Persistence – Changing Our World Through Changing Our Beliefs

I used Ted Andrew’s oracle card deck, The Nature-Speak Oracle for this week’s Crossroads Coaching Soul Friends Members weekly reading.  The first card that fell out was Dandelion with a keynote of  “Persist in Pursuits.”   Here is part of the message, “This tenacious plant reminds us to persist. Don’t give up just because othersContinue reading “Persistence – Changing Our World Through Changing Our Beliefs”

Migration – Moving Into Our New Story

As I’ve mentioned, I absolutely love spring! There is something so uplifting in the birds singing, green things pushing up through the earth, and the realization that warmer days are ahead.  Despite the snow, I can feel a change in the air.  Spring really is going to come to Ohio after all! In honor ofContinue reading “Migration – Moving Into Our New Story”

Animal Wisdom For Your Day! (Whatever Day You Come Upon It!)

I felt called to pull one of the Native American Medicine Cards for us all (Jamie Sams and David Carson) and the card that fell out is Blue Heron. Here is the message… “Self-Reflection:  Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and facing its challenges. It is the ability toContinue reading “Animal Wisdom For Your Day! (Whatever Day You Come Upon It!)”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Clearing

 It felt like a good day to take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico and let the salty water wash away whatever we are ready to let go of!   How to Work with the Image to Support the Process • Take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes and breathe in andContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Clearing”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Coming Home

I am back home from Sedona! We had a really transformational time yet again. For many of us, the retreat was all about “coming home” – not just to this place that feels like home or even to the group of people who have become like family, but having the experience of coming home toContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Coming Home”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation- Breaking Through

Happy September!   We are moving into a new season this month and many ways I feel this is a metaphor for where we are going within ourselves.  Walls seem to be crumbling around structures and perceptions.  Suddenly, it feels like there is a huge push to just be who we are!  It sounds simpleContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation- Breaking Through”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Tranquility with the Irish Sea

I just got back from a two-week trip to Northern Ireland with my family. My parents took the whole clan to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (congrats Mom and Dad!). This was the view from the place we stayed on the Irish Sea in Carnlough. Ireland was very lovely, but this was one of myContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Tranquility with the Irish Sea”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Uncover the True Self

I uncover my true self and connect to my power and wisdom with ease. This photo was taken at Hopewell Monument National Park.  I spent some time on the ground on the other side of the large mound in the center of the photo.  It has amazing energy!  The sycamore really stood out too.  InContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Uncover the True Self”

Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014

Last weekend, I went on an adventure with some of my Raise Your Vibration participant Soul Friends.  We went to see the Hopewell Mounds, the Serpent Mound, and to Hocking Hills State Park.  It was a transformative experience on many levels!   Below are some of the insights I gained from the trip.  I hopeContinue reading “Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014”

Celebrate Spring! – Grow Your Gifts Meditation

It is snowing outside, but the birds seem to think spring is still coming.  I thought this would be a good day to focus on celebrating spring by visualizing what we would like to experience this season (beginning with NO SNOW!).  Spring is a great time to create new things and explore new opportunities.  AsContinue reading “Celebrate Spring! – Grow Your Gifts Meditation”