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Meet Spiritual Life Coach Nancy Nicholas

I am happy to connect with you today! As with many others who are in the helping professions, my own struggles led me to this work. I have been empathic my whole life, but didn’t develop an understanding of what that meant for me and my life until my years as an elementary school teacher. While I loved the children and my co-workers, being in a school environment with so many people’s energies was extremely challenging for me. It led to me struggling with anxiety and overloaded adrenals for most of the eighteen years I worked in a school. During that time, I also had my son, also highly sensitive and empathic, and quickly became enmeshed in his energies. I also went through a difficult divorce. All of this was a recipe for complete nervous system overload, which sent me on a quest to learn how to take care of myself so that I could survive these tumultuous times and create a future for myself where anxiety would not define my life.

I am very grateful for all the amazing healers and teachers I encountered on this quest. They taught me about my energy system and helped me understand what it meant to be an empathic, intuitive, spiritually evolving being. I also am very grateful for nature. Without all my frequent walks and times sitting by trees, I doubt I would have made it through that period of time. Nature really did heal me. It restored me enough so that I could learn how to empower myself.

Eventually, I was trained as a life coach, further developed my intuitive abilities, and became certified as a Reiki Master which gave me a way to continue teaching without having to be in such a highly charged environment. While being self-employed helped immensely, I found that I was still having a hard time staying grounded and keeping balanced. This led to a greater expansion of my understanding of my own energy system and an accumulation of a wide variety of techniques to help me.

Now, I am blessed to share my gifts with others through teaching about all I have learned and am learning. I am deeply grateful for my own coach and life partner, Ryan O’Toole, whose deep wisdom and gift for seeing to the heart of things has led to even more powerful tools for spiritual growth. His passion for earth living skills brings a deep richness to my life and my work. I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Nancy’s Credentials

  • Certified Spiritual/Life/Career Coach
  • Empath/Intuitive
  • Reiki Master/Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Shamanic and Earth Living Skills Practitioner
  • Author

What People Are Saying

I had my first ever coaching session with Nancy when I was 18. It was my summer going into college. I was so unsure of what I wanted to study and my parents were pressuring me to study something in the medical field which was of zero interest to me. The insight and tools she provided that day were something I carried with me all four years of school. Fast forward to present day, I’m 29 — I’ve worked at a Fortune 500 company, multiple startups and now have my own business. Her ability to click right into where you are and give you divine + practical steps is something I’ve never experienced from anyone else doing this kind of work. She changed my life, and actually saved it. I have endless appreciation for Nancy and her gifts. Highly recommend her coaching from all angles — personal, professional, relationships, spiritual growth. She does it all and incredibly lovingly.

-Paige Koteles, PaigeOne

I have been working with Nancy for several years. Her work just keeps getting better and better! She is always teaching and sharing great tools/techniques that help me empower myself when I’m feeling frozen and stuck by fears and life situations. Thanks to her coaching I am able to see a pathway towards some new adventures in my life and have the courage to move towards it. The tools she has shared are helping me every step of the way to create the thriving life I want. I highly recommend her services no matter where one is on their healing journey. 

-Heather Leporati 

Nancy has been a royal gem in my life!! Her incredibly gifted style of blending a wide variety of ancient and modern healing tools, techniques and strategies, along with her own unique spiritual/intuitive gifts, have empowered me, giving me hope, courage, guidance, clarity and deep personal self-awareness through so many personal and professional challenges.  She has helped me with grief, teen strife, family challenges, career guidance and so many other issues. As a highly sensitive, empathic person, I feel and process on a very deep level, which means my nervous system can “short circuit” quite easily. Nancy has an incredible gift of compassion, and trust building, always making me feel safe, listened to and heard at a very deep, soulful level.   After working with Nancy, through personal and group sessions, and taking her classes, I have learned to see and view my deep sensitivity as a gift and not a curse. It takes a village to get through earth school.  Nancy’s coaching and classes can help with any and all of life’s challenges.  I am so grateful to Nancy for being such an important part of my healing growth and ongoing journey.

– Buddy Ross