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Follow Up on the Expo

Here I am at my table for the event.

Here I am at my table for the event.

Just wanted to share for my fellow introverts that coming out from under the bed really worked!   I had an AMAZING time last weekend and met so many wonderful people.  I really felt so loved, supported and appreciated for who I am and what I do.  So THANK YOU to all of you who helped encourage me or who stopped by to say hello. I am also grateful to my helpers and all the other vendors – especially my lovely neighbor Luanne Harris who gave me free gifts, friendship, and tips all weekend.  I also bought the most beautiful items from her too!

I learned a lot from the whole experience and will be sharing some insights with you soon!

Sending lots of love!


Branching Out (An introvert’s call to come out from under the bed!)

TreesHave you ever felt like the Universe was pushing you to branch out?  Well, I am feeling it right now.

Along with the family changes with my son moving out-of-state, my parents buying a condo in Florida and my husband and I adopting a new puppy, there has also been a push to move in new directions with my work.

In September, I led my very first spiritual retreat to Sedona, AZ  with twelve other sensitive souls.  This was quite a feat for someone who used to find a half hour in Wal-Mart to be entirely too much stimulation.  In November, I started working more actively with Subtle Energy Beings, Nature Angels, and Crystals which led to my work with attuning crystals as a means to connect with the Spiritual helpers around us.

And now, in two days, I will be sitting at my very own booth doing readings at the Great Conjunction Expo in Hudson, Ohio where my name alone will be on the booth sign.    

Poster for Great Conjunction Expo

The actual sign for my table this weekend!


My introvert self is climbing under the bed right now.

I’ll let her hang out there for a little bit, but then I’ll coax her back out.

Why you ask (knowing of course that I am the one doing the asking – note the emphasis on WHY!)?

Because I know deep in my heart that every time I push myself to move into new circumstances and connect with new people, I am always glad I did.  Looking back, I see that is how so many wonderful people are now in my life.  If I’d stayed under the bed, I never would have met them. Nor, frankly, would I be doing this work that I love so much (because stepping out as someone with intuitive abilities was another thing that sent me under the bed for a good long while!).

I’m sharing this because I feel we are all getting the nudge to move into new waters in some form or another.  I have several clients who find themselves looking for a new job or having a long-term relationship end. Many of my colleagues are exploring new avenues in their work too.  Some friends and loved ones are even relocating to new cities, states or even countries.

All of this tells me that I am probably not alone in feeling like climbing under the bed sometimes.  After all, change can be a challenge for even the most hardy of us.  For those of us who are sensitive, even the slightest ripples have an effect.

So how do we navigate the shifting going on in our lives?  For me, it has become a matter of doing my very best to surrender – to trust that my Spirit and Divine helpers will keep me on the path of my highest good, even if my intellect has no idea what that path is.

I am also finding being kind to myself helps.  As much as I would like to just stroll through life shifts without batting an eye, that just doesn’t seem to be how I’m wired.  Accepting that, and being kind to myself through the process, seems to make things a little easier.

Reaching out helps too.  Thank you to Polly and Debbie who so kindly offered to help out this weekend at my booth.  Just knowing they will be there to support me has made a huge difference!  Thank you also to those in my community who have promised to come see me, those who have helped me figure out all the details for having a booth, and those who have sent me encouraging messages!  I am very grateful for you all.  I am also grateful to my Spiritual Support Team (my Angels and Spirit Guides) who keep assuring me they have this all under control.  I am so glad that someone does.  They also promise that I will be meeting many new and wonderful friends while I’m there.  I hope you are one of them!

So, in closing, I’m glad you are joining me on this journey of branching out.  So nice to know there will be other “branches” to bump into out there!

Sending much love to you all!


PS.  If you’d like to come visit me this weekend and check out the other offerings at the Expo (it looks like there are going to be some amazing offerings!), you can find the full details and $1 off admission here:  Great Conjunction Expo

Here are a few photos of my lovely crystal/rock friends who will be coming with me (and going home with some lucky others)! 

Ocean Rocks

Ocean Rocks

Crystals used for Angel and Spirit Guide readings

Crystals used for Angel and Spirit Guide readings



Pre-attuned Archangel and Earth Energy Center Crystals

Pre-attuned Archangel and Earth Energy Center Crystals

January Events and Offerings 2015

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a good start to 2015 and staying warm!  I was in Florida for a week with my family and it was tough coming back to cold Ohio.  Here is a photo from the trip just to share a little of the warmth and sea breezes!

Ocean 2015

I have missed those of you I haven’t connected with in awhile!  I tend to communicate a lot more with my Crossroads Coaching Soul Friends Community (which you are all welcome to join!) and end up not posting as much on here.  I am hoping to get back into a routine of writing regularly again though!

Today, I just wanted to share a few opportunities to connect coming up this month.  Here they are!

New Moon Empowerment Circle Reading – Register by Monday 1/19:  This is a pre-recorded reading where each participant gets a personalized intuitive message (though no names are used, I will tell you what number reading you are).   The intention is that all messages have gifts for everyone listening and the whole recording is a cohesive theme.  This month’s New Moon offers a great time to set intentions and make your wishes!  Here is a little about this particular New Moon from Lena Stevens (Power Path):

“This is a time where dreaming big and dreaming “outside the box” is recommended. Higher centered energy is available and you should be greatly inspired with potential. Anything is possible!”

You can sign up here (Love Exchange is $22):  New Moon Empowerment Circle Recording

Winter Forecast Seasonal Reading:  Make the most of the season ahead with this Winter Season Forecast Empowerment Reading!  I’ll be using a Sacred Tree Layout to do your reading.  I’ll be using a variety of oracle cards along with the intuitive insights I receive for you throughout the reading.  There are two options to choose from:  3 Card Spread – $45 or 7 Card Spread – $75.  The reading can be pre-recorded or we can do it on a call together.  Learn more and purchase here:  Winter Forecast Reading

1/31 and 2/1 Great Conjunction Expo and Psychic Fair:  I will be at this event doing Empowerment Crystal Readings and I will have some pre-attuned crystals and my book for sale.  The hours are from 10- 7PM on Saturday and 10-5PM on Sunday.  It is at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in Hudson, OH.  I attended one of these expos last June and really liked the way it was run and the quality of those offering services. I am excited to have my own table this year!  Visit the website to learn more and to get $1 off admission: Great Conjunction Expo

Finally, here is a little inspiration for today (whatever day you read this) from the Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson:

“Trust – The more we follow our intuition, the more we’ll find that the right doors open to assist us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.”  

This is very fitting with the January Empowerment Call message.  On that call, I asked for an image for our community for the month of January.  I saw myself swimming in the ocean with waves around me. The sky was gray and there was the remains of my parachute.  I wasn’t hurt, but I also had absolutely no idea where land was.  The message that came through was that this is a good month to trust we are guided/motivated in each moment to do what we need to do, even when we aren’t sure intellectually what that is!  We are moving between one nine year cycle and the next, which can be a bit disorienting.  Put it out to your Angels to motivate and inspire you in each moment and then TRUST!  Your Spirit knows where it is going and you are being protected and cared for during this time of transformation.

Sending much love to you all!