Creating Harmony by Coming From Wholeness

Collectively, there has been a rising up of those who have felt victimized and repressed, especially by the feminine (an aspect that is in all of us – both women and men). This has also been occurring on the individual level within our own psyches as well. It is as if the parts of ourselvesContinue reading “Creating Harmony by Coming From Wholeness”

Claiming Your Energetic Space

This month, the key word is “protection” and one of the best means of protecting ourselves is claiming our energetic space.  Here is a technique working with Angelic support that I have found to be really effective.  You can use this for any space you are heading into during the day or for your home.Continue reading “Claiming Your Energetic Space”

Vibrations, Harmony and Coming Home to Nature!

I’ve been experimenting lately.  After my trip to Sedona, AZ where I was able to connect with the Earth Vortex energies, I’ve found myself drawn to find new ways to really “feel” the Earth and nature.  During a recent trip to Florida, I spent time “feeling” the energy of the Gulf of Mexico, feeling theContinue reading “Vibrations, Harmony and Coming Home to Nature!”

Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!

Happy New Year! Below is a Morning Musing that came through when I asked for guidance about 2013.  I believe we will be “feeling” our way through 2013, instead of “thinking.”  In doing this, we will be learning how to come into harmonic resonance with our true natures, with the Divine and with the Earth. Continue reading “Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!”

Creating an Energetically Harmonious Space

This last month, I’ve been in “energy management” school.  Or at least I’ve been learning a lot about energy!  Would you like to feel more comfortable, energized, or inspired in your work or home environment?  If so here are a few tools to help you transform the energies! Suggestions 1.  Sea Salt:  Try putting 1Continue reading “Creating an Energetically Harmonious Space”