What is Your True Nature?

Saturday night, I saw an image of a salmon jumping out of the water as it struggled to swim upstream. I could feel how it was fighting to keep going and also the part that wanted to just give in and just let the river win.  It almost felt as if the salmon was jumpingContinue reading “What is Your True Nature?”

Frustration Busters for July

At the beginning of the month, I did an empowerment call for my Soul Friends Community and the message that came through was that this was a month of yin energy.  The image was of soothing waters, cool breezes, and lush growing things.  I heard that we are all a bit “dried out” from sandblastingContinue reading “Frustration Busters for July”

Taking Ownership: Discover Your True Essence (And Release the Rest)

If you were a house, what would you be like?  According to some dream experts, dreaming about a house often means that we are dreaming about ourselves.  The condition of the house indicates the state of our own inner world.  I’ve had a series of recurring dreams about a house.  Each time, the house feelsContinue reading “Taking Ownership: Discover Your True Essence (And Release the Rest)”

Staying Healthy!

Have you been catching all the great tips to stay healthy posted by Naturopath/Wellness Coach, Buddy Ann Ross?  They’re great!  Also, don’t miss the Empowerment Call coming up on 2/26/2012 on Immaculate Immunity, she’s leading.  It’s going to be awesome! Everyone in my house has caught the cough/sinus illness that has been going around, butContinue reading “Staying Healthy!”

Holiday Giving Without the Hangover

I just LOVE giving gifts at Christmas!  It is such fun to find the perfect gift or to help someone else who is less fortunate.  Nothing brings more joy or satisfaction. This year, my desire to give is being frustrated by a series of unexpected very costly expenses.  In the span of a month, we’veContinue reading “Holiday Giving Without the Hangover”