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Full “Super Moon” Healing Workshop – 1/20

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone is having a good start to 2019!

We wanted to share about an upcoming workshop in Ohio coming up this month. We also have an option for those who aren’t in the area to receive a personalized recorded reading. Read on to learn more!

Full “Super Moon” and Lunar Eclipse Healing Workshop

When: Sunday 1/20/2019 – 1 – 4 PM

Where: Hinckley, OH

What to Expect: For this three-hour workshop, we will be working with the energies of the Full “SuperMoon” and Lunar Eclipse to empower your healing experience. The workshop will offer the following:

  • Energy Healing Circle –  Energy healing and balancing through a variety of tools and techniques such as Reiki, drumming, tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals, nature therapies, energy vortex essences, Powerforms, Energy Medicine, mudras and more


  • Empowerment Reading Circle – Individual and group reading  offering insights to support your healing this month and guidance to what tools and techniques will be most effective for you


  • Instruction on different types of energy healing techniques and tools you can use on your own


  • Energy Healer Toolkit with crystals, smudging, energy vortex essence and other tools personally attuned and selected for you and hand-made leather carrying bag  ($25 value)


  • Light refreshments

Love Exchange: $75/person ($50 for Coaching Club Members)

How to Register: Use the contact form below to register for this event. For those receiving this to your email, you can just reply to the email to register as the contact form is only available on the website.

Not Able to Attend the Live Event

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Healing Recorded Reading

For those unable to attend the event, we also offer a 15-20 minute personal intuitive reading that is recorded for you to listen at your convenience (you will be sent a link to download the recording or to listen in your browser). The reading will explore a healing focus for you, intuitive guidance from your Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Spirit Guides, and techniques and tools you can use to support your healing throughout the month.

Love Exchange: $30 (Coaching Club Members – $15)

How To Register: Use the contact form below and indicate that you are seeking a recorded reading. For those who are email subscribers, you can reply to this email as the contact form won’t show up for you.

Interested in Weekly News and Inspiration

We offer a weekly newsletter with inspirational tips, a weekly oracle card reading and news of upcoming events and opportunities to connect for our past or current coaching clients. If you have had a session with us or attended an event in the past, we are happy to have you on our email list! Just use the contact form below (or reply to the email for those receiving an email subscription) and we will get you added.

Sending much love to all!




Shamanic Reiki Energy Sessions


IMG_1566One of the important tools I’ve used throughout my spiritual journey is energy healing.  When I went through my spiritual awakening, I had virtually no energy boundaries and was suffering with anxiety all the time.  I met a woman at an herb store who offered a type of energy treatment called Polarity Therapy.  I started working with her and it was life changing!  She helped me to get back into my body and to get grounded.  Those of us who are sensitive have a tendency to pull our spirits up out of our bodies when we feel threatened.  This sounds like it might help since you aren’t in the body to feel what is happening to it, but the problem is it is like being up in the top of a tree during a windstorm!  You end up desperately clinging to the branches, trying not to be thrown out of the tree.  Anyone who has spent any time in the woods during a storm knows that you are safest on the ground, close to the Earth when the wind starts blowing. This is true for us as well.  Being grounded and connected to our body is the way to be at peace.

One of the modalities I learned over the years was a Japanese system called Reiki.  It involves allowing healing energy to flow through the practitioner’s hands into the body of the person who is receiving the healing.  I went through the full level of training with Reiki and am a Reiki Master. As part of my own healing, I have also learned many other techniques from different energy healing modalities, as well as techniques used in the shamanic traditions to restore balance and healing to the energy system which benefits the whole person.

The sessions I offer are typically 60- 90 minutes and involves a mixture of energy balancing and intuitive insight and guidance.  I have some time available for these types of sessions this month in Hinckley, Ohio. The rate is normally $100/per 60-90 minute session, but this month you can participate for $85.  The following session times are available this month:

Tuesdays  3/14 and 3/21 – Evening time slot

Thursdays 3/16 or 3/23 – Evening time slot

Fridays 3/17 or 3/24 – afternoon time slot

Email or call to schedule! or 330-416-6184

Sending love and hugs your way!


Metaphor and Letting Go

waterfallAs many of you know, I love metaphor.  I was an English major in college and I was fascinated by the layers of meaning in what I read.  When I encountered Joseph Campbell in 2000, I was so excited to read his observations about myth and how those stories reflect the stories that play out in our lives.

In my life today, my work is all about metaphor. When I ask for guidance for someone, most often I am shown a little “story” – a metaphor for what is happening in their life from a spiritual perspective.  The image is symbolic and my job is to unravel the symbols to find the meaning.

Last night, metaphor came to visit in a big and very blatant way.

In my own personal experience, I have been going through the end of a phase of my life. On one level, it is the end of my time as a mother to a little child.  My son’s journey into adulthood brings with it the opportunity to move into a new role with him, but as with all new beginnings, the ending that occurs requires its due.  The other ending is in aspects of my personality and relationships which have been tied to my South Node.  I’ve mentioned the book Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller before and that is what I’m referring to with South Node.  I’ve found myself using that book quite a lot to understand myself (and those I work with), what I’m here to learn, and also what vehicle I am driving to live my life purpose.  Even though the book is written about the North Node aspect in the astrological chart, I have actually found what it shares about my horoscope sign (sun sign) to resonate incredibly well with what I am experiencing of myself.  All of this has shown me quite clearly that those old patterns of how I relate to others and myself are at an end.  This too, then is another ending, and also requires its due.

With all of this going on, I am repeatedly guided to let go of the deeply repressed emotions that I have done my best to ignore.  Apparently, as last night’s metaphor confirmed, I have finally reached the needed inner commitment to let the repressed emotions flow!

Yesterday, I’d listened to a couple of CD’s by Jill Mattson called Healing Flower Symphonies.  The music is created to bring the healing properties of the Bach Flower remedies to the emotional self.  The way it is designed is to help release any of the unpleasant aspects of the emotion and then replace it with its positive aspect.  While listening, I had some releasing occur, but it wasn’t until later on that it really came to the surface bringing lots of spontaneous crying and deep emotional purging.

And this brings me back to the topic of metaphor and last night’s experience.  Around 2 AM, I was having a dream about a gateway or door I was trying to open.  As I reached out to turn the handle and pull open the door, I apparently also opened the stopper on the hot water bottle I was sleeping with.  Moments later, I awoke to warm water pouring over me and soaking into the bed!

After a great deal of disorientation and frantic scrambling to clean up the mess, I found myself laughing.  What a beautiful metaphor and message to my conscious self!  I had finally figured out how to open the door to all the emotions that had been held down.  The floodgates were open and the warm relief of knowing it was all finally being let go washed over me.

So, if you too have repressed emotions that you are ready to release – or if you are in a stage of life when it is time to grief what is over so you can embrace what is new – you might want to check out the Healing Flower Symphonies by Jill Mattson.  They certainly worked for me!

With much love and gratitude,


PS.  If you’d like some insight into how the Astrology for the Soul information can help you gain insights into who you are, send me an email. I have been doing 30 and 60 minute sessions for those in my community working with their North Node and Sun Sign this month, and the insights have been fascinating.

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Clearing

 It felt like a good day to take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico and let the salty water wash away whatever we are ready to let go of!  

I am cleansed of all that I no longer need!

I am cleansed of all that I no longer need!

How to Work with the Image to Support the Process
• Take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly three times. Let your exhale be longer than your inhale.

• Open your eyes and focus on the image. Ask your Spiritual Support Team to help you come into harmonic resonance with the image and to receive the amount of energy from the essence of the place for your highest and best good.

• Use your imagination to put yourself in the photo. Use all your senses to interact with what is shown. What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch as you connect?

• Ask for Divine guidance on how you can incorporate the gifts from this essence into your own life and situation. Allow yourself to feel the love and support flowing to you and through you from the Earth and the Divine.

• Repeat the affirmation (see caption) as you breathe in and out slowly.

• Be open to any additional thoughts, sounds, smells, or images that come to you as you are working with the photo. Consider these as messages to support you on your path. Ask what these impressions mean to you. What do they make you think or feel?

• Continue to recall the image throughout the day when you wish to bring in the energy it provides.

• Express your gratitude for the gifts given to you through the experience.

Love to all!


Morning Musings: Inspiration for your Day!

I felt in the need of a little inspiration this morning, so found this to share from my Morning Musing archives.  I hope you find it helpful!  

Photo taken on Seabrook Island, SC where the channels pour into the ocean.

Photo taken on Seabrook Island, SC where the channels pour into the ocean.

I see a river flowing into the ocean.  The water is rough and tumbling as it merges with the salty sea.  There is no going back for the river.  It has reached the place where the only choice is to come together with the source of its existence. What has been separate for so long finally finds its way home. 

Shouldn’t this be cause for celebration?  Why is the river struggling with its own true nature?

Why do we?

The image I saw for myself this morning was of a huge red sun slipping into a vast lake.  I felt the sun energy warm the water, giving it life-giving energy.  I felt the water soften the sun. Both flowed together instead of working apart.  It felt like peace.

I asked for help understanding what this meant in my daily life.   How can fire and water merge in my world?  I heard, “Allow your feeling and spiritual self to be the container that your “doing” self works through.  Let your passion and fire be expressed through your sensitive soul.” 

Today, I promise myself that I will do that.  I will let my feeling self choose where the focus and warmth of me needs to be.  I will let myself be whole.  I will let myself be me.

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Love to all,





Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Healing

GYG Healing

My healing comes from my oneness with the Divine. As I embrace this oneness, I no longer need to be healed.

This photo is of the Gulf of Mexico taken in Longboat Key, Florida.  I invite you to use the meditation steps listed below to connect deeply with the energetic essence of this place.  When you are ready, imagine that which needs healing in you or your life as a fish which you release into the water.  As you feel the fish come into communion with its home environment (as our home is in the Divine which ocean represents), know that it is safe for you to release it completely.  Feel the healing flow into your being, as you repeat the affirmation.  Below are some suggestions on how to work more deeply with the image.      

How to Work with the Image

Take a moment to center yourself.  Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly three times.  Let your exhale be longer than your inhale.

Open your eyes and focus on the image.  Ask your Spiritual Support Team to help you come into harmonic resonance with the image and to receive the amount of energy from the essence of the place for your highest and best good.

Use your imagination to put yourself in the photo.  Use all your senses to interact with what is shown.  What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch as you connect?

Ask for Divine guidance on how you can incorporate the gifts from this essence into your own life and situation.  Allow yourself to feel the love and support flowing to you and through you from the Earth and the Divine.

Repeat the affirmation (see caption) as you breathe in and out slowly. 

Be open to any additional thoughts, sounds, smells, or images that come to you as you are working with the photo.  Consider these as messages to support you on your path.  Ask what these impressions mean to you.  What do they make you think or feel?

Continue to recall the image throughout the day when you wish to bring in the energy it provides.

Express your gratitude for the gifts given to you through the experience. 

Blessings to you and yours!


Understanding “Ghost” Energies

For those of you who may not have read about my healing journey to Sedona, let me just share the reason I’m writing this article.  Apparently, when I was very little, some ghost entities attached themselves to my system.  I was a wide open empath and wasn’t able to shield myself (think of the movie Sixth Sense).  Somehow, these entities became part of my coping mechanism for something I wasn’t able to cope with.  Now, forty years later, I am all grown up and have learned how to take care of myself as a sensitive person.  As I’ve worked to bring integration to my system, these no longer wanted guests began getting in my way.  Through a series of healing sessions, I was finally able to clear these entities and am now learning how to function in my system without all the extra baggage.  I’ve had a few questions come up on this topic from those who have heard my story, so I thought I should go ahead and share what I’ve learned.  Keep in mind that I am by no means an expert on this topic.  I’m simply sharing my own experience, the Divine guidance I’ve received on the topic, and what I’ve learned from others through my own healing process.  I am 100% in the business of empowering people, not scaring them, so I hope this information gives you some peace of mind around this topic.

What are ghosts?

My experience with ghosts (both the ones I had connected to me and the ones that I have helped cross) is that they are souls who refuse to move on to the next plane of existence.  They usually are holding on because they fear what comes next or feel they don’t deserve to go.  Some stay because they believe they can protect the living.  When I’ve helped these lost souls cross into the light, I’ve found that sending love to them and helping them see that this experience on this plane is complete and what it needed to be.  Our souls make contracts with other souls for specific reasons, to learn specific things.  Sorting that all out is something we really can’t do fully from this plane.  My feeling is that those who stay on as ghosts are in a holding pattern.  They are choosing to stay until they come to the place they are able to let go of whatever false belief holds them here and move on.  I don’t feel anything is random, so if some souls stay for a while, there must be a reason for it.

I sometimes feel a deceased loved one nearby.  Does this mean they are a ghost?

Probably not.  I’ve connected with those who have crossed over to the other side during readings (and my own grandmother visits me frequently).  These beings have left this plane and are not ghosts.  They are simply coming back to visit or to bring their love to a particular concern or issue.   What I’ve been shown about how this works is a bit complicated.   Using the metaphor of water for our soul essence, I was shown that our soul is like a large lake.  When we come to this plane we incarnate as one drop from this larger lake.  Albert Einstein said there really is no time as we know it.  Therefore, everything is really happening all in the same moment.  My sense is that your loved one can be here as you need them while also being elsewhere following the next stage of their own journey (and perhaps in more than one “elsewhere” too).  Complicated and confusing I know!  I choose to see it just like it is with those still living.  If I am feeling unsettled, all I need to do is think of my good friend Lori and I can feel her with me.  She may be hundreds of miles away and completely unaware that she is helping me, but she is still able to be there for me.  Just as Divine beings such as the archangels and Jesus can be with many people at once.  Confused?  Keep it simple. Love connects us to all that we love.  This is true no matter what state of being we are in.  Ghosts are trapped in fear.  Their energy is very slow and uncomfortable to be around.  Their presence isn’t usually soothing or reassuring, even if it is a loved one.

Why do ghosts sometimes “attach” to the living?

Well, from what I’ve learned from Jaap Van Etten and Joel Bruce Wallach, my understanding is there is something mutually beneficial in the connecting.  Have you ever noticed how when you are struggling with a particular type of personality, you keep drawing people with that personality into your life?  Or if you are feeling weak in a particular area in your personality, you find yourself partnered with someone else who is strong in that area?  I feel the same thing happens with ghosts. We are trying to work through a particular pattern that is no longer serving us or we find ourselves in a situation that we are unable to cope with.  Other people help us to work through these things and my experience suggests that it includes those who haven’t crossed as well.  When we are vibrating at a higher level though, we are less likely to attract lower vibrating assistance.  Love more and fear less to stay away from this issue.

Is there a way to prevent lower entities from attaching to you?

Absolutely!  In my situation, the “ghosts” had attached when I was a very little girl (2 or 3 years old).  I have been working on integrating my inner child and I believe what happened is that I’d fragmented myself to keep these entities out of my core.  I was unable to integrate my child self because I didn’t realize she needed to be separated from these shadow energies.  Once they cleared I was able to integrate my inner child again.  What this suggests to me is that the shielding and intentions I have in place are working. They wouldn’t allow the entities to enter my system at that level because I had a clear intention that they wouldn’t be able to (and my vibration being higher also helped).  A simple way to do this is set a clear intention that everything that enters your system always be filtered through the highest Divine source (through LOVE).  Personally, I’ve set this intention for EVERYTHING.  That includes things that come into my system physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

 What if I think I may have an entity already attached?

Sometimes you can simply insist it leave.  Joel Bruce Wallach recommends imagining you have a special tool (I use an Angel feather) and when you touch the shadow space that represents the entity it is forced out of your system and into the light (I have also used the image of a vulture pushing the entity up into the sun).  My situation was a little more complicated, so I needed some expert help.  Jaap Van Etten and the Earth energy of the vortexes did the trick.  I’ve included links to both of these excellent healers who can help if you feel this is a concern at the end of the article.

 Did having entities connected to your system affect your ability to do readings? 

No.  I say a prayer before ever reading that requests that I be a clear and perfect channel for Divine love and wisdom.  During this process, I’m aligning myself with the Divine and asking that God speak through me.  I have set a very strong intention that everything that comes into my system be filtered through the highest Divine source.  When I asked my Spirit Guides about this concern I heard, “Lower Vibrating Entities don’t teach empowerment!”  My focus is always to empower people through love, not fear.  I feel very comfortable that nothing less has ever occurred in any reading that I’ve done.  I do feel though that the ghosts were sapping my energy.  I’ve found I have a greater capacity for doing this work then I did before.  I’m also guessing I also learned to have more compassion for those suffering from fear, anger, sadness, abuse, or grieve because of the challenges this situation brought in my own system.

 I’m interested in connecting with a loved one who has recently passed.  Is this something you do?

Occasionally, a loved one will come through that has crossed during a reading.  When that occurs, it is only because what they are there to share is somehow connected to the concern of the person I am working with.  If you are specifically looking for that type of reading, there are many people who offer that type of service.  My focus is to spiritually empower those who come to me to nurture themselves, discover and grow their own unique gifts, and to support them in living their life purpose.  My focus is to work through whatever issues need to clear to bring peace and well-being in the present moment.  How can I help you connect to your own true Divine essence and life purpose?  I use my gifts to help others see things from a spiritual viewpoint, using metaphor and energy techniques to help shift the situation in the direction the person wishes to go.  I feel it is important to keep my focus on what I feel is my work and working with those who haven’t crossed isn’t it.

 Here are some resources for those of you looking for help in this area:

Jaap Van Etten :

Joel Bruce Wallach: He has a bundle of recordings that includes one for removing ghost entities.  Here is the link:

For guidance on Earth Plane relationships:  This Week’s Empowerment circle topic is relationships!   Empowerment Circle (Nancy Nicholas)

*A recorded call that provides a specific message containing spiritual insight into a relationship

Happy Halloween!


Earth Wisdom-My Healing Journey to Sedona

When I was a little girl, I loved to wander around in the woods.  I would sneak into the orchard behind my house or into a nearby pine forest.  I found fossils, hugged trees, and listened to the wind blowing through the pine boughs.  Through all the significant moments of my life, coming home to the Earth has always been the pathway to healing.

Last week, I again found myself turning to Mother Earth to help me.  I had reached a place in my own growth where I couldn’t figure out how to release what needed to go.  It was like trying to grasp a shadow.  I could feel the energies that weren’t serving me and get glimpses of them through dreams or visions, but no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to be completely free of them.

As always, when we ask for help, help comes.  This time it came in the form of an invitation to visit Sedona, AZ well-known for its powerful healing vortexes.  I still can’t quite believe that everything fell into place for me to be able to make this journey.  It was truly a miraculous event on every level.  My hosts and dear soul friends, Ken and Angie, recommended a vortex tour with scientist and metaphysical teacher/healer Jaap Van Etten,Ph.D.  My soul sister Laurie and I went on a five and a half hour journey that was truly life changing.

Many of you have asked me to share about my experience.  Below is my attempt to do so, though bear in mind that it is like trying to capture the majesty and profound beauty of the place with a photograph.  Words can’t do it justice, but still it feels important to try.  The symbolism that occurred during this experience offered such beautiful examples of how we are guided and loved every step of the way.  When I think back on the experience, it truly had the feel of a vision quest-an experience where every moment was orchestrated by the Divine to bring a deep and thorough transformation.  I hope that it inspires and empowers you to follow your own healing and growth.

I was very nervous about going on this journey.  It was as if the parts that I had been trying to heal and release knew that their time with me was coming to an end.  I could feel a great resistance to going and an urge to flee.  While waiting for Jaap to arrive, I went to sit out on the back patio.  I had my iPad with me and felt the urge to check my email.  The first thing I opened was a beautiful poem written by Joel Bruce Wallach (the full poem is available at the link at the end of this article).  I wish I could convey with words how profoundly it matched the experience I was about to undertake.  Much love to Joel Bruce Wallach for sharing his wisdom and grace through these words.  It was like having Mother Earth whisper in my ear all the reassurance and comfort I needed to have the courage to do what needed to be done.  Here is an excerpt…

“When tree beckons, sit against my trunk;

And flower invites, inhale my fragrance;

The canyon whispers, hear my echoes, from mystic tribes of ancient race;

Then sky spreads starry arms, proclaims

Please roam amidst my open space. 

This universal offering,

grants now your soul a kiss.

For when you breathe,

this moment’s miracles,

each ruby gem revealed,

as the heart of the lotus,

 Harvest time presents

a cosmic invitation:

Gently breathe,

and please receive,

your gifts — bright karmic creations.”

As I finished reading this amazing poem, I looked down.  Tucked up against the patio blocks I was sitting on was a small, pure white feather.  I’ve been using an Angel feather in my meditations as a healing tool (something I’d adapted from a technique shared by Joel Bruce Wallach).  For me, this was an Angel feather left to reassure me that the process I was about to undertake would be Divinely guided and would bring the healing I sought.  Jaap arrived a few moments later and introductions were made.  I could tell right away he was truly a kind and gentle soul, though I could also feel my fear.  A few moments later, we went to his vehicle for the ride up the mountain.  We talked on the way and while I found the conversation interesting, I was fighting to keep the panic at bay.  I felt like I was trying to distract a child from a trip to the dentist by talking about fun things we’d be doing later.  In this case, the child wasn’t buying into the distraction.

We finally reached the parking place after traveling up a bumpy “road” strewn with rocks.  The photo above is from the beginning of our hike.  It doesn’t begin to do the place justice.  We were surrounded on all sides by these incredibly beautiful cliffs.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Our first stop once on the trail was at a very old juniper tree.  We each greeted the tree and reached out to touch it.  When my hand connected with the limb, I felt a surge of energy and started to shake.  Soon tears were running down my face.  I couldn’t tell you why, but I knew that something immense was about to happen.  Again, Joel’s poem hauntingly mirrored what I was experiencing…

“Amidst this loving tree so vast,

is the grandmother who held you,

in timeless past.

Embraced by her earthly branches,

to you this tree will say,

Take off your blinders, and

set yourself free to be,

your cosmic self,

at long last.”

Jaap and Laurie ahead of me on the trail.

When we moved on, I found myself struggling to stay balanced.  I could feel the energies of the place and a the shadow energies were creating a heaviness that made it difficult to continue.  We stopped and took pictures and finally came to a stretch of red rock.  I took off my sandals and walked barefoot across the surface, pulling out a special crystal my soul friend Ken had loaned me.  This was another God wink as Ken had recently purchased the stone and brought it out to show us right before we left.  It was like a life saver for me.  Holding it, I was able to regain my equilibrium and hold fear at bay.

When we reached the first vortex location, Jaap led us through a simple prayer to help us experience the powerful healing energy of the vortex.  After a few moments, he invited us to share our intentions.  His insights were exactly right for both of us and helped us to be clear on what we were there to do.  Jaap said the “shadows” I’d been trying to heal were actually lower vibrating entities that had attached to me during my childhood.  I have experienced “ghosts” before, so I know they exist, but I hadn’t really spent any time considering they could be “attached” to someone.  As this concept had come up with four different healers I’d worked with this summer in connection with me, I had begun to suspect that was what was going on.  A note here…one of the wisdoms I learned from Jaap was in how to view this. While these shadows weren’t serving me anymore, at one time their presence was mutually beneficial.  I came into this world a very wide-open empath.  The shadow energies, while not good for me, did protect me from this openness.  It was only now that I am able to keep myself shielded that I no longer needed their presence (and all that came with it…energy drains, fear, anger, worry, thoughts/memories that weren’t mine, etc).  It was time for them to evolve, just as it was time for me to.  This whole concept is worthy of an article on its own, so we will leave it at that for now.

At the next vortex where we sat on a ledge looking over a canyon, we again went through a brief prayer and meditation to connect with the energies of the vortex.  At that point, Jaap went through a process to remove the shadow energies from my system.  The process ended up being more complicated than he expected, but with our combined efforts (Laurie’s too), the shadows finally passed to the light and I was free!  I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to have only my own system to support!

We visited three more vortexes, each with its own gift.  During the process, I learned that there would be a time ahead of reexamining my thoughts and feelings to be sure they were truly mine.  Having lived for so many years with my empathic system interwoven with others, really becoming clear on my true identity is the next stage of my journey.  With a firm connection to Archangel Michael to guide me, an understanding of the importance of allowing nature’s natural rhythm to flow unencumbered, we left this magical place.  Yet another passage from Joel’s poem mirrored this so beautifully:

“ For the sky is elder brother,

showing soul what it shall be,

as you become your true wise self,

but no other, with

clear knowing in your open gaze,

that understands life’s mystery.”

So what has changed for me?

I’m sure I haven’t even begun to know all the changes that have occurred, but the most notable changes are in how I feel.  It is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I can stand up straighter without it being such a struggle. My energy level has increased dramatically.  I find myself laughing more and feeling much more optimistic.  Truly, I feel like I am free.  I know I have more to learn and clarify (after all, the learning is never really over is it?).  I am just very grateful that this big piece of my healing is complete!

At the Grandmother Juniper tree at the end of our journey.

I send infinite love and gratitude to the amazing healers and soul friends who helped me to get to this point (as this was an ongoing process over many years).  And of course to Mother Earth and Father Sky for helping me find my way home.

Below is the information about Joel Bruce Wallach and Jaap Van Etten who I can’t recommend highly enough.  They are both very gifted healers and truly wise.   I’m also including a link to Mershona Parshall whose heart-centered  hypnotherapy session got me to the place where I was ready to take the step with Jaap.  She is also very gifted and full of Earth wisdom.

You can read Joel’s full poem (and all his other wonderful writings and services) at this link:  Joel Bruce Wallach

For information on Jaap Van Etten (Sedona Vortex tours, healing sessions in person or by phone and his books):  Jaap Van Etten

For information on heart-centered hypnotherapy with Mershona Parshall:  Mershona Parshall

Wishing you all many blessings on your own journey!


Relationship Conflict? Love!

“When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden…All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.”  Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Years ago, I read a book called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. At the time, I remember being deeply affected by what it had to say. Just recently, a few things from this book came back to me. It was about our relationships with others and how we get energy. The concept was that human beings tend to use four different approaches to get energy from others. The approaches are to withdraw, to evoke sympathy, to evoke guilt, or anger.

The energy that we seek from others is the energy that gives us life. We do need it. The question is why do we need to take it from each other? Redfield suggested in the book that we should be getting this from a clear, pure source…from Spirit itself…instead of trying to share the same little, often polluted pool, from our relationships.

Clearly, searching for this energy from others using the four methods listed above can bring temporary relief, though not a good solution overall…but lately, I’m finding that even that has lessened for many. Perhaps the pool of energy we all share is getting used up…or has lost so much of its purity that it has little value.

So the question is how do we get energy from this pure source, so that we feel loved, supported, nurtured, and empowered? How do we feel whole and filled from within in a world filled with struggle and challenge?

I’ve “heard” the answer to this so many times. It’s actually very, very simple; yet for those of us who have been hurt (and who hasn’t been?) so very, very difficult.

The answer is to love. To love when someone hurts us. To love when we are angry or scared or frustrated. To love when we are deeply sad. To love when it seems so impossible to love or that the person seems so undeserving of our love. To love even when we feel that loving only brings pain.

I know from my own experience that to do this is the Way to peace and well-being…it is the Way to empowerment. And yet; the very practical part of me still wants to know, how exactly does one do this, especially when one’s whole system wants to close up, shut down, run away, or lash out?

Perhaps the answer lies in where we direct our love. If it is too painful to direct our love to the person who has hurt us, can we instead direct it to ourselves? Can we direct it to God? As we focus our energy on loving, can this open our heart with compassion to the other as well? As we feel that well-spring of love pour forth, filling all the deep places that have been long in the dark, are we able to see the other as no different from us? Just as we struggle with our own fears aren’t they too struggling? The fear of lack…of loneliness…of being misunderstood…doesn’t it affect each and every one of us? And what is it that we are seeking? Is the love and abundance truly held by the other? Or merely something we see coming THROUGH them from a higher, purer source?

So, today, I invite you to join me on a little experiment. The next time you feel hurt or frustrated or angry at someone else try taking the following steps:

1. Acknowledge your feelings and comfort the part of you that has been wounded.

2. Repeat, “I love, I love, I love, I love” continuously until you feel your heart start to open and relax.

3. Forgive. Say, “I forgive everyone who has offended or hurt me in anyway, and I forgive myself.” Or put in the name specifically of the person who has hurt you.

4. Focus on Spirit in whatever form you most identify with (a sunrise, in a child, the Angels, Jesus, God, and Buddha) and express your deep love out loud. “I love you God. I love you God. I love you God.”

5. Call forth you’re highest Divine self. Feel the male and female aspects of you, holding you, nurturing you and loving you. Know that you are beautiful in all ways and deeply loved.

6. From this place of wholeness, look to the one who has hurt you. Pray for them to find peace, healing, and light. Know that through this act, you release the hold their actions or words have over you.

7. Honor yourself and your needs. Feel no obligation to extend beyond what you are able to give. Love within, and stay inside your much needed boundaries without.

8. Be kind to yourself.

And in closing, a final quote from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet about marriage (though I feel it is fitting for all relationships),

“Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach offering Empowerment Readings, Empowerment Clubs, Sensitive Person Mentoring, and a Soul Friends Community. For a free Empowerment Packet and to learn more about Nancy’s work, visit her website: