Sensitive Soul Empowerment Program

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Physical symptoms that are unable to be explained
  • Anxiety or nervousness, often without an identifiable source
  • Discomfort in noisy or crowded situations
  • Confusion or difficulty in making decisions
  • Self-doubt and guilt for being “too” nervous, sensitive or emotional
  • Overwhelmed and/or exhausted

If you find yourself identifying with the list above, then there is a good chance you have a more sensitive nervous system.

Dr. Elaine Aron, a renowned psychologist and best-selling author, coined the term “highly sensitive person (HSP)” to describe those with a more highly developed nervous system.  The nervous system of a highly sensitive person is able to pick up layers of data about a situation that the majority do not perceive.  They feel the emotions, energy patterns, and catch the subtle nuances often overlooked.  Aron explains that 15-20% of the population of every species have this trait, a trait that is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood in our society.

As a highly sensitive person, I know first hand how hard it can be to live with this trait…

For most of my life, I was labeled as “too sensitive,” “too emotional,” and  “nervous.”  On many occasions, I’d manifest physical illness to avoid situations that were overwhelming to me, situations that others found fun and exciting.  After the birth of my highly sensitive son, I found myself reaching a state of complete overload.  When he turned two, I went through an unexpected divorce.  During this time, I suddenly was able to feel what others were feeling physically and emotionally, even if they weren’t around.  I began learning Reiki and had such intense reactions while giving a treatment that I often would shake uncontrollably.  I had no idea what was happening to me. It took reaching a place of complete physical and emotional overload with frequent anxiety and physical distress for me to begin seeking what I needed to understand and care for my unique system.

My intention for this program is to empower you to care for yourself as a sensitive individual and to grow your gifts…

Sensitivity doesn’t have to be a curse.  This program will empower you to a greater understanding of your sensitivity, provide tools for coping with sensitivity, and support you in developing your own unique gifts that come from being a Highly Sensitive Person.

The Sensitive Soul Empowerment Program includes…

  • Eight 30 Minute Pre-recorded Classes
  • Sensitive Soul Empowerment Program Ebook
  • 48 Sensitive Soul Chakra Balancing Cards (print and cut out)

Class Titles

Establishing Energetic Boundaries

First Chakra – You in Relationship to the Tribe

Second Chakra – You in Relationship with Others

Third Chakra – You and Your Personal Power

Fourth Chakra – You and Your Emotional Nature

Fifth Chakra – You and Communication

Sixth Chakra – You and Your Intuition

Seventh Chakra – You and the Divine

For full description: Sensitive Soul Mentoring Program Class Description

What to Expect During a Class

  • Opening Prayer/Breathing Exercise:  We will begin with a centering exercise to energetically balance and align our systems and invoke Divine support.  Please note: I believe there are many paths to the Divine.  My personal approach does include Jesus and God which will be referenced in the prayer and throughout the session.  Participants are welcome to simply replace these names with those that are in alignment with their personal belief system.
  • Guided Meditation:  You will be led through a guided meditation to help bring the chakra we are targeting into balance.
  • Instruction on the session topic: You will learn tools and techniques that you can use on your own to bring the target area into balance.
  • Closing meditation:  We will end with a closing meditation to help integrate what has been learned and set intentions for continued practice at home.


You will be able to sign up using PayPal, a checking account or credit card through PayPal’s secure checkout.  You will be sent an email within 24 hours of purchase.  The email will contain: Links to the eight recorded classes;  Ebook PDF, and Chakra Balancing Cards PDF.

Sensitive Soul Empowerment Program (8 pre-recorded classes, Ebook, and printable cards):

Purchase:   $100

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