Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!

I have a confession to make – I love animated films. My husband has accepted that watching something rated beyond PG with me means I’ll spend most of the time hiding my eyes. He broke down and went to see the new movie, The Croods with me over the weekend. What a wonderful movie (evenContinue reading “Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!”

Life Outside of the Cocoon! How do we use these wings?

Here we are in January 2013.  We have gone through the big energy shift of 2012 and for the most part survived with our sanity intact.  We have evolved into a new species of human through this process.  We have finally made it to the butterfly stage!  Wonderful right?  Or is it… How many ofContinue reading “Life Outside of the Cocoon! How do we use these wings?”

Age of Light: Techniques to Transition with Ease!

All year we’ve been hearing about the new energies coming in and the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012.  All range of theories have been discussed about exactly what that will mean for us as a species.  What I’ve been told intuitively is that an energetic change is occurring that will allow us toContinue reading “Age of Light: Techniques to Transition with Ease!”