principles of living a spiritual life into the physical experience of living close to the earth. Ryan and Jacob are both joining me on my joyful life quest and we will be working together to grow Spirit Earth to be a place to inspire and empower you on your own quest to live your most joyful life.

Would you like to join us?

While I know it isn’t realistic to have you call come with us physically (though we hope to connect with some of you on the road!), I would love to have you come along virtually! For the first part of our journey, Ryan and I are off with our camping gear out west where we will be working with the earth energy centers, connecting with wild places, learning and teaching about what we learn. Jacob will be joining us at various stops along the way and also continuing to learn and teach from Colorado as well. We will be sharing videos, audio clips, and writings filled with what we are experiencing and learning, all including practical suggestions on how they can help you live a joyful life in your own world. We are also looking for business owners who offer services and products that support people in choosing from their heart, not fear to be included on our website.

Ready to get started?

Use the link below to visit the Spirit Earth website and get signed up for our email list. Updates and ways to get involved further will be shared from there. If you think your business would be a good match for our directory, send us an email telling us about what you do:

You can learn more and “meet” Ryan and Jacob here:

About Empowerment Readings and Other Sessions

I will still be working on the road! For the time being, you can sign up for sessions on the Crossroads Coaching website (Work with Nancy)
We will also be sharing about upcoming Joyful Life Coaching Sessions, Energy Work, and Wilderness Workshops too. More on that soon!

I’m looking forward to this next adventure and excited to have you come along!

Sending love and hugs!

Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014

group photo Hopewell National Monument

Susanne, Pilar, Angie, Tracie, Nancy, Ken and Shannon

Last weekend, I went on an adventure with some of my Raise Your Vibration participant Soul Friends.  We went to see the Hopewell Mounds, the Serpent Mound, and to Hocking Hills State Park.  It was a transformative experience on many levels!   Below are some of the insights I gained from the trip.  I hope you find them helpful too!

Ash Cave

Ash Cave



Retreat Reflections  

Angels are great travel companions – As I always do, I asked the Angels to go first through all phases of this trip.  While we had a few directional challenges, overall the whole trip went really smoothly.  We even made an impromptu stop at Lancaster on the way home when we discovered my family was all meeting there for lunch (they’d all been in different parts of the state on separate adventures!).  I also was blessed with six Earth angels to be hanging out with.  What an amazing group of people!  Not only were they inspirational and lots of fun, they were also incredibly supportive and kind. I had hurt my back the week before and I felt so taken care of from the beginning to the end of this experience.

Angie, Ken and Pilar exploring Sussie's cave.

Angie, Ken and Pilar exploring Sussie’s cave.

Getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing – As my son approaches the end of high school, I find myself worrying a bit about growing older and what the last half of my life will look like.  This trip gave me a whole new perspective on that! Four of the seven people attending were over 60.  They were all great role models for how to really enjoy life!  Pilar and Sussie were especially inspirational.  They had more energy, more playfulness, and more enthusiasm than the rest of us combined.  I learned so much from their ability to really savor and enjoy everything – from the sweet potato at dinner to the beautiful rock formations to the wind chimes at a local shop.  Their openness to learning new things and complete joy in sharing who they are was such a beautiful gift to us all.

Susie and Pilar

Susanne and Pilar in Ash Cave playing the tuning forks.

Being yourself is a lot of fun – I would guess that most of us don’t always feel comfortable being completely ourselves.  When you are with people who are so completely unconcerned about what others think, you see how free that can make you. My wonderful soul friend Pilar gifted all those we met with the sounds of her turtle drum, tuning forks or her pan flute.  She dressed in vibrant colors and happily shared stories and wisdom with everyone who came along the path.  At Ash Cave, she sang a prayer in its original language and her beautiful voice called in the Angels through the whole cave structure.

ken and skull

Ken and Amel at the Hopewell Mounds


Our dear friend Ken explained to the park ranger at Hopewell National Monument that he was bringing his crystal skull, Amel, to soak up the energy of the mounds, unconcerned that she would find that a bit odd.  Sussie couldn’t wait to pull over at an unusual rock formation on the side of the road. Her excited exploration turned up a beautiful ice sculpture made by Mother Earth that we would have missed if she hadn’t been willing to explore off the beaten path. She also was the one who came to the rescue when we had an unexpected night-time visitor in the form of a renegade chipmunk!   Tracie’s adventuring spirit led her and Shannon to explore some parts of Old Man’s Cave not seen by most.  Angie’s willingness to take the lead and make a decision brought us the wonderful gift of the Wind Chime and Candle shops. Everyone happily shared their intuitive and healing gifts throughout the weekend which was such a blessing for us all.

ice sculpture

Sussie’s ice sculpture.

There are no wrong turns –  We ended up going the wrong direction a few times while we were in Hocking Hills.  I learned through this experience with these very wise souls, that there really are no wrong turns. It all just became part of the adventure, giving us more to see, more conversations to have, and an opportunity for us all to stretch our map reading skills.  Being with people who took everything in stride really helped me see that perspective is everything. Flowing with life is so much easier than trying to fight against it.

susie cave

The beautiful rock formations inside of Sussie’s cave.



I can trust myself – Sometimes being with a lot of people can be challenging for me.  On Saturday, I found myself feeling a little overloaded.  I’m an introvert, which means recharging is something that requires some alone time. In the past, I would have made myself stay with everyone.  This time, I took an hour to rest upstairs on my own and to take a short walk outside.  It was just what I needed to come back refreshed and ready to enjoy some more adventures. Knowing I could honor what I needed and take care of myself was another great gift this experience provided.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure and sending much love to my wonderful travel companions for an amazing experience!

Much love to all of you who have shared a bit of it through this post too.