Divinely Inspired Message-A Safe Haven

I’ve asked for a Divinely inspired message for you today (on whatever day you happen to read this!) and this is what I was shown.  DIVINELY GUIDED VISION I am sitting on a white rock.  Around me is dark water.  The water is so dark I can’t see what is within it.  I feel theContinue reading “Divinely Inspired Message-A Safe Haven”

Tips For When You Feel Powerless

Everyone seems to have an area where they feel powerless in their life. It may be a relationship, a health challenge, or a job. Sometimes it is just life circumstances that are beyond our control. The question is what do you do to find your power? I asked for a vision on this topic theContinue reading “Tips For When You Feel Powerless”

The Power of Love: Make 2009 a Great Year!

Every year, I complete an exercise that Life Coach and author, Cheryl Richardson, sends out.  It asks you a series of questions in April and then asks you to reflect on them at the end of the year.  One of the questions is “What advice would you give yourself?  This year, when I started toContinue reading “The Power of Love: Make 2009 a Great Year!”

How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been

Below is an article I had published in the Journey Magazine this year.  Included is an activity to help you integrate who you have been into who you are today.  I hope you find it helpful!  🙂 Nancy How Roots Become Branches by Nancy Nicholas “Only another breath will I breathe in this still air, onlyContinue reading “How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been”

Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom Have you ever had one of those times when you are considering a course of action and find yourself experiencing a lot of physical distress? For years, I simply saw this as nervousness on my part and proceeded to override my fears and forge ahead anyway. Usually, I’d end up sick or inContinue reading “Body Wisdom”

Check in for Spiritual Support and Guidance

Check in for Spiritual Guidance and Support Nancy Nicholas, Life Coach/Intuitive Healer/Medium Empowering Lightworkers Crossroads Coaching Sanctuary at the Crossroads What are your goals for 2008? Many of us set new goals to help us start the New Year off right. This year, why not set goals that also are in line with your DivineContinue reading “Check in for Spiritual Support and Guidance”