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Smokey Mountains Retreat with Jaap Van Etten

Howling Wolf on Mountain PeakWe are in transformational times – standing on the bridge between who we have been and who we are becoming. We live in a time of expansion, where our consciousness is growing, our vibration is rising, and we are discovering just how magical life can truly be.  As we stand on the cusp of this birthing, we are called to discover our deep feminine wisdom.  To find again the part of us that knows instinctively who we are and why we are here.  It is time to reconnect with the spiritual beings that are gathered to support us as we birth a new world into being.  

I am in this process too and I wanted to gather some spiritual friends and my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Jaap Van Etten, to explore this unfolding of our wholeness and the coming home to our full potential. I have worked with Jaap for many years and every experience has been deeply transformational.  He is a deeply wise, compassionate man who has powerful intuitive and healing gifts.  I knew he would be the perfect person to lead the retreat experience I had in mind.  

And now the retreat is happening!  I have gathered some wonderful spiritual friends and we are heading to a beautiful cabin near the Great Smokey Mountains.  I have three spots left!  Participants would be sharing a room that has two twins (bunk bed) and a queen bed.  The bottom bunk is already claimed, so there is an option of the top bunk and two women can share the Queen bed (or we can put an air bed in the game room for one of the participants).  If you are interested, read on for full details!

Great Smokey Mountains Retreat with Dr. Jaap Van Etten

When:  Saturday June 3 – Friday June 9th

Where:  Bison Escape near Asheville, NC (Rental Details)

What to Expect:  See the description from Jaap below –

The goal of the retreat is to support each other in the process of raising our vibration to fulfill our purpose of being on this planet in this time frame. We each have a unique function and vibration to contribute to the whole. However, due to our journey in a world that has not been supportive in allowing us to find our uniqueness, we need people with which can share, transform and grow in a loving and joyful way. During this retreat, we are with such people!! Also, we are fortunate that we can do this sharing and transformation in the beautiful environment of the Smokey Mountains!!

In this retreat, we would like to co-create a program that is optimal for all participants. After arriving and settling in, we will have the evening of our arrival a gathering in which we determine the key elements that we all would like to be part of this retreat. Therefore, there is not a fixed program. In this retreat, we co-create a program in an organic way, based on the developments within the group. There are, however, a few underlying aspects that we may incorporate. These aspects/subjects are:

  • Deepening our connections with the subtle worlds that are such an integrated part of the world in which we live
  • Following as much as is possible within the group the feminine approach: following our feelings and intuition and supporting each other in doing so
  • Expanding our awareness (the active part of our consciousness)

Using the gifts of Mother Earth, earth energies and the many visible and invisible beings with whom we share this world will be an important aspect of this retreat. Therefore, we will give the retreat form in nature as much as feels in alignment with the developments. We also will make sure that we will include time to process our experiences as part of the retreat to have the most optimal benefits. In the evening we will have certain subjects to focus on, based on the “wish list” of the participants, and based on the overall goal of the retreat.

Based on what has been shared, it may become clear why we do not offer a fixed day-to-day program. We are all invited to share where we are on our journey, and what we need to continue this journey as optimally as possible. In that way, we will create our program. That will make this retreat dynamic, exciting and truly an adventure!

Love Exchange:  $500/person (includes all teachings with Jaap and lodging). Meals are not included (we will take turns doing dinners for the group and get our own breakfast/lunch items).  You can also experience a private session with Jaap at the retreat for an additional fee ($45/30 minutes or $80/hour).

How to Register:  Email me at to reserve your spot

Jaap Van EttenAbout Jaap Van Etten:  You can learn more about Jaap and his work at his website:

Sending lots of love your way!


Subtle Energy Beings Workshop with Dr. Jaap Van Etten, 6/12

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I have been to Sedona, AZ two times where I worked with metaphysical ecologist and four-time author Dr. Jaap Van Etten.  Jaap is returning for a second visit to Ohio this June. We decided to move the location for the Subtle Energy Beings Workshop with him to the Unity Life Enrichment Center in Medina, Ohio so that we could fit everyone on the waiting list for this event.  As space is no longer an issue, I figured I would pass it on to all of you!  Again, as with the Dragon 101 workshop, a willingness to be open to the possibility that our world is more diverse than we can see with our physical eyes is necessary to appreciate this workshop.  Here are the details: 

Jaap Van EttenSubtle Energy Beings Workshop

Dr. Jaap Van Etten

Friday June 12, 2015 from 6:30-9:00 PM

At Unity of Medina, Medina, Ohio

We define the world we live in by what we see with our eyes. Most people believe that this is Earth as it is. However, our eyes are very limited in their ability to receive information. With the development of our extrasensory perception we begin to realize that there is much more out there than our eyes tell us to believe.  Gaia is the consciousness of Earth and all that lives on her. Within the Gaia system there are many worlds that we call invisible. These worlds are occupied by large numbers of invisible beings. There are more invisible beings than there are visible ones, which means that there are millions of invisible beings.  In this mini workshop we begin to explore these invisible worlds. We will connect with several invisible beings to make you excited enough to continue to explore these worlds. We will focus on those beings that like to interact with humans. Ultimately we will have to become aware of these worlds as part of a deeper understanding of the world we live in. This workshop may be held around the campfire (weather and numbers permitting).

Love Exchange:  $35/personBirth of A New Consciousness

About Jaap Van Etten, PhD – Jaap was born and educated in the Netherlands.  He received his PhD in biology in Amsterdam, specializing in ecology.  For the past twenty-four years, his focus has been on metaphysical ecology.  He studies and teaches about human, earth, stone, crystal, and crystal skull energies and how they interact.  He also studies the subtle worlds along with the beings connected to them.  He is the author of several books, including his most recent – Birth of a New Consciousness.  He currently resides in the Sedona, Arizona area with his wife, Jeanne Michaels.

To register:  Email to register for this event.  For More Information about Jaap:


How to Raise Your Vibration this winter season!

Last night, I hosted a call with my dear friend and mentor, Jaap Van Etten.  It was part of my Raise Your Vibration-Become Divinely You Program.  As I was thinking about the call this morning, I went back to my first career of teaching.  I taught elementary school for eighteen years.  One of the techniques we used was to come up with a focus question for what the children were intended to learn.  The lesson would then include the sharing of information, the modeling of application of the information, and then opportunities for the children to practice on their own.  Looking back at last night’s call, I felt this technique would be helpful to really summarize what I learned last night.  

Focus Question:  How can I raise my vibration to become Divinely me this winter?

Invoke Divine support by connecting with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael  

Jaap shared that Archangel Gabriel brings a connection to the element of air and the mental body.  He helps us to connect to our higher mind, so we are able to come from love in our thinking.  Archangel Michael brings a connection to the element of fire and the spiritual body.  This spark helps to inspire new ideas and inspiration to be born in the spring.

Connect with my deepest self by going within  

Jaap reminded us that when we come into harmony with the natural cycles of life, we are called to honor that winter is the time for introspection and retreat.  Making time for meditation and quiet reflection allows the opportunity to review what has occurred and understand what changes are needed.

Receive the love coming to me

Jaap reminded us that we live in an abundant Universe and part of the process of raising our vibration is clearing away the fears that block us from receiving the love coming to us.  It is also about taking the time to really love and appreciate who we are.  By going with in and taking time to reflect, we are able to receive the wisdom and love available to us.

Breathe deeply

The opportunity to connect with the element of air occurs every time we breathe in.  Jaap shared the importance of paying attention to your breathing to consciously bring in the winds of change.  It reminded me that this time of year it is easy to become stagnant, breathing shallowly and not moving enough.  By connecting with the element of air, we can move out the old and bring in the new!

Bend without breaking

This learning came not from the knowledge shared, but from the experience of the call itself.  We had a few technological glitches during the call requiring me to shift gears and improvise.  It reminded me that this too is an aspect of winter.  That which becomes brittle and stiff breaks off.  Letting go of rigid thought patterns or holding to agendas doesn’t allow change to occur.  Being flexible allows things to be molded by the hand of the Divine in the highest and best way, something we often can’t see from our perspective.

In conclusion, I have written the following affirmation for myself to help me stay focused on my intention.   Feel free to borrow it or come up with one of your own!

I gratefully receive the love and support of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, connecting with love to my highest self, breathing deeply, and flowing with the changes new life brings.

 Wishing you all a peaceful and insightful winter season!




New Program to Raise Your Vibration!

yoga and sunriseRaising Our Vibration – Be empowered to be Divinely You!

Join me and my special guests on a spiritual adventure to discover our authentic nature!  We will be raising our vibration and deepening our connection with the Divine through a seasonal journey around the Angel Medicine Wheel.  Each season, you will work with me to learn how to connect more deeply to your authentic nature and Spiritual Support Team through individual and small group practice.  We will also work with deepening this connection through two metaphysical nature hikes in the spring and summer. You will also experience a call each season with special guest Author and Metaphysical Ecologist Jaap Van Etten Ph.D to help you raise your vibration in connection with the four seasons, energy bodies, and Archangels.  To provide a physical representation of your experience, you will learn how to create an Angel Mandala Wheel with special guest, Laurie Price.

What to Expect Each Season

Intuitive Guidance with Nancy…

  • Solstice Guided Meditation:  Receive a pre-recorded guided meditation empowering your intuitive connecting with a specific Archangel (Gabriel-Winter, Michael-Spring, Raphael-Summer, Uriel-Fall) at the solstice of each season.
  • Small Group Intuitive Practice Session:  Participate in a 60-90 Minute call for small group intuitive practice organized with others who have similar soul paths (north nodes) as determined by Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.  
  • Private Empowerment Reading:  Participate in a 30 or 60 minute private empowerment reading to offer personalized practice and guidance with your intuitive development.
  • Metaphysical Nature Hike:  In the Spring and Summer seasons, you will get some hands on experience working with the Earth energies to empower and deepen your connection with your Spiritual Support Team.  Those who are local will be invited to join an experiential experience working with the vortexes and meridians in Ohio.  Out of the Area Participants will receive a pre-recorded 30 minute guided meditation connecting with the energies of the Earth if unable to come on the Metaphysical Nature Hike in spring and summer.

Special Guest Activities to Raise Your Vibration…

  • Raise Your Vibration Call with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D.:  Join Special Guest Metaphysical Ecologist Jaap Van Etten Ph.D for a 60-90 minute call focusing on the four directions as a tool to connect with four Archangels, the seasons, the power of the four elements, and our four energy bodies.   
  • Angel Wheel Mandala Creation:  To begin our seasonal walk around the Angel Medicine Wheel in the winter, you will learn how to create a physical representation of your year-long journey using mandalas and the Angel Medicine Wheel with a 60-90 minute call. You will create the mandalas independently (with email support) throughout the year and then in the fall, you will have a chance to share about your experience on a second 60-90 minute group call.

Your Investment:

With a 30 Minute Empowerment Reading Seasonally: 

Nancy’s Soul Friend Community Members – $35/month

Non-Members – $44/month

With a 60 Minute Empowerment Reading Seasonally:

Nancy’s Soul Friend Community Members – $47/month

Non-Members – $54/month

How to Register

Email me if you are interested in participating!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Reflections on our Earth Sanctuary Journey with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D

lung meridian sedona, az

Laurie and Jaap at a lung meridian meditation spot during our vortex tour.

I just wanted to share some reflections on the amazing weekend events that culminated our Earth Sanctuary program.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I had a life-changing experience out on the red rocks of Sedona in October 2012.  My dear friend, Laurie Price, and I went on a vortex tour with Jaap Van Etten, Ph.D.  Jaap is a biologist who has expanded his learning to understanding the Earth and the role these energies play in our spiritual evolution.  Through this work and other study, he developed his own intuitive and healing gifts, which all who were blessed with the opportunity to work with him last weekend can attest to.  After this experience, I started to work with Jaap once a month to continue the process of clearing out false identities and becoming clearer on who I really am and why I am here.  Through our work, I found myself drawn to reconnect with nature and the Earth in a way I hadn’t done in years.

Earth Sanctuary Field trip to the Blessed Foundation in February 2013.

Earth Sanctuary Field trip to the Blessed Foundation in February 2013.

In December, I had a really strong vision that guided me to begin an Earth Sanctuary program in collaboration with Jaap.  Jaap had kicked off the program by teaching us a bit about Earth energies and how they worked.  After that, I worked with four groups through guided meditations focusing on each of the seven chakra energy systems in the body to bring them into harmony with the energies of the Earth.  I also did monthly empowerment readings with small groups.  The culmination of the program ended this last weekend with an opportunity to work with Jaap directly at our spiritual home base, the Blessed Foundation, here in Ohio where we had created the chakra mediation places during the nine month program.

Jaap discovering the kidney meridian with Dee Curci and Laurie Price.

Jaap discovering the kidney meridian with Dee Curci and Laurie Price.

Jaap’s visit started with a tour of the Blessed Foundation property where he found the naturally occurring energy centers available.  He located fourth, seventh, and two ninth chakra vortexes; kidney, gall bladder, and small intestine meridians; two consciousness vortexes; and two portals.  Jaap shared how the property was deeply connected to Angelic guidance (especially through Archangel Raphael) and how Dee Curci is clearly the spiritual caretaker of the space while her husband John is the physical caretaker.  He was very impressed with how Dee and John had instinctively created such a dynamic and powerful energetic space through the placement of the Chartres labyrinth and its statues of Archangel Gabriel, Mary, and Jesus.  The Jesus statue is directly in line with the seventh chakra vortex behind the retreat center and a consciousness vortex is in the labyrinth’s center!

Jaap spent the rest of the day having private sessions with our community members.  My own session was shared with my Sedona partner, Laurie.  Jaap helped us to see what we were focusing on to complete the transformation process that began in Sedona.  For me, the focus was on establishing a more secure first chakra.  It was time for me to fully integrate how to create a sense of safety for my inner child and my adult self.

Earth Sanctuary participants at the Friday night get together.

Earth Sanctuary participants at the Friday night get together.

On Friday, we had a gathering of those who had participated in the whole Earth Sanctuary program since January.  We came together to set the intention for the upcoming vortex tours over the weekend and also for some fun!  Jaap had his very first s’more!

Workshop participants at the heart chakra vortex.

Workshop participants at the heart chakra vortex.

Saturday morning was the Role of Earth Energies in Our Spiritual Journey Workshop.  We had a group of 20 wise and loving souls participating!  One of the participants mentioned looking around the circle of those gathered and feeling very awed by the amount of collective knowledge gathered there.  Jaap’s insights and sharing provided us all with new understanding of our roles as caretakers of Mother Earth.  After the sharing, we went out to experience the vortexes and kidney meridian.  I so enjoyed feeling the gifts of the Earth energies and the collective love of all those gathered!  It was a magical experience.

Earth Sanctuary Group A at the end of the vortex tour.

Earth Sanctuary Group A at the end of the vortex tour.

Saturday afternoon, Jaap and I went out with the first vortex tour group from our Earth Sanctuary program.  For this experience, I found myself working with how to be a good parent to my inner child.  I realized that I often sacrifice my needs out of a misguided wish to save those I love from suffering.  Jaap and the kidney meridian helped me to understand that only doing what is mine to do is truly the way to help empower others.

On Sunday morning, we went out with the second vortex group and because of the rain, I don’t have any photos. I found myself in very yin/feminine energy during this event.  Archangel Raphael came to me in each meditation, inviting me to work more closely with her/him.  I found myself in a receiving state and had a very clear vision of what my soul’s balance is for the masculine/power/consciousness, feminine/wisdom/creativity, and child/love triad looks like.  Jaap had suggested we draw a pie graph depicting the current distribution of these aspects within ourselves and then drawing a second graph of what our soul path needs it to be.  That is when I had the vision of the center being the child/love with an equal distribution of the feminine and masculine energies surrounding the child.  The feeling of deep security that brought was amazing!

Ken Lyons and Jaap Van Etten

Ken Lyons and Jaap Van Etten

On Sunday afternoon, we went out with the third vortex group.  This group’s members were central to the whole Sedona experience and Earth Sanctuary program coming into being.  Angie and Ken Lyons are the ones who invited Laurie and I to stay with them in Sedona (Laurie is also a member of this group).  They are also the ones who found Jaap originally and recommended we do a vortex tour with him.  For this group, my intention was to focus on the child.  On the fourth chakra vortex, I found myself able to really connect into the feeling of being loved more deeply than I had on any of the other visits.  I really felt surrounded by loving support, both Angelic and through the people who were there with me.  It was a good thing that happened because at the kidney meridian, my child’s grief came pouring out in a much unexpected way.  I found myself gripped with a terrible anxiety and then crushing sadness.

Group B Members - Dee, Angie and Ken

Group B Members – Dee, Angie and Ken

At first, I couldn’t even verbalize or consciously understand what was happening.  All I could do was curl up in a ball and let Angie hold me while I sobbed.  When enough of the grief cleared for me to speak, I found myself pouring out all this fear of disappointing people or of not saying what was needed to keep them from suffering.  It was as if my very young child self had felt such a responsibility for the well-being of others that it never was able to feel it was good enough.  When people suffered, the child felt it had failed.  Jaap helped me see that the tears and the releasing were my way of finally freeing the child from carrying this unfair burden.  As each of these wonderful people affirmed my place and value to them, I felt the child in me begin to heal.   While not a fun experience, it was another life-changing one.  Much love to Jaap and the entire group for their kindness and support as I processed this deep wound, so it could heal.

Monday was Jaap’s last day of private sessions.  Laurie and I had a second session with him.  I found myself needing to ask questions, so that I could understand what had occurred.  For this experience, it was finally coming to recognize fully who I am and what my soul purpose is.  As I connect with the aspects of myself and the four Divine beings that guide and support me, I am able to help others connect to their deepest self.  As I teach the tools and techniques I have learned to heal myself, I help others to be empowered as well.  As I remember that my job is always to come from love of myself first, I am able to bring balance to the expression of wisdom and power in my world.

Today, I find myself feeling more secure in my inner sense of myself than I have ever been.  I feel more deeply connected to the four Angelic beings who guide, nurture, support, and advise me.  I find myself feeling so grateful to Jaap for all the generous wisdom and love he shared with me and others over this weekend.  I am also eternally grateful for the beautiful soul friends who have come to be part of my journey.  As Jaap said, you are all such beautiful people.  What a gift you are to my life and our world.

Laurie Price and Jaap Van Etten at the Blessed Foundation

Laurie Price and Jaap Van Etten at the Blessed Foundation

Now, I find myself looking with joy as I contemplate the next phase of the adventure.  Jaap, Laurie and I are going to continue our collaboration with the intention of helping us all enhance our abilities to connect and nurture the Divine, Mother Earth, each other and ourselves.  I had this vision of a beautiful valley protected by mountains.  In the center, there was a beautiful blue lake, gentle hills, and green fields.  I saw homes there and felt the message was this is the world to create.  We work from where we are by creating this place in ourselves, in our families, and in our community.  As we do this, we send this peaceful, harmonious way of being into the collective and into the energy lines of the Earth.  That is how we bring peace here.  We start within ourselves; we start with love, and let it spread from there.  I’ll be sharing more soon!  

Love to all!


Earth Wisdom-My Healing Journey to Sedona

When I was a little girl, I loved to wander around in the woods.  I would sneak into the orchard behind my house or into a nearby pine forest.  I found fossils, hugged trees, and listened to the wind blowing through the pine boughs.  Through all the significant moments of my life, coming home to the Earth has always been the pathway to healing.

Last week, I again found myself turning to Mother Earth to help me.  I had reached a place in my own growth where I couldn’t figure out how to release what needed to go.  It was like trying to grasp a shadow.  I could feel the energies that weren’t serving me and get glimpses of them through dreams or visions, but no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to be completely free of them.

As always, when we ask for help, help comes.  This time it came in the form of an invitation to visit Sedona, AZ well-known for its powerful healing vortexes.  I still can’t quite believe that everything fell into place for me to be able to make this journey.  It was truly a miraculous event on every level.  My hosts and dear soul friends, Ken and Angie, recommended a vortex tour with scientist and metaphysical teacher/healer Jaap Van Etten,Ph.D.  My soul sister Laurie and I went on a five and a half hour journey that was truly life changing.

Many of you have asked me to share about my experience.  Below is my attempt to do so, though bear in mind that it is like trying to capture the majesty and profound beauty of the place with a photograph.  Words can’t do it justice, but still it feels important to try.  The symbolism that occurred during this experience offered such beautiful examples of how we are guided and loved every step of the way.  When I think back on the experience, it truly had the feel of a vision quest-an experience where every moment was orchestrated by the Divine to bring a deep and thorough transformation.  I hope that it inspires and empowers you to follow your own healing and growth.

I was very nervous about going on this journey.  It was as if the parts that I had been trying to heal and release knew that their time with me was coming to an end.  I could feel a great resistance to going and an urge to flee.  While waiting for Jaap to arrive, I went to sit out on the back patio.  I had my iPad with me and felt the urge to check my email.  The first thing I opened was a beautiful poem written by Joel Bruce Wallach (the full poem is available at the link at the end of this article).  I wish I could convey with words how profoundly it matched the experience I was about to undertake.  Much love to Joel Bruce Wallach for sharing his wisdom and grace through these words.  It was like having Mother Earth whisper in my ear all the reassurance and comfort I needed to have the courage to do what needed to be done.  Here is an excerpt…

“When tree beckons, sit against my trunk;

And flower invites, inhale my fragrance;

The canyon whispers, hear my echoes, from mystic tribes of ancient race;

Then sky spreads starry arms, proclaims

Please roam amidst my open space. 

This universal offering,

grants now your soul a kiss.

For when you breathe,

this moment’s miracles,

each ruby gem revealed,

as the heart of the lotus,

 Harvest time presents

a cosmic invitation:

Gently breathe,

and please receive,

your gifts — bright karmic creations.”

As I finished reading this amazing poem, I looked down.  Tucked up against the patio blocks I was sitting on was a small, pure white feather.  I’ve been using an Angel feather in my meditations as a healing tool (something I’d adapted from a technique shared by Joel Bruce Wallach).  For me, this was an Angel feather left to reassure me that the process I was about to undertake would be Divinely guided and would bring the healing I sought.  Jaap arrived a few moments later and introductions were made.  I could tell right away he was truly a kind and gentle soul, though I could also feel my fear.  A few moments later, we went to his vehicle for the ride up the mountain.  We talked on the way and while I found the conversation interesting, I was fighting to keep the panic at bay.  I felt like I was trying to distract a child from a trip to the dentist by talking about fun things we’d be doing later.  In this case, the child wasn’t buying into the distraction.

We finally reached the parking place after traveling up a bumpy “road” strewn with rocks.  The photo above is from the beginning of our hike.  It doesn’t begin to do the place justice.  We were surrounded on all sides by these incredibly beautiful cliffs.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Our first stop once on the trail was at a very old juniper tree.  We each greeted the tree and reached out to touch it.  When my hand connected with the limb, I felt a surge of energy and started to shake.  Soon tears were running down my face.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I knew that something immense was about to happen.  Again, Joel’s poem hauntingly mirrored what I was experiencing…

“Amidst this loving tree so vast,

is the grandmother who held you,

in timeless past.

Embraced by her earthly branches,

to you this tree will say,

Take off your blinders, and

set yourself free to be,

your cosmic self,

at long last.”

Jaap and Laurie ahead of me on the trail.

When we moved on, I found myself struggling to stay balanced.  I could feel the energies of the place and a the shadow energies were creating a heaviness that made it difficult to continue.  We stopped and took pictures and finally came to a stretch of red rock.  I took off my sandals and walked barefoot across the surface, pulling out a special crystal my soul friend Ken had loaned me.  This was another God wink as Ken had recently purchased the stone and brought it out to show us right before we left.  It was like a life saver for me.  Holding it, I was able to regain my equilibrium and hold fear at bay.

When we reached the first vortex location, Jaap led us through a simple prayer to help us experience the powerful healing energy of the vortex.  After a few moments, he invited us to share our intentions.  His insights were exactly right for both of us and helped us to be clear on what we were there to do.  Jaap said the “shadows” I’d been trying to heal were actually lower vibrating entities that had attached to me during my childhood.  I have experienced “ghosts” before, so I know they exist, but I hadn’t really spent any time considering they could be “attached” to someone.  As this concept had come up with four different healers I’d worked with this summer in connection with me, I had begun to suspect that was what was going on.  A note here…one of the wisdoms I learned from Jaap was in how to view this. While these shadows weren’t serving me anymore, at one time their presence was mutually beneficial.  I came into this world a very wide-open empath.  The shadow energies, while not good for me, did protect me from this openness.  It was only now that I am able to keep myself shielded that I no longer needed their presence (and all that came with it…energy drains, fear, anger, worry, thoughts/memories that weren’t mine, etc).  It was time for them to evolve, just as it was time for me to.  This whole concept is worthy of an article on its own, so we will leave it at that for now.

At the next vortex where we sat on a ledge looking over a canyon, we again went through a brief prayer and meditation to connect with the energies of the vortex.  At that point, Jaap went through a process to remove the shadow energies from my system.  The process ended up being more complicated than he expected, but with our combined efforts (Laurie’s too), the shadows finally passed to the light and I was free!  I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to have only my own system to support!

We visited three more vortexes, each with its own gift.  During the process, I learned that there would be a time ahead of reexamining my thoughts and feelings to be sure they were truly mine.  Having lived for so many years with my empathic system interwoven with others, really becoming clear on my true identity is the next stage of my journey.  With a firm connection to Archangel Michael to guide me, an understanding of the importance of allowing nature’s natural rhythm to flow unencumbered, we left this magical place.  Yet another passage from Joel’s poem mirrored this so beautifully:

“ For the sky is elder brother,

showing soul what it shall be,

as you become your true wise self,

but no other, with

clear knowing in your open gaze,

that understands life’s mystery.”

So what has changed for me?

I’m sure I haven’t even begun to know all the changes that have occurred, but the most notable changes are in how I feel.  It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I can stand up straighter without it being such a struggle. My energy level has increased dramatically.  I find myself laughing more and feeling much more optimistic.  Truly, I feel like I am free.  I know I have more to learn and clarify (after all, the learning is never really over is it?).  I am just very grateful that this big piece of my healing is complete!

At the Grandmother Juniper tree at the end of our journey.

I send infinite love and gratitude to the amazing healers and soul friends who helped me to get to this point (as this was an ongoing process over many years).  And of course to Mother Earth and Father Sky for helping me find my way home.

Below is the information about Joel Bruce Wallach and Jaap Van Etten who I can’t recommend highly enough.  They are both very gifted healers and truly wise.   I’m also including a link to Mershona Parshall whose heart-centered  hypnotherapy session got me to the place where I was ready to take the step with Jaap.  She is also very gifted and full of Earth wisdom.

You can read Joel’s full poem (and all his other wonderful writings and services) at this link:  Joel Bruce Wallach

For information on Jaap Van Etten (Sedona Vortex tours, healing sessions in person or by phone and his books):  Jaap Van Etten

For information on heart-centered hypnotherapy with Mershona Parshall:  Mershona Parshall

Wishing you all many blessings on your own journey!