Wisdom of the HoneyPot Ant

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One of the processes of the quest is to learn how to teach what we are learning about living a joyful life. We have been building a class series to share our learnings and to inspire others to take the quest, In the process, we have come up against the ideas or fears we have in our own foundations that inhibit our ability to stay coming from love. To help us, we used a totem pole spread from a book called Animal Totem Tarot Cards by Lizza Robertson. We decided to start with the first card of the totem card reading which represents the earth that you are planting your dreams in. The card that fell out for me was the Hanged Man with the animal of the HoneyPot Ant. Having some previous experience with the tarot deck, I was less than thrilled about the card that fell out for me. The Hanged Man in traditional decks is all about a man hanging by his feet unable to move. It is a “let go, let God” card that is all about surrender. Being someone that enjoys being able to act, that is always a card that I have dreaded and here it is as the foundation of my joyful life! With some intuitive insights from Jacob and Ryan, some deeper insights into the animal totem connected to the card, and some of my own intuitive guidance, I have come to realize, though, that it is actually the perfect card for me. The HoneyPot ant is an ant who is stuffed with nectar and other food substances and then it spends its life regurgitating the food to the members of the ant family, so they always have food, even in the harsh desert. At first, this seems a card of sacrifice, but as I started to connect deeper, I realized it is actually a gift. The ant that fills this role always has enough food. It is literally filled to overflowing with nectar and sweetness. That excess is then shared with the other members of the ant colony. It is also the ultimate card of allowing the Divine to work through you. It calls for a deep, heart-centered devotion and faith in the Creator and a willingness to let the Divine lead. It also calls for a position that places your heart above your head. For me, this is the ultimate gift. I have a strong mind that is used to leading. This card is saying at my foundation, my heart is the one that leads and I have found that is the only way to truly experience the joy I am seeking.

Try It

What is the earth you are planting your joyful life in? Are you comfortable with what you have chosen to come from in your experiences? Today, ask to connect to the animal energy that is the best one for you to build off of in your joyful journey (and if you are interested in some help, call us to schedule a reading!). Connect to the animal’s energy and let it support you in the creation of your day and your life.

Connect with Nature

One way to be still and find the essence that you need at your core is to be in nature. Below is a photo from Rialto Beach in Washington. Connect with the flow of the tides and let the wind blow in some fresh perspective into your experience.

20160719-Honey Pot Ant

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Feel Good Thoughts

Here’s a post I posted recently on Spirit Earth.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

One of the challenges to living a joyful life is keeping your thoughts positive. So often, the mind, which is trained to look for things to worry about keeps pointing out anything that might be a potential danger. That makes it tough to stay in a joyful frame of mind! A few days ago, we saw a quote from Abraham Hicks. Essentially, the message was to choose the thoughts that feel good – to make that your top priority. I started thinking about that and pondering how it could help with our quest. What came to me was the realization that our bodies always know when we are lined up with what resonates with our highest good. When we think things that are negative or untrue, our physical system reacts with tightness or discomfort. Using this information, I decided to “test out” some different thoughts until I found the ones that my system opened up to. The results were astounding! My energy shifted drastically and I found my heart wide open when I stuck to the thoughts that were in resonance with my system. The next step was continuing to reaffirm them, even if it looked like on the surface they weren’t true. Even though, I’ve just started the process, I feel confident that this is a great tool to help us start living from love not fear. I’ve put out the intention to have my thoughts match what is true and resonates with my being. That way I can stay in a state of love and the joy will flow!

Feel Good Thoughts

Peace Begins with Choice

There has been a lot of frustrations brewing in the world lately. The political climate along with more violent occurrences in the news has been challenging everyone to stay in a positive mindset. So how does one stay committed to coming from love when it seems there is so much anger and fear going on in the outer world? That is a question we explored with a client recently and we felt what came through might be helpful for others. For us, we are doing our best to keep our eyes on the natural world and look for guidance there. The bald eagle has been coming up in card readings and we actually saw one fly over as we were working on this entry. The bald eagle represents the ability to fly high above what is going on below. It sees the big picture and only dives to the earth when it has a specific aim in mind. As you fly over your own life, look for the peace, joy and abundance you are seeking. Choose to fly towards that over getting pulled into the whirlpool of fear and negativity. What to do when those around you are caught in the fear and want to pull you in too? Be courageous enough to acknowledge their fears and then redirect to a more peaceful topic. So often, we get pulled into verbally rehashing and worrying at the things that frighten us to no effect. Ask yourself, “Is there some positive action or insight that can come from this discussion?” If not, be willing to politely excuse yourself from it if you are unable to shift the focus to a topic that is more able to uplift and empower. Fear breeds fear. Our job right now is to keep focusing on love, so that is what grows in our world. We are the co-creators of our reality. What frightens us in the outer world is what is being reflected from within ourselves. Where are you not loving, respecting and supporting yourself? Where are your boundaries not being respected or where are you ignoring your needs? Be kind, be loving, and keep your eyes on the big picture. Chaos is sometimes needed to bring change and with that change new growth can happen. Choose that the new growth be that of love and peace. Don’t fight the darkness in yourself or the world around you. Send love to it instead. That is the only way it can truly be transformed.

Try It

Make a list of things you love to discuss. What good books have you read lately? What favorite recipe have you tried? What interesting experience have you had or beautiful place you would love to visit? Make a list of topics that uplift you and keep them handy. As the fears start kicking up around you, try shifting to one of your favorite topics. By helping to get others interested in something else, you are doing your part to spread the love.

Nature Inspiration

We recently spent a day at a beach in the state of Washington. The tide pools were teeming with life. Here is a photo to help you connect with the fascinating world of nature.


Self Respect

Here’s a post I posted recently on Spirit Earth.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

We have been continuing the process of excavating those things in ourselves that are at odds with coming from the heart in our decision making. Astrologically, the energies of the month are offering a lot of opportunity to help with this. Ryan described it as having buried shrapnel in our psyches and having a big magnet going over the top of us to pull it out. Not always the most comfortable process, but in the end we will be glad for the clearing. One of the gifts of this process has been recognizing the role of self-respect in living a heart-centered life. It isn’t always easy to follow the path of the heart, especially when it seems to be going against a more logical course. That is where self-respect becomes crucial. Focusing on your own feelings about your choices and always checking to see if you can respect yourself taking this path really helps to soothe some of the unease. Joyful living isn’t something that is all that common and there is a reason for it. We have a lot of fear-based systems that keep us checking over and over again for what might be going wrong. Building a strong basis of self-trust and respect can help to navigate the moments when it is tempting to fall back into fear.

Try It

Today, start your morning off by having a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Praise yourself for all that you have been doing to step away from fear and come from love. Notice all that you have done well and even give encouragement for the places where you may have fell short. Finish with the statement, “I love, honor and respect myself. I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming!” If you start to feel the fear kicking in again, ask yourself what could you do in that moment that you would respect? Do that!

Nature Inspiration

Here is a photo from a beach along the Oregon coast. While it is a beautiful place, the wind gusts and blowing sand can make it tough to enjoy. Imagine yourself there, but build in a bubble of protection that is created by your love and respect for yourself. Keep that around you all day!


Slow Down

Here’s a post from Spirit Earth from when I was in Mammoth Lakes, California.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

We have been using the Fool Oracle card deck by Sonia Choquette. One of the cards is called the “Breathless Fool” which was very fitting for me today. Sometimes, I get very revved up and start talking a mile a minute. This usually leads to me getting ungrounded and starting to worry needlessly. Thankfully, Ryan has the patience of a saint and he always manages to get me back to slowing down and looking at things more objectively. This led to the recognition that this is a common situation in our world. Usually, when things get stressful we start moving faster and the faster we move, the more stressed we get. By slowing down and being still, we allow our systems to settle so we can be more objective about what is happening. Just that can sometimes clear the problem. If there is still stressful things to deal with, by slowing down and settling the nervous system, we are better able to manage them.

Try It

Today, if you are feeling anxious or stressed, start moving very slowly or get very still. Give your full attention to the physical tasks in front of you. Put your vision as your primary focus, observing what is going on in your immediate environment. You can also start naming the things around you since usually we are stressed by something in the future, something we are thinking about or something in the past. When we breathe deeply, move slowly, the body will be convinced that the crisis is over and your system will settle.

Nature Observation

Here is a photo from a small pond at Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was very quiet and peaceful in this place. Allow yourself to soak up its stillness and come back to a place of peace.


Inspiration for Your Day (Whatever Day You Come Upon It!)

Vision:  I see a starfish in the sand. It is pushing up with all five legs and moving back towards the water, but the tide keeps receding and it grows tired. It pushes up and walks a little farther, but each time it gets drier and it is harder to move. Exhausted it gives up and watches the water disappearing. Suddenly, a seagull swoops in and grabs the starfish, flying quickly out over the sea. With one last gasp of effort, the starfish wiggles for all it is worth and drops down into the cool water of the sea.

Message:  I have been hearing about many people going through intense struggles right now. The masculine paradigm is shifting, calling us all to redefine what it means to take action in the world. This pressure makes it difficult for those who lives are built on the old way of doing things. We are moving to a time when we can choose to be finished with the hammer or nail world and move into one where love not fear dominates. To do this though, we have to not give up. Miracles can come from unknown sources and things can shift in an instant. Believe that you can reach a new world, that you can create it, and you will! The power is and has always been in our own hands. It is up to us to choose to see what that power really looks like. It isn’t about dominating others or making sure we are never the “nail” for others. It is about choosing to set intentions to create a life about love and letting that love bring to us all that we need to bring our dreams to life.

Inspirational MessageIntention:  Today, set the intention to draw to you that helping hand you need to get into a more peaceful space. Be open to letting that help come from unexpected sources, even if it at first looks like something that is worse instead of better!

Affirmation:  Life loves me and I am always supported as I move into my highest good now and always.

Joyful Living Depends On Joy-Filled Beliefs


By Nancy Nicholas

I read a great book by Greg Kuhn called Why Quantum Physicists Can Not Fail.  In it, he shared some basic concepts based on quantum physics.  What I got from this book was confirmation of something I have always believed in.  He shared how our belief system is effecting and creating the reality of our experiences.  With this concept in mind, I feel it is very important to be conscious of what we are choosing to believe in.  One of my core beliefs is that there is a higher power and that I am guided by spiritual beings who are teaching me how to live from love.  I call these beings my Spiritual Support Team. They are the Angels and Spirit Guides who are here to love and support me through this physical experience I’m having.  As the years have gone by, I’ve come to know them quite well and depend on them.  They have always taken care of me and I trust them completely. Life has truly been magical with them at my side!  That foundational belief is something that has charted the course of my life.

Click here to read more and learn a technique for you to start to connect with your Spiritual Support Team.

Loving Relationships

pumpkin pieThanksgiving is here in the United States and Christmas is right around the corner.  While this can be a joyous time of year, it can also be challenging.  This year, we also have a full moon in Gemini on the day before Thanksgiving which can amp up the emotions.  That is why I thought it might be helpful to share a new technique for getting yourself in a state of love before heading into family gatherings.

The process below can help you reconnect with a loved one.  You can do this on your own or if the other person is interested, you can go through the process together.  Here are the steps:

Steps to Strengthen the Bond

Physical Focus:  What are your top five favorite memories of physical activities or experiences you have had with this person?  You might remember a favorite trip, nature walks, or any other joyous interacting you have experienced.

Emotional Focus:  What are your top five favorite memories of emotional bonding with the person?  Gary Chapman identifies five different love languages – Touch, Words of Appreciation, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, and Quality Time.  Consider these different categories to find your favorite top five.

Spiritual Focus:  What are your top five favorite spiritual experiences with this person?  Remember, this doesn’t have to be religious (though it can be).  Any experience where you felt inspired and uplifted fits here.

Gratitude:  What are five reasons you are grateful for this person in your life?  You can add more to this list if you are struggling to feel close.  The more you can come up with and really let yourself feel, the easier it will be to feel close again.

This process works best if you let yourself fully remember the experience rather than just make a list.  You could even use this process with prior holidays focusing on the family gatherings as a whole!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

With much love and gratitude,


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Quick Tips to Stay Positive

cadillac mountain 2How are you doing this month?  I personally wasn’t very excited when I saw the Power Path blog listing this month’s theme as “Pressure.”  Not a word that makes me feel relaxed and peaceful – how about you?  While the concept for the November forecast is more on recognizing things which we have outgrown and moving into bigger containers for new growth, the process of doing that can be tough!  The key is be willing to stay in the present moment and let things evolve without trying to control them.  As this isn’t always easy to do when we are in the middle of change, I have been using a simple technique I thought I’d pass on to all of you.

Instead of focusing on what is causing you stress, instead start a “Top Five” list.  Here are some topics you can try (or come up with your own): 

  • Five things you are grateful for.
  • Five things that make you laugh.
  • Five things that you love about yourself.
  • Five things that you love about your life.
  • Five things that make you curious.
  • Five things that are silly.
  • Five things you would love to do.
  • Five things you love about someone you care about.
  • Five reasons you deserve to be happy, loved, and supported.
  • Five ideas that inspire you.
  • Five people you adore.
  • Five places you love.

You can expand it to 10 or 20 items if you have more time (or need more help staying positive).  If you want to increase the benefits while also balancing your energetic system, try holding your fingers one at a time as you list each item, adding in 2-3 deep breaths before moving on to the next topic.  The fingers connect to our meridians and energy pathways so holding them is a great way to restore your whole system to balance.

Another tip is to do this with a friend.  For example, share five things you love about your friend and then have them do the same for you.  This is a great way to see yourself with new eyes and become aware of some of your positive qualities you may have overlooked.

Finally, let’s all set the intention to let go and trust the flow of life. That way we can avoid feeling the pressure altogether!

Sending lots of love your way!


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Letting the Spiritual Viewpoint Lead

A photo from my recent trip to Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods
A photo from my recent trip to Colorado Springs – Garden of the Gods

Have you ever experienced a time when your heart says one thing but your head says something else?  Do you listen to your head or your heart?

While we have all seen the benefits of following our hearts, sometimes it is a hard thing to do.  We look at what is happening around us and our mind urges us to take action and do something so we stay safe and don’t get hurt.  This last week, I had one of those times when I ignored what my heart was saying and reacted to what was happening on the surface.  I started to create a story in my head to explain the outer circumstances – a story that made me feel worse not better – and soon had myself completely stressed out! When the dust finally settled and I found out what had really been going on, I discovered that all my worry had been over nothing at all!

I’m guessing most of you have had something like that happen to you too. The mind would rather make something up to believe in rather than sit in “I don’t know.”  To save us all future drama, I vote we start letting a different part lead us.  Instead of letting our intellect determine what is going on, let’s start listening to our spiritual center – our heart.

So what does that mean exactly?  For me, it means that I need to start pausing before reacting emotionally to what is happening in my world.  I need to check in with my higher self – with my heart – and ask to be shown what is happening from a spiritual point of view.  From this vantage point, I can then choose how to respond and know that the response will be coming from a much more peaceful and balanced space.

Below are a few suggestions on how you can connect to your heart’s wisdom and see from this spiritual point of view:

Be curious:  I’ve found that if I look at what is going on from a curious point of view instead of a frightened viewpoint, I am able to detach more from what is happening.  Imagine you are a scientist collecting information about the subject at hand.  What details are you noticing? What subtleties are being overlooked?

Take three deep breaths and ask for Guidance.  Pausing before we react gives time for us to process all of what we are experiencing.  As we take three deep breaths and ask for Spiritual Input, we create a distance between ourselves and what is happening. This space can give us the detachment we need to see through the eyes of our heart into the true picture.

Pay attention to your body.  I have noticed when I start to believe something that isn’t true, my body becomes tense.  If the energy isn’t flowing in your system, it is a clear message from the deeper part of yourself that something which is occurring isn’t coming from love and truth.  Even if you don’t know exactly what is false, trust that you don’t have a clear picture if your body is reacting adversely.

Laugh and/or smile.  When we laugh and smile, it sends a message to our system that we are safe and well.  Even if we aren’t feeling that way in the  moment, moving our focus to the state of joy brings us in touch with our heart.  After a few moments of laughing, then ask your Angels to help you see the truth of what is going on from that higher viewpoint.  From this lighter space, you may find the circumstances look much different.

Trust and have faith.  Having faith in the Divine and our Spiritual Support Team is really easy when things are going well.  It is when things seem to be heading in a direction we don’t like that it is more difficult to keep the faith.  Try asking yourself if you are choosing from love or fear. Also, remind yourself of your overall intention. Do you have an intention in place to be Divinely guided in all you think, say, and do?  Are you choosing to create a life you love?  If so, then know that what is going on must be part of what you are experiencing.  Trust.  Believe that you are loved and supported.  Watch for the signs that miracles are unfolding for you.

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Sending love your way!


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