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Horses and Healing Holistic Event 6/8 5- 9 PM

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I wanted to pass on the information about this Fundraising event that offers empowering services and helps horses in need (and programs to help veterans too!)! Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary is a horse sanctuary In Medina, OH. I’ve included the flyer and a link to their website. Even if you can’t make it to the event, you might want to consider making a donation to this very worthy cause!

Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary – Website

Morning Musings-Inspiration for your day!

This is the Morning Musing entry for today. The Morning Musing entries came about because I wanted to ask for Divine Guidance for my day. I use the vision/metaphor and the intentions I set based on what comes through to keep me focused on what I want to experience. I thought you might find it helpful too, so here is today’s message (and “today” is whatever day you come upon this!)!


I see a horse throwing its head.  There is frost on the ground and the air is cool and crisp.  The horse feels feisty and full of energy.  Tail lifted, head high, it prances and jumps around the pasture.  There is a feeling of barely contained enthusiasm.


Horses are symbols of power and freedom.  They allow human beings to travel faster and farther than they are able to on their own.  This particular horse has no bridle or saddle.  Only the fence shows it is not free.  When I see frost, snow or ice in a vision, it often represents repressed emotions.  In this case, there is a feeling of the cool air and crispy ground giving more fire to the animal.  It is as if the outer cold has encouraged the animal’s inner fire to burn more strongly.


Today, I will allow myself to be filled with energy.  I will feel strong, healthy and full of life.  I will accept the restrictions and embrace the openings that are available to me.  Today, I will be happy to be alive!

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Wishing you an amazing day!