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May 2017 Monthly Reading and News

News from Nancy

I am in Ohio for the month of May! My coaching partner, Ryan O’Toole, and I had a great time in western North Carolina and South Carolina for the month of April. We spent a lot of the time near Saluda, NC where we were staying in a beautiful cabin up in the mountains. We met a lot of wonderful people and enjoyed all the beauty of the area. We also participated in an edible plants class with the Earth School while we were down there and have been enjoying being able to collect our own wild greens!

Mentoring Club Benefits Now Free

As I mention in this month’s recorded May reading, I decided to simplify and streamline my communications. I’ve created a Mail Chimp email list where I’ll be sharing a weekly reading with an energy balancing tool and news on opportunities to connect. You can participate for free! Use the link below to join the email list:

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May Empowerment Reading

I asked for guidance on the month ahead and recorded what came through to share with all of you! It includes an opening exercise you can use to help stay centered in love, an image for this month’s challenge or opportunity for growth, an image for the way to the solution, interpretation and insights about the overall theme we are working on collectively at this time. The recording is 20 minutes long and can be listened to here: May 2017 Reading

Energy Balancing Tip for May

I am a huge fan of Donna Eden (! This month’s energy balancing tip comes from her Energy Medicine Kit. This exercise helps your energies run in the optimal form and activates your spleen which is your inner mother/healer. Very helpful for staying healthy and balanced!

Opportunities to Connect

Small Group Women’s Coaching Circle – I have two wonderful women who are interested in being in a women’s coaching circle who are looking for some friends to join the group! For this experience, we meet by phone once a month. I will be offering intuitive and coaching guidance to each participant and the group as a whole during the call. Participants also receive a 10% discount on private sessions while they are part of a circle. If you are interested in this group or forming a group of your own with some friends, send me an email. The day/time of meeting will be determined once the group is formed. Love Exchange: $25/month per person

Spiritual Mentoring Openings – I have some openings for one-on-one or small group spiritual mentoring this month. This is an opportunity to receive ongoing support to work through a particular challenge or on a specific goal. You will do a weekly call with me (30 or 60 minutes) and also have the option of on call support as needed during the mentoring experience. You can learn more here and read some comments from those who have participated in this experience in the past: Spiritual Mentoring 

May Special Offer for Spiritual Mentoring – $50 off for a month of 60 minute weekly mentoring or $25 off for a month of 30 minute weekly mentoring 

Free Email Weekly Coaching – As I mentioned above, you can receive weekly coaching support via email when you join my new and free email list at this link:

Nancy Nicholas Email List 

Sending love and wishes for a joyful month!


Nancy Nicholas is an intuitive life coach who offers empowerment readings and spiritual mentoring to empower spiritual growth. To learn more, visit her website: Crossroads Coaching

April Inspiration!

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April 2014

Spring is here!  I have to confess that this is my favorite season.  I even love the mud and the rain!  It is just so exciting to feel the Earth coming to life.  I hope you have time to get out and enjoy the wonderful scents and sounds of nature this spring.  I injured my back last week and was in quite a bit of discomfort still this week. Yesterday, I was able to go outside and stretch out on the Earth.  I spent several hours out there and my back felt so much better!  Truly the Earth provides all we need.  I’m so thankful that it warmed up enough for me to spend some time reconnecting!

Events This Month

Wednesday 4/16/2014 (Registration deadline):  April Empowerment Circle Reading– Energy Medicine for Perfect Health:  I’ve been reading the book, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and I am so excited about the simple, yet powerful techniques it shares for bringing health and well-being to one’s system.  For April, the empowerment circle will focus on guidance to provide you with an energy balancing technique (either one from the book or one of mine) to restore your system to optimal functioning.  For this Circle, you are welcome to ask about a specific health issue or I’ll see what comes through for you at the time of the reading.  All the techniques will be something all participants can use to balance their own system.  The Empowerment Circle recording includes: Brief Prayer and Group Intuitive Message, Individual Intuitive Messages and Interpretation, and an Intention setting meditation to manifest what you wish to experience.  All readings are done anonymously (you will be told the number of your reading) and each message will have gifts for all listening.  An oracle card will also be shared at the end of the call for the group.  Cost is $15. You can learn more and register at this link:  Empowerment Circles

4/13/2014 (7-8PM EST) – April Empowerment Group Call – Manifesting Perfect Health:  Donna Eden shares in her book, Energy Medicine, the following, “We are increasingly required, with our lifestyles so divorced from nature, to live in conscious partnership with our body’s energy systems if we are to live fully and healthfully.”  I agree!  For this call, we’ll be connecting with our Divine support team of Angels and Guides and asking for a guided meditation to help us open the gateway between our consciousness and our physical system.  The intent will be to empower us to feel our own energy make- up so that we can consciously infuse our system with love and good health.  The first half of the call will be recorded during the guided meditation. The second half, I’ll be sharing Angel Oracle card readings for those interested (as many as time allows) and participants will have a chance to share about their experience during the guided meditation.  Cost: $15; Nancy’s Community Members are free.  Register here:   Empowerment Call

4/26/2014 (12 – 4:30) Be Empowered!  Spring Retreat in Tallmadge, Ohio:  As I’ve been sharing, I’ve been learning and practicing a new technique for manifesting/creating from love.  This process works with the concepts of Love (inner child), Wisdom (Feminine energy) and Power (Masculine Energy).  For this event, you’ll be exploring this technique by focusing on an attribute you would love to manifest in yourself this spring.  Do you want to be more prosperous, peaceful, fulfilled, healthy or creative?  Maybe you want to be more joyful, fun, or playful?  You will work in a small group and together you will work through the process to help this attribute (and those your group mates choose) to blossom in you this spring!  The groups will be traveling through three sacred circles and working with three spiritual teachers (one of course is me!) who will be sharing the tools of vibrational sound (crystal bowls), energy balancing, and intuitive guidance to empower you!  Cost:  $75; $65 if you register with a friend.  Register by April 18th.  Full details including teacher bios, the retreat itinerary, and registration links are available here:   Spring Retreat

Featured Spiritual Tools

As I mentioned with this month’s events, I’m really enjoying Energy Medicine by Donna Eden!  I have been learning the different energy balancing techniques and really finding them so helpful.  I have included a link to a You Tube video by Donna Eden sharing the five-minute daily routine she recommends (thanks Margaret for passing this on to me!).  You can find the video here:  Daily Energy Routine

Here is the book and a link to learn more on Amazon:

Energy Medicine

 Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

ARchangel Michael

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

I asked for guidance for this month and here is the card that fell out:

Believe and Trust“To resolve this situation, you must believe that everything is healed and whole right now.  As your faith grows stronger, the doorway to Divine solutions will open.  Your trust enables your mind and body to relax, which increases your creative energy and strength-two qualities that will prove especially helpful to you.  Prayer:  Before going to sleep tonight, say:  “Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust.  Let me be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.” 

Weekly Reading Shared from the Membership Community Archives

Each week, I ask for guidance for my community members to empower and inspire us for the week ahead.  This is the one for the first week of April.  I hope you find it helpful too!

Weekly Wisdom Reading March 31 to April 6

Work with Nancy

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April Special Offer for Community Members – $10 off a 30 Minute Emotion Code Empowerment Reading.  Email me to set up a time!

Creating Community

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