Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Allow the Flow

The intuitive image I saw this morning was of a river of mud flowing by.  I saw flashes of diamonds in the mud as it churned by me.  I saw an Angel on the opposite bank.  I went into the mud and felt it healing me.  Deep underneath, I found a huge quartz crystal.  IContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Allow the Flow”

Morning Musing: Unconditional Love and Ostriches

As I continue to work with the concept of living a more heart-centered life, I find myself uncovering areas of resistance in connection to love.  Love is an interesting thing.  We talk of love all the time, but I am beginning to realize that much of what we consider love isn’t really love at all. Continue reading “Morning Musing: Unconditional Love and Ostriches”