A Message for 2012: The Year of the Butterfly

I asked Spirit for something to share with all of you as we bring 2011 to an end and wait for the arrival of 2012.  I found myself writing the message below and despite the fact that the calendar says the New Year begins on January 1, I feel it needed to be shared todayContinue reading “A Message for 2012: The Year of the Butterfly”

Rising Above Fear

I just finished listening to a recorded call with Joel Bruce Wallach (spiritual energy researcher, teacher, and inventor of the Powerforms plates) on how to raise your vibration to shift your perception and gently clear blocks.  He provides a very simple and powerful tool that can be used with a variety of situations.  There areContinue reading “Rising Above Fear”

Doreen Virtue and Personal Power

I had an amazing day yesterday!  I went to the Journey Expo in Kirtland, Ohio and attended a talk by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  I actually got to meet her!  For those of you unfamiliar with Doreen, she is a bestselling author who publishes through Hay House.  She works with the Angelic Realm and is theContinue reading “Doreen Virtue and Personal Power”

Live from the Heart

Each day of our lives we walk around with a collection of perspectives or archetypes that make up our personality.  Carol Pearson Ph.D., author of Awakening the Heroes Within:  Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World, discusses these twelve archetypes that make up our psyche.  The first two are the innocentContinue reading “Live from the Heart”

Receiving Grace during Ascension

Are you feeling all the vibrational shifting going on? I know I am! Energetically, emotionally, and physically, it can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. Since I know I’m not alone in this (I’ve been hearing the same story from so many others), I thought we could all use some additional suggestions on receiving grace duringContinue reading “Receiving Grace during Ascension”

Tough Times Bearing Gifts?

The last few days have been one of those times when I felt that if I heard one more bit of bad news, I’d start smashing dishes.  Being a compassionate person who always wants to help is somewhat torturous when it seems like so many people are suffering.  I sat down and did a readingContinue reading “Tough Times Bearing Gifts?”

A Divinely Guided Message To Empower You

Good Morning!  I’ve asked for a Divinely inspired message for you today (on whatever day you happen to read this!) and this is what I was shown.  DIVINELY GUIDED VISION (as shown to Nancy Nicholas)… I am sitting beside an unusual tree. Its bark is soft and reddish in color.  I am reminded of a CedarContinue reading “A Divinely Guided Message To Empower You”

The Power of Love: Make 2009 a Great Year!

Every year, I complete an exercise that Life Coach and author, Cheryl Richardson, sends out.  It asks you a series of questions in April and then asks you to reflect on them at the end of the year.  One of the questions is “What advice would you give yourself?  This year, when I started toContinue reading “The Power of Love: Make 2009 a Great Year!”

Spiritual Ascension and Tough Times

In the last month, I have heard more tales of illness, job loss, and fear than I have heard at any time in my life.  I realize that I’m highly sensitive and therefore feel things more intensely, but I’m guessing everyone is feeling the brunt of this period of transition.  I’ve asked for some guidance on allContinue reading “Spiritual Ascension and Tough Times”

How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been

Below is an article I had published in the Journey Magazine this year.  Included is an activity to help you integrate who you have been into who you are today.  I hope you find it helpful!  🙂 Nancy How Roots Become Branches by Nancy Nicholas “Only another breath will I breathe in this still air, onlyContinue reading “How Roots Become Branches: Tips for Exploring the Gifts of Who You Have Been”