When Anxiety Stops By

I have found that one of the biggest challenges for those who are highly sensitive is anxiety.  Last night, it stopped by for a visit (something it hasn’t done in a while) and I found myself thankful for all the many tools I’ve learned over the years.  While I was using them and waiting forContinue reading “When Anxiety Stops By”

Insights From an Overloaded Nervous System

As a highly sensitive empathic person, I know the consequences quite well for becoming overloaded.  My adrenals and nervous system are very sensitive and when they are overtaxed, I feel lousy.  In my zest to create, do and heal, I forgot just how lousy overload feels.  I let myself fall into a place where thereContinue reading “Insights From an Overloaded Nervous System”

Being An Empowered Empath

If you’ve ever come across a sensitive soul you’ll likely recognize a few common characteristics.  The first thing that will probably come to your attention is that they are usually kind.  These souls tend to be very aware of their own feelings and have an innate ability to understand what others are feeling too.  ShortlyContinue reading “Being An Empowered Empath”

Creating an Energetically Harmonious Space

This last month, I’ve been in “energy management” school.  Or at least I’ve been learning a lot about energy!  Would you like to feel more comfortable, energized, or inspired in your work or home environment?  If so here are a few tools to help you transform the energies! Suggestions 1.  Sea Salt:  Try putting 1Continue reading “Creating an Energetically Harmonious Space”

Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within

Ever feel like your inner world has gone all topsy turvy and you aren’t sure why?  Well, if you have, then you will relate to this post!  Check out the photo below.  My husband brought it to my attention.  It’s a photo taken of a local arboretum where a tornado hit.  Notice the plaque… “Nancy’sContinue reading “Rebuilding a Tranquil Haven Within”