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Freedom to Live a Magical Life

“I declare my independence by being free of the past.  I am totally present in the glorious now.”  Louise Hay

lizardI am rereading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery right now.  How I adore Anne!  No matter what circumstances come her way, she always finds a way to use her imagination to make them better.  It has got me thinking.

If the concepts of quantum physics are true (or actually more importantly if I chose to believe they are true – which I do!) then we are choosing what type of movie we want to be in.  For most of us, we have been in a drama and for many, a tragedy.   Now, though, we have a chance to start a whole new story for ourselves.

A couple of months ago, I had a momentous ah ha moment.  I was working with a group and we were using the Archetype cards by Caroline Myss.  We were asking what archetype could help us move into living a life we would love and the card that fell out for me was Child- Magical.  Here is what the card suggests for this archetype:

  • “Sees potential for sacred beauty in all things”
  • “Embodies wisdom and courage in the face of difficult circumstances”
  • “Is gifted with imagination and the belief that everything is possible”

I love this card!  Having spent much of my life with my child energy either wounded or orphaned, the idea of now having a magical child thrilled me!  What would life be like if that was my experience?

That question, along with my new-found interest in quantum physics, set me off on a path of adventure to see if I could truly live a magical life.  I changed my affirmations and started saying that my magical child was now in charge of writing the script of my life and that she only writes scripts I enjoy.  I also started saying something I heard from Esther Hicks, “Everything always works out for me ( and I added – in ways that I enjoy)!”  Through this shift in my perception, I found myself no longer looking at the people around me as victimizing me or somehow controlling me, but began to see them as characters in the play of my life.  What were those characters written into the story for?  What gift were they bringing me and what beliefs were they reflecting that perhaps I was ready to change?  Slowly and systematically, I began really looking at everything and seeing if perhaps there was a way to start creating a new more magical world for myself.

You know what has been happening?  Absolutely magical experiences!  Suddenly a whole new world has opened up to explore and enjoy with my spiritual work and I’m very excited to see where the journey takes me next.

This month, I invite you to look at the script you have been experiencing in your life and perhaps consider asking yourself if it is time to hire a new writer who has a really great imagination.  After all, if we are co-creating our experiences, why not start creating ones we love!

Here’s a final quote from Anne of Green Gables

“…Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive–it’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then, would there?”

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Much love to you all!


Learning from Your Inner Sage

I just posted an article to the Sanctuary at the Crossroads’ website with some tips for invoking your inner wise one, the Sage.  If you are like me and have some trouble with the Sage’s qualities of non-attachment and skepticism, you may find the article helpful!  You can check it out here:  SAGE

Here’s a quote from Louise Hay that feels very fitting with this topic as getting clear, objective Divine guidance is a good way to incorporate the wisdom of your Inner Sage!

  “I ask myself “What do I need to know?” and the Universe responds.”

Many blessings to you!


New! Divinely You Club

Do you ever feel like you have a split personality?

Are there times when you feel like a calm, rational ruler of your world and other times when you feel like a victimized orphan?

Do you feel like a warrior one minute and a lover the next?

You aren’t alone! Psychotherapist, Carol Pearson identifies 12 different archetypes that make up our psyche in her book Awakening the Heroes Within:  Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World. Each of these aspects, play a significant role in how we operate in our world. When in balance, they bring to us valuable traits and strengths that help empower us to navigate and thrive in our world. When repressed, they sabotage our self-confidence and relationships. Balancing these aspects so that they are allowed equal expression can lead to greater life satisfaction and empowerment.

Join Intuitive Life Coach, Nancy Nicholas, for an empowering small group club that will help you get to know all the aspects of your deepest self. During this small group meeting you will…

• Learn about the dual archetype focus for the month

• Discover how this archetype is active within your own life through an intuitive reading from Nancy

• Receive practical techniques to empower the archetype and overcome fears that lead to its repression

Monthly Topic areas are:

MONTH ONE: Security (Innocent/Orphan Archetypes)

MONTH TWO: Identity (Seeker/Lover Archetypes)

MONTH THREE: Responsibility (Warrior/Caregiver Archetypes)

MONTH FOUR: Authenticity (Destroyer/Creator Archetypes)

MONTH FIVE: Power (Ruler/Magician Archetypes)

MONTH SIX: Freedom (Sage/Fool)

Group Options beginning at $25/month

Visit (see Clubs) for details.  Email Nancy to register (

Security in Interdependence: Wisdom from Your Inner Orphan

February’s newsletter focus is being safe and secure.  The archetype (personality aspect) associated with this topic is the orphan.  The orphan is the part of us who has experienced wounding somewhere along the line (and who hasn’t!).  Unlike, the innocent within us, the orphan doesn’t see the world as a very safe place.  The gift of this archetype is learning how to connect with others to create safety.  Recognizing our interdependence with others, we form communities to support us as we travel through our lives.

As you’ve probably guessed, I have learned a lot from my inner orphan!  Sanctuary at the Crossroads, Crossroads Coaching, The Highland Community Support Network, the intuitive coaching clubs, Soul Friends’ Community, and Sensitive Person Mentoring Groups are all examples of my inner orphan creating communities to provide more safety and security (after all isn’t there safety in numbers?).

So how can communities help us feel safe and secure?  They provide us with like-minded companions who can share their experiences and wisdom as we walk through life.  They can help us to see our own strengths and comfort us when we struggle.  Families can do this, but sometimes it is necessary to have others we are bonded with too.

An exercise to help you empower your inner orphan is to spend a few minutes looking at your own involvement with others.  Are the communities you are a part of (whether work or home) providing a sense of support and connection?  If they are, then take a few moments to be grateful and to honor the gifts they provide.  If not, ask yourself what types of communities or groups would empower you?  There are many opportunities to find like-minded souls.  Religious groups, clubs formed around hobbies, sports, and social clubs are just a few.   There are countless options available online.  Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google Groups are just a few places to try.

Whatever community you join, know that it can be a very powerful experience.  I’ve seen amazing things happen when a group of people come together for a common purpose.  I’ve seen members of a writer’s groups go from being unpublished to multiple book authors.  I’ve seen community groups such as the Highland Community Support Network help hundreds of people.  I’ve seen environmental groups provide healing to local parks.  In my own clubs, I’ve watched complete strangers become supportive partners in the process of personal and spiritual growth.

So, today, consider taking a moment to look at your own connections.  If you are ready to find new ones, make a list of your interests.  Start searching around online, in the paper, at the library or by asking those you know to help you learn more.  I guarantee you’ll be able to find a group of fellow travelers (Soul Friends!) ready to share your journey!  Enjoy the journey!

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach offering Empowerment Readings, Empowerment Clubs, Sensitive Person Mentoring, and a Soul Friends Community. She is the author of Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Surviving and Thriving Through Tough Life Changes  (available at and other retail bookstores).  For a free Empowerment Packet and to learn more about Nancy’s work, visit her website:

Live from the Heart

Each day of our lives we walk around with a collection of perspectives or archetypes that make up our personality.  Carol Pearson Ph.D., author of Awakening the Heroes Within:  Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World, discusses these twelve archetypes that make up our psyche.  The first two are the innocent and the orphan.  The innocent is the pure inner child who has yet to experience wounding.  It is the part of ourselves that believes the best in others and expects good things to come to us.  It’s our internal optimist.  The orphan is a child who has experienced wounding.  They’ve been abandoned on some level and found the world to be unsafe.  They expect the worst and have little faith in the world as a good place to live.  Both of these aspects are in each of us.  We may resonate with one more than the other, depending on our life experience, but each aspect exists in us all.

I believe that the first step to living a heart-centered life is to bring these two aspects of the inner child into balance.  If we are living to strongly in either perspective we are inadequately loving and caring for ourselves.  For instance, if I am more centered in the perspective of the innocent, I will find myself wounded by people and circumstances where fear is dominant.  If I am more centered in the perspective of the orphan, I will be unable to trust in the good of others and will experience limitation and lack.

A healthy child has a good mother and father.  The mother nurtures, encourages, and comforts the child as they experience their world.  The father protects, supports, and creates a safe space for the child to grow.    The child has to trust the parents to truly be in a state of love and peace.  As an adult, you are your own parent.  You are the one who decides what is safe, what boundaries to set up, what experiences to try and you are the one who provides the comfort when life becomes challenging.

This month, I encourage you to find a picture of yourself when you were a young child.  Put it somewhere prominent that you will see every day.  As you go through the month, ask yourself what this child needs.  Is she tired?  Has he had a good meal?  Would she like to play for awhile? Think of this child when you are confronted with decisions.  By asking yourself if the decision you are about to make would benefit this child self, you are coming from a more loving space and will therefore make decisions that are more in harmony with your highest truth.

Here are a couple of upcoming opportunities to empower you through this process:

The Divinely YOU Club: Do you feel trapped in old patterns?  Do you find yourself reacting to current situations from the mindset of old wounds?  Are you tired of finding yourself struggling with the same challenges again and again?  Would you like to be free of self-doubt, self-loathing, self-criticism, or self-sabotage?  Are you ready to really love yourself, all of yourself?  Are you ready to stop fighting your fears and start living your dreams? I know I am and I want to help you do the same!  This year, I’m inviting you to take a journey with me to discover your own wholeness and Divine nature.  Together, we’ll explore the twelve archetypes that make up our personalities.  I’ll use my intuitive gifts to provide spiritual insight and guidance on how you can heal old wounds, release your fears, and really come to love the amazing person you are (and you are amazing, even if you don’t feel like it right now!).  We’ll learn how to integrate the aspects of ourselves that are often in conflict by discovering and honoring the gifts that each quality brings to us.   We’ll find a way to start living from the heart, to start loving ourselves, and start loving our lives.  Interested?  Learn more on my website (see link)!  Small Group Options begin at $25/month.  DIVINELY YOU CLUB


Soul Friends Empowerment Call with Financial Coach Laurie Price: Do you worry about money?  Do you find yourself neglecting your own needs because of these worries?  Do you feel financially secure?  If not, would you like to? I don’t know many people who don’t worry about money, even if they have a lot of it.  Coming from this place of lack, we allow our inner orphans to work us to the bone and erode our sense of well-being and love.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  We can heal our relationship with money, provide the security and sense of safety that we crave, so that we can focus on what we love instead of fighting our fears!  Join me for a one hour tele-seminar with financial wise woman Laurie Price.  Combining intuitive insight with practical coaching strategies, we’ll help you identify your true financial goals and create an action plan to get you there.  Each participant will receive handouts to guide you through the process.  To Register:  Email or call (330) 416-6184.  Cost:  $15 (Soul Friends Community Members, $10—not a member yet?  Join today:  SOUL FRIENDS COMMUNITY

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach offering Empowerment Readings, Empowerment Clubs, Sensitive Person Mentoring, and a Soul Friends Community. She is the author of Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Surviving and Thriving Through Tough Life Changes  (available at and other retail bookstores).  For a free Empowerment Packet and to learn more about Nancy’s work, visit her website: