New Spirit Earth 30 Day Challenge!

I am so excited to start our new 30 Day challenge and I thought you might like to join in, too! Do you ever find yourself swallowing your words or repressing your feelings? Does your neck or jaw get tight? Do you get headaches or tired eyes? I know I do! The throat is theContinue reading “New Spirit Earth 30 Day Challenge!”

Panic to Empowerment – Tips to Stay Out of Fear

I decided to post this week’s newsletter from my email list on the website, as I know anxiety and panic are something that a lot of people struggle with. Hope you find it helpful! Last week, panic attacks were the theme with three different people in a span of 24 hours! This took me backContinue reading “Panic to Empowerment – Tips to Stay Out of Fear”

Clear Limiting Beliefs About Relationships

Have you found your relationships shifting lately?  As a species, we are all evolving and going through big transformations.  Since we are all doing this at some level or other, our connections with others are changing as well.  This can feel very uncomfortable, sad, or scary.  The good news is that while our outer relationshipsContinue reading “Clear Limiting Beliefs About Relationships”

Branching Out (An introvert’s call to come out from under the bed!)

Have you ever felt like the Universe was pushing you to branch out?  Well, I am feeling it right now. Along with the family changes with my son moving out-of-state, my parents buying a condo in Florida and my husband and I adopting a new puppy, there has also been a push to move inContinue reading “Branching Out (An introvert’s call to come out from under the bed!)”

Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Coming Home

I am back home from Sedona! We had a really transformational time yet again. For many of us, the retreat was all about “coming home” – not just to this place that feels like home or even to the group of people who have become like family, but having the experience of coming home toContinue reading “Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Coming Home”

Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014

Last weekend, I went on an adventure with some of my Raise Your Vibration participant Soul Friends.  We went to see the Hopewell Mounds, the Serpent Mound, and to Hocking Hills State Park.  It was a transformative experience on many levels!   Below are some of the insights I gained from the trip.  I hopeContinue reading “Reflections on my Spiritual Retreat April 2014”

Reflections on our Earth Sanctuary Journey with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D

I just wanted to share some reflections on the amazing weekend events that culminated our Earth Sanctuary program.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I had a life-changing experience out on the red rocks of Sedona in October 2012.  My dear friend, Laurie Price, and I went on a vortex tour with Jaap VanContinue reading “Reflections on our Earth Sanctuary Journey with Jaap Van Etten Ph.D”

Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!

Happy New Year! Below is a Morning Musing that came through when I asked for guidance about 2013.  I believe we will be “feeling” our way through 2013, instead of “thinking.”  In doing this, we will be learning how to come into harmonic resonance with our true natures, with the Divine and with the Earth. Continue reading “Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!”

Age of Light: Techniques to Transition with Ease!

All year we’ve been hearing about the new energies coming in and the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012.  All range of theories have been discussed about exactly what that will mean for us as a species.  What I’ve been told intuitively is that an energetic change is occurring that will allow us toContinue reading “Age of Light: Techniques to Transition with Ease!”