Morning Musings – Guidance for Your Day (Whatever day you come upon it!)

I asked for guidance this morning and thought I’d share what came through.  I hope you find it helpful! The Vision… I see a butterfly pinned to a corkboard.  The butterfly begins to twitch and then its wings open, pushing out the pins.  It lifts off into a beautiful blue sky. Reflection… In Ted Andrew’sContinue reading “Morning Musings – Guidance for Your Day (Whatever day you come upon it!)”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Trust

I took this picture at a butterfly exhibit at Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio. The hand in the picture is my niece, Caitlyn. She and her brother spent a good hour convincing the butterflies to be held. They were both surprisingly gentle and patient with the creatures and rewarded by lots of close contactContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Trust”