Meet Our Coaches

Nancy Nicholas – Owner and Spirit Earth Coach

While I have always been drawn to the world of Spirit and nature, I had what I consider to be a spiritual awakening experience when I went through a divorce unexpectedly. This led to a blossoming of my intuitive abilities and my quest to learn how to care for my highly sensitive self. During that time period, I was working as a school teacher, and started training as a Reiki Master which led to my discovery of my gifts as an empath (which at first made me suspect I was going crazy!). This was just the beginning of a journey to discover my spiritual path, develop my gifts as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient (and all those other “clairs!”) and to learn calm and care for my overstimulated nervous system.

Over my life, my Spirit has called me to start a community outreach program to help those in need, to become a life/career/spiritual coach, to write two books, to leave my teaching job, to remarry and divorce, to learn many different energy techniques, to become a shamanic practitioner, to study earth living skills, and most recently to let go of my house and most of my possessions, so I could live a more simple, nature-centered, heart-guided life. I bring all of these experiences to my work as a Spiritual Life Coach.

I currently offer Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions, Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions, and teach classes and workshops all around the country with a primary home base in Ohio.

Ryan O’Toole – Spirit Earth Coach/Earth Living Skills Instructor

Ryan O’Toole is a Spirit Earth Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Earth Living Skills Instructor. Ryan spent most of his childhood in Colorado, roaming the forests, backpacking, rock climbing, and skiing. He participated in an Outdoor Leadership Program, taught skiing and rock climbing, and taught sixth graders in an Outdoor Education program.

Growing up dyslexic, Ryan struggled with anxiety and depression through most of his childhood. Working with Nancy, Ryan was able to heal from his childhood traumas and to follow the path of his own life passion of helping others reconnect to nature to live a more heart-guided, balanced life. He has learned from some of the best spiritual and earth living skills instructors in the country and is now excited to start sharing his gifts and training with others through his work at Spirit Earth.

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