Insights from the Retreat – How to Manifest from Love

I have been practicing manifesting from love, instead of taking action based on fears.  Last Saturday was the Sacred Circles Spring Retreat.  The retreat went really smoothly and brought together a great group of people at the perfect time to have a transformational experience.  This was a wonderful confirmation for me, as my intention wasContinue reading “Insights from the Retreat – How to Manifest from Love”

Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014

Last weekend, I went on an adventure with some of my Raise Your Vibration participant Soul Friends.  We went to see the Hopewell Mounds, the Serpent Mound, and to Hocking Hills State Park.  It was a transformative experience on many levels!   Below are some of the insights I gained from the trip.  I hopeContinue reading “Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014”

Manifesting with the “Divine Idea”

I have been reading a really interesting book called The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn.  It is filled with wonderful affirmations and I found myself experimenting with one this week, so I thought I would share.  One of the things I find challenging with the Law of Attraction concepts is deciding what it is IContinue reading “Manifesting with the “Divine Idea””

Trusting the Inner Child

I went for a polarity therapy session with my dear friend Polly last week.  I work with Polly once a month and it is always an empowering experience.  This last session led to an understanding about my inner child which was truly mind-blowing.  Instead of the vulnerable, sweet, needy child-self that I have thought belongedContinue reading “Trusting the Inner Child”

How to Raise Your Vibration this winter season!

Last night, I hosted a call with my dear friend and mentor, Jaap Van Etten.  It was part of my Raise Your Vibration-Become Divinely You Program.  As I was thinking about the call this morning, I went back to my first career of teaching.  I taught elementary school for eighteen years.  One of the techniquesContinue reading “How to Raise Your Vibration this winter season!”

Create Your Own Yoga Mudras to Empower!

Are you ready to move from fear to love?  I wanted to share a technique that I am finding enormously helpful.  One of my favorite types of energy therapy is something called Jin Shin Jyutsu.  It is often compared to acupuncture without the needles.  This Japanese developed system helps to connect the energy lines ofContinue reading “Create Your Own Yoga Mudras to Empower!”

Reflections on our Earth Sanctuary Journey with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D

I just wanted to share some reflections on the amazing weekend events that culminated our Earth Sanctuary program.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I had a life-changing experience out on the red rocks of Sedona in October 2012.  My dear friend, Laurie Price, and I went on a vortex tour with Jaap VanContinue reading “Reflections on our Earth Sanctuary Journey with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D”

Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!

I have a confession to make – I love animated films. My husband has accepted that watching something rated beyond PG with me means I’ll spend most of the time hiding my eyes. He broke down and went to see the new movie, The Croods with me over the weekend. What a wonderful movie (evenContinue reading “Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!”

A Metaphor-the Soul and the Ego

I saw a wonderful metaphor for the interplay of the Soul and Ego the other day as I was sharing some of my spiritual insights from my vacation week with a friend. The image I saw was of a deep, powerful river. The water was flowing strong and steady, but on the surface the windContinue reading “A Metaphor-the Soul and the Ego”

Easter and the Hero’s Journey

Thirteen years ago on Easter I spent the whole day in the woods. The night before, I had found myself facing the implosion of my marriage and the life I’d lived to that point. In shock and anxious, I did what I have done all my life, I went home to Mother Earth. That EasterContinue reading “Easter and the Hero’s Journey”