Morning Musing – Mosquito Wisdom

I believe nothing is random, so this morning’s musing is based on an actual event rather than an intuitive vision.  I hope you find it helpful today or whatever day you come upon it.  Nice to know that mosquitos are good for something huh?  The Event… It was very late and I was trying toContinue reading “Morning Musing – Mosquito Wisdom”

Audio Meditation for a Great Day!

Good Morning! I just created a nine-minute meditation to help you make everyday a day you love!  Details are below: Meditation for a GREAT DAY! MP3, length: 9:41 This nine-minute guided meditation can be used daily to help you… Set up your energy system in the highest and best way for the day ahead CreateContinue reading “Audio Meditation for a Great Day!”

An Intuitive Message for the Week!

Each week, I ask for an intuitive message for the members of my Sanctuary Soul Friends Community.  In celebration of June’s Abundance theme, I thought I’d share it with you as well!  The way I do this is to ask for an image that is a metaphor about the week ahead.  Sometimes I also hearContinue reading “An Intuitive Message for the Week!”

Developing Your Intuition

I often get asked how to develop intuition and be able to communicate with Spirit Guides and Angels.  The answer is both simple and complicated.  First, I’d like to clarify my viewpoint on intuition.  I feel we all have the ability to communicate with our higher self and the Divine beings that are here toContinue reading “Developing Your Intuition”

Doreen Virtue and Personal Power

I had an amazing day yesterday!  I went to the Journey Expo in Kirtland, Ohio and attended a talk by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  I actually got to meet her!  For those of you unfamiliar with Doreen, she is a bestselling author who publishes through Hay House.  She works with the Angelic Realm and is theContinue reading “Doreen Virtue and Personal Power”

Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…

This month’s archetype focus is the Destroyer.  I have to admit that this hasn’t been an easy part of my psyche to accept, mostly because I’ve had a bad habit of not allowing it out until cataclysmic destruction was necessary.  This time, I’m trying to activate the destroyer energy more consciously by diving down intoContinue reading “Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…”

Build Courage

I find it quite a “God Wink” that the pre-determined topic for this month’s newsletter  is courage, based on the archetype (aspect of the personality) focus of the Warrior.  This aspect as defined by Carol Pearson’s book, Awakening the Heroes Within:  Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World has the giftContinue reading “Build Courage”