Fight or Flight Goes Crazy

Those of you who have worked with me know that I often talk about the Triple Warmer Meridian. This is one of the energy lines of the body that regulates our fight or flight response. It serves as the inner warrior that is always watching out for danger and prepared to call in the troopsContinue reading “Fight or Flight Goes Crazy”

When Anxiety Stops By

I have found that one of the biggest challenges for those who are highly sensitive is anxiety.  Last night, it stopped by for a visit (something it hasn’t done in a while) and I found myself thankful for all the many tools I’ve learned over the years.  While I was using them and waiting forContinue reading “When Anxiety Stops By”

Love the Fear: Shift from Fear to Love this month!

I had another life changing session with Jaap Van Etten.  We have both been receiving similar messages about the path ahead.  Our discussion led to a concept that has been coming up in readings I’ve been doing over the last month.  We both feel that our species is in the process of evolving.  Our lizardContinue reading “Love the Fear: Shift from Fear to Love this month!”

Techniques to Manage Anxiety

I had a panic attack in 2002 and after spending two long years fighting anxiety, I find that it is the experience I dread the most when something upsetting happens.  If I could keep my sense of calm as I deal with things that feel challenging, I would navigate them so much easier.  After all,Continue reading “Techniques to Manage Anxiety”

Divine Input on Coping with Health Challenges

This week, two of my loved ones received some unsettling news at the doctor.  In both cases, a routine test showed something abnormal.  While I am confident that they will get what they need to bring things back into balance, I also know the process of this can be deeply unsettling.  The feeling of havingContinue reading “Divine Input on Coping with Health Challenges”

Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress

Have you ever felt like your brain will not be quiet?  I’ve had a real struggle with this for a lot of my life.  Whether my mind is obsessed with worries or involved in creative brainstorming, sometimes it will not leave me alone!  While I get a real high when my brain starts off on a creativeContinue reading “Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress”

What If…Tips to Overcome Your Fears

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing the news lately. The talk of rising gas and food prices is making even those in stable financial situations feel jittery. Many of the clients I’ve worked with are struggling to make ends meet and worried about what is going to happen if their business doesn’t pick up. “WhatContinue reading “What If…Tips to Overcome Your Fears”