Quick Healing – The Power of 8!

Yow! Sharp stings stab my arm, feeling like a million yellow jackets jabbing me all at once.  I look at my arm, only to see tiny bumps, more like a rash than a sting.  Confused, I look back at the plant.  Stinging Nettle!   If you’ve ever been stung by stinging nettle, you know itContinue reading “Quick Healing – The Power of 8!”

Aura Pulsing-Balance Your Energy!

I’ve been taking some amazing classes offered by Joel Bruce Wallach at Cosmic Consciousness. One of the classes was on Aura Pulsing.  To do this technique, you imagine yourself sitting in front of you.  Working on this image of yourself, you gently raise your hands with the palms out and gently touch the Auric field. Continue reading “Aura Pulsing-Balance Your Energy!”