Spiritual Life Coaching Retreats

Offers a half, full-day, overnight, or weekend experience of personalized, in-person spiritual mentoring for an individual, couple/friends or small group. Retreats feature a variety of tools and experiences, including intuitive guidance, coaching, nature experiences, and energy work.

What to Expect

For this experience, you will choose the length of your stay (half day, full day, one night or weekend) and the number of participants. During our time together, we will explore what your goals are; get guidance on how best to support you, and explore different healing techniques and experiences to empower you with this goal. You may experience during your retreat some or all of the following:

  • meditation
  • energy healing
  • intuitive guidance
  • energy balancing
  • working with energy vortexes
  • connecting with plants/trees
  • learning how to connect more deeply to your own intuition
  • learning energy techniques and tools
  • working with oracle cards
  • gentle stretching
  • yoga
  • foot exercises to improve grounding
  • Reiki
  • working with crystals
  • hiking

Meals or snacks will be provided (half day – snacks; full day – lunch and snacks; overnight – breakfast, lunch and dinner; weekend – two breakfasts, one lunch and one dinner)

Where are Retreats Held

We offer different locations for retreat experiences.

Winter 2019 retreats will be held in Hinckley, Ohio at a private residence on ten acres of land. For those interested in an overnight experience, we have three guest rooms available and an office that can have a cot or blow up mattress.

living room      

Love Exchange

Private Mentoring Retreat (one person) – $200/half day (three hours) or $400/day (six hours); Additional $100/night for food and overnight accommodations (half day includes snacks, full day includes lunch, weekend includes four meals (two breakfast, one lunch and one dinner)

Couple or Loved One Mentoring Retreat (two people with common focus): half day $150/person or full day $250/person, Additional $75/night per person for overnight experiences

Small Group Weekend Retreat (Three or More Participants) – $300/person or  $200/person (day activities only without overnight accommodation (includes one lunch)

How to Participate

To inquire about openings for a retreat use the contact form below. I look forward to connecting with you!