Receiving Grace during Ascension

Are you feeling all the vibrational shifting going on? I know I am! Energetically, emotionally, and physically, it can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. Since I know I’m not alone in this (I’ve been hearing the same story from so many others), I thought we could all use some additional suggestions on receiving grace during this transformation. After all, I firmly believe that for every challenge there is a solution. I’m ready to receive grace with this instead of suffering. How about you?

I asked for some Divine guidance on this topic. Turtles seem to be the theme…all different sizes and types. Let’s take a look at what turtles represent metaphorically…

From Native American Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson:

“In Native American teachings, Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet Earth. It is the personification of goddess energy, and the eternal Mother from which our lives evolve. We are born of the womb of Earth, and to her soil our bodies will return. In honoring the Earth, we are asked by Turtle to be mindful of the cycle of give and take, to give back to the Mother as she has given to us. Turtle has a shell which is similar to the protection of the Earth has employed for centuries as her body has been defiled. Mother Earth’s protection has come in the form of Earth changes, new plant growth, the creation of new land masses by volcanoes, and climate alterations. Like Turtle, you also have shields that protect you from hurt, envy, jealousy, and the unconsciousness of others. Turtle teaches you, through its habit patterns, how to use protection. If you are bothered by the actions or words of others, it is time to go inside yourself and honor your feelings. If you are attacked, it is time to give a warning snap.”

Okay, so let’s get into the practical application of this. I feel very strongly the “protection” described above would help tremendously with the energetic and emotional challenges of our time. So how do we activate this protection beyond honoring our feelings and speaking up when we need to?

I’m hearing we need to DEMAND it. Insist that we continuously have the protection we need to stay in a state of joy and well-being while we are on Earth. This isn’t about asking. It is about insisting that we will no longer tolerate being immersed in lower vibrating energies…insisting that we WILL be comfortable at all times and in all situations WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Our vibration needs to be high no matter what is going on around us.

This month, a few of the Sensitive Person Mentoring Clubs will be reaching the third chakra portion of the program. I am realizing how fitting this is with this topic. The Universe is on our side, but sometimes our fear keeps us from the good that the Universe wants for us. That’s why this has to be something that you commit to at a deep and guttural level. Feel it in your third chakra when you make it clear that you will no longer tolerate anything less than energetic comfort. We need to leave no room for wavering on this. No exceptions, means no exceptions.

When I first started doing readings for people, I had a session with a young man who was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, severe anxiety, and depression. I started the session and became so overwhelmed by what he was feeling that I was barely able to complete my job. I remember walking afterwards and having a very frank conversation with God. I made it clear and I meant it….this wasn’t just words…that I would no longer do this work if I could not do it with comfort and safety. I asked for a “spiritual epidural” to allow me to know what I needed to while working with someone without experiencing it as if it were my own. It worked. Why? Because I absolutely would accept nothing less.

I realized while writing this that it was time to make the same demand for my life outside of the coaching. What used to be tolerable is no longer. I did this earlier in the week, and it worked! Here’s a simple prayer you can use to make this change in your own life.

Begin with breathing deeply and slowly. Imagine yourself somewhere peaceful. Let yourself relax until you feel safe and centered. Ask for your Divine support team to be with you. Ask them to be present as you clearly set forth your intentions for yourself. Now, spend a moment really feeling the strength of your will. Feel your commitment to your own well-being and your intolerance for anything less than peace within. Feel the protective instinct that you have for your love ones rise forth for yourself. KNOW that you will protect and love yourself no matter what. Next, demand the protection you need. Commit yourself, knowing that if the protection cannot be provided in the situation you are in, that you will leave that situation. There can be no compromise. Either you are safe, comfortable, and able to function or you will remove yourself from it. Ask that this commitment be sealed in the Universe and that Spirit make it so.

Give it a try! Hang in there!


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Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies

250 year old oak tree at Ash Lawn-Highland in VA

I’ve found that there is nothing that makes me feel as powerless as a health issue. This spring, I seem to have developed some type of allergy and suddenly my favorite time of year is no longer so wonderful. Being outside and watching things bloom, feeling the warming sun, and enjoying the fresh air are things I enjoy more than any other. Yet this year, all I want to do is climb into bed with a good book and stay there until this goes away.

I know many people are suffering from allergies this year as the pollen and mold count are significantly higher than they have been in years. So how can we empower ourselves during times like this?

Well, I figured it was a good idea to get some Divine input on this and also to share some products that I’ve found very helpful. I hope they help you too! Hang in there…this too shall pass…

Raise your vibration. I’ve found that when I’m doing an empowerment reading, my allergy discomfort decreases. To raise your vibration, take a few moments to breathe deeply (at least as deeply as you can) and imagine yourself somewhere peaceful. The idea is to convince your body that you are in an environment that feels peaceful, healing, and delightful. Let yourself float in the ocean, climb a mountain, shop in a unique boutique, or stretch out on a warm rock in the middle of a river. As you sink into this experience, soak up the energetic healing that it brings.

Practice relaxation techniques. For those of you who are on my mailing list, you know I’m a HUGE fan of yoga mudras. I’ve used them to improve my health and mental well-being on many occasions. I love the books by Sabrina Mesko. Set the intention that you are asking for Divine healing and then flip to a mudra. Try another one if your time allows. These three minute yoga postures for the hands are amazingly healing and a great way to energetically combat that which ails you.

Ask for Divine support. Have you asked your Angels to make you feel better? Seems like a simple step, but I have to admit I don’t always remember it right away myself. So right now, try it. What can it hurt? Ask your Angels and spiritual helpers to bring Divine healing and freedom from discomfort. Ask them to guide you to the foods, medicines, or experiences that will free you from that which is causing you pain. Give it a try!

Accept what can’t be changed. I hate this one! I never find it easy to accept that sometimes you just don’t feel well (emotionally or physically). I’m always trying to figure out what is going on, why, and what I can do to fix it. One of the messages I received about my own physical struggles was to accept that it is a temporary experience brought on by changes occurring in my own system and in the world at large, which must occur at this time. Sometimes, life here on Earth brings suffering. I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m learning that when I can accept that suffering will give way to joy again soon, I suffer a lot less!

Listen to your body. I’m also getting a strong message to pay attention when you go to eat or drink. My inner child wants sweets and bread type products when I don’t feel well, but my body knows these things aren’t helping the situation right now. Lots of liquids, fruits and vegetables are better than white flour, sugar, and dairy products. Listen to what your system says instead of letting the part of you that wants to be comforted be completely in charge. That said it is also okay to give yourself a treat or two. After all, it is no fun not feeling well!

Forgive. If you are like me you may find yourself feeling very angry at yourself. After all, if all that Law of Attraction stuff is right, didn’t we just bring this misery on ourselves? I have been told intuitively again and again that it isn’t that simple. Each experience that we have here is the experience we need in that moment. That doesn’t mean that each experience is one we “want” to be having…it just means that it is what it is. Right now, today, my head hurts and my glands are swollen and I don’t like it. Right now, I accept that for some reason that I don’t understand, that is just how it has to be.

For those of you looking for some new products to try that might make you feel better, here is a few that I’m finding helpful:

Olbas Lozenges (Black Currant): Seriously considering investing in this company. These drops are very strong, but they clear my sinuses like nothing else. They also have Vitamin C and Eucalyptus to help you heal. They are good for coughs, sore throats, and sinus issues.

Olbas Inhaler: The package says “POWER to Breathe™” and they aren’t kidding! It does provide instant relief for colds, allergies, low humidity and hay fever. It is non habit forming and doesn’t cause drowsiness. Again, I love this product.

Ginger Tea: I found a recipe for this in a book called Kitchen Pharmacy. Essentially, you boil water and add a pinch of ginger powder, cinnamon, and cloves. Then add ½ T of lemon juice and honey (to taste). Breathing in the steam helps as much as drinking it!

Breathe Again Roll On: This product is from Young Living Essential Oil. I’ve used other products from them and found them to be very effective. I just ordered this for myself because I have another one of their roll on products that I really love. Hopefully, this will be as good as that is!

Emergen C Immune Support and Airborne: Both of these products are great at helping you boost your immune system which helps minimize the effects of allergies.

Energy/Body Work:  Intuitive healing through energy or body work can really help any ailment.  I had a wonderful Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Donna Tkachyk and Susan Barack yesterday that really helped my sinuses!  I also had a great Reiki/Massage with Debbie Kacic the other day which brought relief.  Check out the practitioners at Sanctuary at the Crossroads (my empowerment center) if you’d like to try this approach (or give me a call!).  They are all excellent!

Cave Therapy: Try visiting a cave!   The air quality and moisture in the air is wonderful for the sinuses!  Here’s a picture from my trip to Luray Caverns (Luray, VA) over Easter.  The bottom is a reflection of the ceiling.

Dream Lake in Luray Caverns

I hope these tips help you breathe easier!

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern. She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation. She also offers two mentoring programs and intuitive coaching products. Visit her website for a free Divine Purpose Survey and to learn more:

Tough Times Bearing Gifts?

The last few days have been one of those times when I felt that if I heard one more bit of bad news, I’d start smashing dishes.  Being a compassionate person who always wants to help is somewhat torturous when it seems like so many people are suffering.  I sat down and did a reading for myself which really helped.  Essentially, the reading was a reminder about exactly what I’m supposed to be doing here…and it isn’t carrying the world on my very small shoulders.  God’s are much bigger…

What also helped was my message from Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe this morning…

(If you aren’t signed up for Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe, you might want to check them out. They are really empowering and free!  The link to his website is:

“When something difficult or painful happens always look to see what it makes possible that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Like a new adventure, a closer friendship, or chocolate in your peanut butter.

Everything makes you better,
The Universe”

Made me stop and think about some of the things that are worrying me just in my own personal arena…

Good friend whose marriage is falling apart
Good friend whose mother is dying of cancer
Friend’s husband who lost his job
Levy failure and layoffs at my teaching job

So if I ask myself the question posed, what are these situations making possible that would not be possible without them?

Good friend whose marriage is falling apart

For Her:
-Time for her to nurture herself instead of just caring for everyone else
-A stronger feeling of God and her own spiritual nature
-A deeper friendship between us
-Improved health
For Me:
-Pushing me to remember that I am not here to carry other’s pain or shield them from it
-Letting God work through me instead of trying to solve it or make it better through my own resources
-Honoring my need to put boundaries up when things become to draining or overwhelming for me

Good friend whose mother is dying of cancer
-A chance to heal old wounds
-Deeper reliance on Spirit
-Opportunity to really love and nurture herself…almost an excuse to take time to give herself what she needs and to take the time to do it

For Me:
-To see how to survive and grow through something so painful as the loss of a parent
-To learn how to listen without trying to fix
-To lean more on God and let him work through me instead of trying to carry it on my own

Friend’s husband who lost his job
For Him:
-Push to go do what he’s always wanted to do and start his own business
For Me:
-A confirmation that good things do come out of bad

Levy failure and layoffs at my teaching job
For the School District:
-Open Communication about financial realities personally and in the school district
-A chance for the district to pull together and keep the school district strong even in challenging times
-Forcing a closer look at our intentions for the school system and our children as well as our own financial needs
-More compassion for those who are struggling both on staff and in the community

For Me:
-How to keep myself free of negative thoughts and living in a space of fear
-How to put up strong boundaries and keep my focus on the present moment
Having some challenging times yourself?

Maybe try the activity above with your own situation and see if it helps.  It has certainly helped me!

And remember…even if we can’t always see what the situation is making possible, it doesn’t mean that down the road it won’t become clearer.

Hang in there!

Enjoy the day!


Holiday Giving Without the Hangover

I just LOVE giving gifts at Christmas!  It is such fun to find the perfect gift or to help someone else who is less fortunate.  Nothing brings more joy or satisfaction.

This year, my desire to give is being frustrated by a series of unexpected very costly expenses.  In the span of a month, we’ve had to pay for the following:  a car door ($500), dental work ($200), college class ($400), dishwasher (haven’t got it yet but guessing it will be at least $600), and a new furnace ($2300).  Needless to say, this has put a damper on the holiday spending plans!

So, in case some of you are in my situation or worse, I thought it would be helpful to come up with some inexpensive ways to keep the joy of giving in the holidays without the painful hangover that can follow. I’d love to hear your ideas too!  Feel free to comment and share!

Holiday Giving Ideas


Have a skill you can share?  Why not barter for gift certificates or products for your loved ones?  While this probably won’t work at the major stores, it may with those in the service professions.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!


We all have things in our home that we bought and then didn’t use or were given but didn’t feel drawn to.  Those same things might be just what someone else would love to have.  Even gently used items can be a delight to someone else.  Do you have a favorite CD or book that you are through with?  Be creative and look at your possessions through new eyes.  I bet you’ll find some unexpected treasures to share!

Give Your Time

My third grade students often make coupon books to give their parents at Christmas.  What about the same idea for those you love?  How could you give the gift of your time and energy this year?  Do you have a talent you can share?  My brother in law spent four hours fixing my computers.  That was the best gift I could have been given (and saved me from another couple thousand in expenses!).  Think about what you have to offer.  Be creative!

Make Something

Are you a talented cook?  Do you like to create crafts?  Look for unique recipes to include with a favorite food item.  Visit a local craft store for unique and fun ideas that you can make inexpensively.  One of my favorites is to make cinnamon or salt dough ornaments.  One year, my son and I made gingerbread people ornaments with names for all of our family members.  My parents still have them on their tree.

Choose Smaller Quantity Gifts

Another option is to purchase a helpful service or gift for a shorter time or in a smaller quantity.  This year, the Sanctuary members are offering a whole collection of holistic gifts, all for under $20 (Sanctuary Marketplace).  Many businesses are offering specials with this approach in mind.  Look for samples that you can include in a small Christmas stocking!

Any other ideas?   I’d love to hear them!  Please comment below and help us all enjoy giving this holiday season!

Blessings to you and yours!


Divinely Inspired Message-A Safe Haven

I’ve asked for a Divinely inspired message for you today (on whatever day you happen to read this!) and this is what I was shown. 


I am sitting on a white rock.  Around me is dark water.  The water is so dark I can’t see what is within it.  I feel the smoothness of the rock. It is a moonstone.  I can feel a gentle energy coming from the rock and it is soothing me.  I look into the distance and all I see is the dark water.  It stretches for miles and miles.  I am alone on the moonstone, but I don’t feel lonely.  I feel safe and peaceful.       


From Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature by Ted Andrews:

Black:  “Black is found commonly throughout Nature in both the plant and animal kingdoms.  It is often associated with mysticism, magic and new birth.  It is a color of quiet strength and protection.  It can indicate a need for secretiveness and sacrifice.  Black is also associated with the feminine energies, the creative and the intuitive.  When found with other colors, it often indicates a grounding or even a more mundane energy or issue at play.”

White:  “Found in all of Nature’s kingdoms, white reflects the energies of truth.  It is soothing to our spirit and even indicates the presences of spirits about us in some area of our life.  When white appears predominately, we may have messages coming to us soon from the spirit world.  White is also a reminder to follow our creative inspirations.  If it is capturing our attention in Nature, we may need to look at how we are or are not expressing our creativity.  Now would be a good time to follow any creative pursuits.  If we have doubts about issues or activities or even people in our life, white is the color that reminds us to be patient.  The doubts will soon be alleviated.  We will get our answers.”

From The Crystal Bible:  A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall
Moonstone:   “Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings.  As its name suggests, it is strongly connected to moon and to the intuition.  Like the moon, the stone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change.  Its most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions.  Moonstone makes conscious the unconscious and promotes intuition and empathy.  It encourages lucid dreaming, especially at the time of the full moon.”


I hear Spirit saying the following in regards to the image I was shown.  “Rest.  This is a time of change and in the midst of change there our periods of great chaos when it feels like all is lost.  Remember that even in the midst of dark there is always light.  Trust that what is happening in your life right now is for your highest good.  Believe that love always triumphs over darkness because it does.  Let yourself be supported.”  To me the images suggest protection and a space apart from the stresses of life.  The moonstone feels very feminine and nurturing.  It is gentle and subtle, not harsh.  The dark waters around me are filled with mystery and they also feel like protection.  I feel safe and buffered.  The image of Noah and the Ark comes to mind.  As things are transformed in our world, we are safe and protected.  When the water recedes, new life will be born. 


What are you doing to nurture and care for yourself?  With the economy issues, the swine flu, and other challenges, I know many people are feeling very overwhelmed right now.  I find what works best for me is to think how I can support myself physically first.  Energetically and physically balancing your system will make it easier for you to handle stressful circumstances.  Regular exercise, massage, energy work, meditation, or any other activity that restores your physical well-being is a great place to start.  After that, you’ll be better able to consider options to reduce stress emotionally and mentally.  The members of my empowerment center are exceptional and have lots of ways to support you.  The website is  I am also happy to help as well.  Call or email me for an Empowerment Reading that combines intuitive healing, spiritual guidance, and practical coaching to support and empower you.  You can reach me at (330) 416-6184 or by email  The most important thing is to take care of you!  Make that your top priority, especially during times of stress.


BOOKS:  The books mentioned above are also available in my Amazon store if you’d like your own copy. I highly recommend them! STORE

Have a wonderful day!


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Simple Pleasures to Overcome Stress

Wow! It has been quite a ride the last few months energetically, emotionally, and financially for so many people. It is easy to get caught up in the cycles of stress during times of change. So here are a few simple treats to remind yourself that this too shall pass!

Aromatherapy: I’m really into rose and lavendar these days. I was reading a passage from Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach and she talked about using essential oils to scent your sheets and pillows. Inspired, I dug out my essential oils and came up with a combination of rose and lavendar that I love! I’ve been scenting my room and even added a few drops to my pendant (Angel Healing Crystals). I love having the gentle scent of roses and lavendar with me all day long. I also picked up two new soaps from Savannah Moon. Sticking with my rose theme, I opened up the new bar last night. Heaven! See if you can find a scent that really speaks to you and try using it in your car, your home, your shower, and your workplace. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps lift your mood!

Music: I’ve been back on an Enya kick. I just love her music! So inspiring and uplifting. What songs lift your soul? Go back through your CD/I Tunes collection and find an old favorite to listen to. Let the soothing sounds lift your heart and restore your equilibrium! Another idea…a friend of mine turned on a CD of bird sounds and was finally able to relax enough for a much needed nap. Find what calls to you and listen!

Exercise: Stress makes you feel tired which then makes it hard to exercise. I’ve been forcing myself to get on the ellyptical and to take my daily walk, even though I’ve been so tired that all I want to do is nap! I also did a Tai Chi routine this morning. Ahh… Amazing how tai chi, yoga, and regular exercise can restore my energy! Adrenaline is produced when we are under stress and the two ways to remove it are exercise and slow, deep breathing. Try them both today and see how you feel!

Food: I’m not usually into cooking but lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to making some new dishes and some favorite old ones (probably the mystery I’m reading about a caterer!). I pulled out a favorite book called Kitchen Pharmacy: A Book of Healing Remedies for Everyone by Rose Elliot and Carlo De Paoli which tells the healing benefits of different types of foods with recipes. I tried out a recipe for Celery, Carrot and Apple salad (carrots, apples, celery, and fresh mint with a lemon/honey dressing). It was so refreshing! See if any particular food is calling to you and treat yourself! You deserve it!

Fun: What do you love to do? I love art/craft shows. I went to the Yankee Peddler festival last week and I’m going to Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio this weekend. I love looking at the amazing wood carvings, pottery, and other crafts. Eating all the delicious food is fun too! Find something that you really enjoy and do it! You’ll be glad you did! 

 Have a blissful day everyone!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern. She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation. Readings are available by phone or email. Economic Recession Rates are $15/15 minutes. Visit my website to learn more and to get your free Divine Purpose Survey!

Be Well! Take care of the Emotional YOU

Ever feel like a victim to your emotions?  You aren’t alone!  Feelings are something we all experience (no matter how we sometimes try to ignore them!) 

One of my biggest passions is learning to master self-care and to teach others how to do the same thing.  Over the years, I’ve become very adept at caring for my needs energetically, physically, and mentally.  Recently, I’ve realized I wasn’t as adept at providing the same care for my emotional self. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I’m a big fan of nervous system settling.  Learning how to bring the body to a state of calm and restore balance is an amazing technique for feeling more peaceful and safe.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with how to provide the same type of “settling” for my emotional self.  Below are some simple steps to restore a sense of well-being, even when times are tough.


What are you feeling?  Sometimes we expend tremendous energy trying not to answer that question.  Why?  Because we don’t know what to do about the situation that is causing the emotional upset.  For this step, don’t jump to how to make it better.  Just identify what exactly you are feeling in that moment. 

A great way to do this is to take a few minutes to breathe deeply.  As you breathe deeply, ask yourself how you are feeling.  Sometimes when I do this activity, I will see myself very angry, sometimes sad, or sometimes frustrated.  I let myself “listen” to this part of me so that I allow this emotion to be expressed.  Again, this isn’t the time to try and “fix” anything. It is simply an opportunity to be present for you and allow yourself to fully feel whatever is there.  I find it helpful to write out what I’m hearing onto a piece of paper.  The physical act of writing seems to help release the emotion more easily, especially if you destroy the paper when you are done.  Our emotions aren’t always rational, but they do need to have an outlet.  Writing them on a paper that will be destroyed provides a safe place for them to be expressed. 


When you were a child, what did your parents do when you were upset?  Hopefully, they comforted you by hugging you or spending some time listening.  You can provide this comfort to yourself, now that you are an adult.  I do this by imagining the upset part of me as a child.  I pull the child on my lap and hug her.  I say and do the things I would do to comfort my son, if he was upset or afraid.  This always helps me to feel relaxed and loved.  This activity is simply about providing comfort and the space to express what is experienced, not a time to judge or try to fix.  An additional benefit to this activity is that it empowers my wise, compassionate adult self, so everyone is happy! 


As an adult, we are no longer able to lean so heavily on our parents for care and nurturing.  For me, I’ve found it helpful to lean on Spirit.  You can use whatever religious or spiritual reference works for you…or you can simply imagine your highest self providing the support.  I use a simple meditation technique to evoke this feeling.  I imagine myself sitting in a peaceful spot in the woods.  I lean against a big strong oak tree and put my feet in a gentle stream in front of me.  I feel the gentle breeze, hear the birds singing, smell the fresh scents of the forest and feel the soft moss under my hands.  Once I am relaxed, I let myself imagine being wrapped in loving arms and feeling Divine love surrounding and supporting me.  I release whatever is troubling me to Spirit, knowing I will receive the help and inspiration I need at just the right time. 


Our emotions are simply a warning system.  They provide us with awareness when our thoughts are creating a feeling of unease or disharmony.  Sometimes, simply listening to our emotional self will calm things down and no further action will be needed.  Other times though, there is an underlying fear that needs to be addressed.  Ask yourself, if this were my child, what would I do or suggest to help them feel safe?  If you find that you don’t know how to ease the fear, then consider asking for some help.  There are many wonderful books, counselors, coaches, and healers available to give you additional insight and wisdom on how to improve the situation that is making you feel powerless.  There is no shame in taking good care of yourself…and sometimes taking care of yourself means acknowledging when you need some outside input.  A fresh perspective can make all the difference.


There are many amazing tools that can help support you in taking care of your emotional self.  One of the tools that really made a difference for me is a Blue Agate pendant designed by Intuitive/Artist Deanne Angel (Angel Healing Crystals).  This pendant was intuitively designed and selected for my needs.  I absolutely love it!  It has a deeply calming and soothing effect on my whole system.  It seems to work on an energetic level to help me overcome my fears and feel more emotionally balanced.   Another tool  I find helpful is flower essences.  I tried a new flower essence for emotional sensitive people recently called Pink Yarrow.  You can find that essence and others for a variety of emotional and physical concerns at   Aromatherapy is another favorite tool of mine.  I’ve been using a roll on from Young Living (Jennifer Hagele #989297 is the distributor I use) called Tranquil which I find very helpful.  I also love the LavenMint spray from Savannah Moon.     

I hope you find these steps helpful!  If you find you need some spiritual insight and practical input to support you with this process, I’m here to help! 

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern.  She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation.   Readings are available by phone or email.  Economic Recession Rates are $15/15 minutes.  Visit my website to learn more and to get your free Divine Purpose Survey!

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Tips For When You Feel Powerless

Everyone seems to have an area where they feel powerless in their life. It may be a relationship, a health challenge, or a job. Sometimes it is just life circumstances that are beyond our control. The question is what do you do to find your power?

I asked for a vision on this topic the other day. I saw a beach with strong waves smashing on the shore. The waves would crash hard on the sand and then pull back. Within the wave I saw a small fragment of the shell. I watched as it was pounded by the waves and dragged back and forth. I saw an image of the shell as it had been when it was whole. Then, it had provided a home for a creature and was perfect for what was needed. Now, it was no longer functional and the beating of the waves was slowly pulverizing it into sand.

The message was that the situations where we feel powerless bring forth opportunities for transformation. Often, some well worn pattern in our personality or experience is continuing to be followed even though it has outgrown its usefulness. The waves represent the challenges which push us to change so that we can create new approaches that fit our life now.

I thought about how it would feel to be that shell. I can imagine the power of the water forcing me down into the sand and pulling me out into the ocean, only to toss me back up onto the same shore. There is pain in the experience, both in the forcefulness of the challenge and in the need to let an aspect of one transform. For me, there is also the message about how to allow this transformation to occur the most easily. If the shell resists the pull of the ocean and fights against the change that is occurring, the pain increases. If it accepts there is wisdom in the cycle that is occurring and allows it to pull and push it into a new form, there is at least peace within.

Putting this into the terms of one’s life, this means to me that we accept that the challenging things we face in life exist, at least in part, to help us to grow. Part of that growth is in learning to trust. For me, that trust means looking to God and to myself, instead of those around me, to bring me what I need. It means trusting that even though change is hard, it always brings new joys and new opportunities.

Below are some simple steps to help you the next time you feel powerless.

1. Come back to yourself. What do you need right now to relieve the stress you are experiencing? Would it help to take a walk? Talk to a friend? Exercise? Have a cup of tea? Take care of yourself as you would a child. How can you comfort and nurture yourself?

2. Turn it over. Once you feel calmer, it is time to turn the problem over to a higher power. I believe and have experienced that the Divine does and always will provide for all my needs. Stop and send a quick prayer for assistance with the situation that is challenging you. We usually know what we’d like to see happen, but sometimes it helps to just leave it open. Ask to have your needs met on all levels. Ask to love your life, your relationships, and your work. Trust that it will be so.

3. Turn your attention to something else. I know it is hard to let go of something that is bothering us. We want the situation to be resolved and we want it to be resolved quickly. Sometimes though there is nothing for us to do except to take care of ourselves, and find something else to focus on. Look for something you enjoy doing or something that will really grab your interest. Do you have a hobby you enjoy? What about a work project that is absorbing or even a good book? Pick something and turn your focus to it, even if you have to keep dragging your attention back there when your mind wanders back to the problem.

4. Have faith. Sometimes the transformations we need to go through happen quickly and other times they take a little longer. Keep yourself in the moment. Pray for guidance and grace. It may take some time, but the shell will eventually become sand and the challenging time will be over. Find as much joy as you can in the other areas of your life during the process.

As always, if you need some support through the process, give me a call!

Blessings to you and yours,


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern.  She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation.   Readings are available by phone or email.  Economic Recession Rates are $15/15 minutes.  Visit my website to learn more or call (330) 416-6184:

Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress

Have you ever felt like your brain will not be quiet?  I’ve had a real struggle with this for a lot of my life.  Whether my mind is obsessed with worries or involved in creative brainstorming, sometimes it will not leave me alone!  While I get a real high when my brain starts off on a creative spiral, I’m not so crazy about the nervous system overload that comes with it.  Anxiety and sleeplessness get old very fast.   Over the last few years, I’ve done a  much better job of stopping myself before I get caught in a mental frenzy of activity.  Today, I have a confession to make…I fell off the wagon. 

Thankfully, Spirit intervened, bringing me a vision to get me back on track.  As I’ve talked to many others who have been suffering with the same problem, I thought I should share what I learned. 

So here’s my vision…The first thing I saw was a nest of sea turtle eggs.  I watched as they all hatched and these adorable, tiny turtles started making their way to the ocean.  I felt this wonderful elation followed by panic.  How could I possibly get all these wonderful creatures to the ocean safely? 

The message was that I couldn’t.  The reality is that only a few sea turtle hatchlings actually live to become full grown sea turtles.  The same is true for my “brilliant” ideas. Only a few of those ideas are meant to manifest right now and I’ll have plenty of time to nurture them to fruition (at least I will if I stop running frantically around the beach trying to scoop up baby turtles!).   

In case you’ve found yourself with an unending to do list and a brain that won’t turn off, I thought I’d post a few tips to bring back your peace of mind.  Give them a try!   


Pay attention to your body.  The best defense to help yourself avoid moving into a stressed out, anxious state of being, is to notice how your body feels.  Get in the habit of regular check ins.  Ask yourself:  How does my stomach feel?  How about my muscles?  Is my jaw tense?  If you are feeling any discomfort, then take a deep breath and work on relaxing your muscles.  Make yourself set aside what you are working on until your body returns to a more relaxed state.  Believe me, it is worth the time.

Turn off your work mind by 7PM.  It is really important to get a good night sleep.  One of the keys to sleeping well is to avoid giving your mind lots of juicy things to think about right before you are telling it to shut down for the night.  Make a firm cut off time (at least a couple hours before you go to sleep) to drop any serious topics or work items and stick to it.  Do something relaxing before you fall asleep.  I find it helpful to visualize all the stresses of the day washing off me in a gentle lake or at the beach.  Pick something that is soothing to you and make it part of your nighttime ritual. 

Exercise.  I’ve never been a very gung ho exerciser, but a couple of years of living with anxiety completely changed my opinion about its importance.  The bottom line is that exercising reduces stress hormones.  A walk outside.  Time on an exercise machine.  Yoga.  Playing a sport.  All of these things help to get you out of your head and into a more relaxed and comfortable body. 

Yoga Mudras.  I think Sabrina Mesko should hire me to handle her publicity.  Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of yoga mudras and I own all of Sabrina’s products (check out my Amazon store in the blogroll if you’d like to get your own copies).  Her three minute hand postures are amazingly powerful.  They really do help to shift the energy, calm the body and the mind, and bring you to a peaceful state of being.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Listen to Relaxation CD’s and/or peaceful music.  I escaped my two years of anxiety Hell through the wonders of a technique called nervous system settling.  When I finally understood that what was happening was simply nervous system overload and my constant mental gymnastics to bring it under control were actually increasing my anxiety, I had what I needed to end the cycle.  I learned about this technique from Gary Peterson, an author and nervous system expert.  He has a great CD to help you settle your nervous system.  You can purchase it at or  learn more about it on his website:  Besides his CD, I find relaxing music to be very helpful to soothe my overactive mind.  Enya is a favorite artist of mine.  Find something you enjoy and put it on the next time you find yourself overthinking. 

Get some help.  Sometimes it helps to talk with someone objective to get things back in perspective.  Talk with a good friend, a counselor, or make an appointment with me!  As I’ve explained, I’ve had lots of practice with this, not only with myself but with many clients.   To purchase a life coaching reading, visit my website:

 Here’s to peace of mind for us all!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who empowers her clients to overcome feelings of powerlessness and to make changes to create a life they love.  To learn more about her services and products, visit her website: http://www.EmpoweringLightworkers.  Nancy is also the owner Sanctuary at the Crossroads and Crossroads Coaching

Trust and Becoming a Wise Innocent

I love the message of the Fool card in the Tarot deck.  The version I have depicts a man smiling happily as he is about to step off a cliff.  The interpretation speaks of this card as the state of a wise innocence.  A person who is able to have a child-like trust in the good of the Universe and therefore avoids harm, no matter what path they take.  They live a charmed existence where Angels intervene to keep them from harm…a harm they often don’t even know was there in the first place.

While pondering this card, I was shown a vision of a child approaching a dog.  The child was young, 2 or 3 years old, and it was so excited to touch the dog.  I could feel how much she longed to wrap her arms around the dog’s neck.  The child’s mother stood near the dog and seemed to be saying it was okay for her to approach, but when the child did rush up to hug the dog, the dog bit her.  The mother was as shocked as the child.

The purpose of this vision was to help me understand the dynamic that takes place within us as we seek to have faith and trust in the Divine and in ourselves.  Such early experiences, as illustrated by the dog example, teach our innocent self that it isn’t safe to trust.  The parent who loves us, can’t always keep us safe from danger.  The love we feel in our hearts isn’t always reciprocated by the object of our affections.  It teaches us how to pay attention and to learn what we need to know about our environment to avoid danger and stay safe.

This brings me to a universal question…how can one trust and feel safe in an unsafe world?  How does one become a wise innocent?  Is it possible, after earlier experiences that have taught us the world can be dangerous, that we can find a state of blissful ignorance where unseen helpers leap to whisk us out of danger before we even know the danger exists? 

For me, the only path of serenity in the midst of constant change is to find an anchor.  For me that anchor is the Divine and while I realize that my faith in God’s guidance and protection doesn’t exempt me from the hurtful experiences in life, it does guarantee me that I will never have to walk through any circumstance alone.   I’ve been blessed to see how our Divine helpers will come to our aid whenever we ask.  They work through our thoughts, our feelings, through books, and other human beings.  They step into the place of fear and pain, and bring comfort and love.  We just need to ask. 

Today, I encourage you to take a look back over the course of your life.  Find a moment when life felt hopeless and filled with despair.  Did someone show up to comfort you unexpectedly?  Did things work out in a way that, while maybe not what you’d hoped for, were what you really needed?  Letting go of our fears and the parts of ourselves that need to evolve for us to grow can be painful, but it is also necessary.   So ask for comfort, ask for love, ask for healing, ask for God to make smooth your path and guide you in making wise choices.   Then remember… help will come for you.  It always does.

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach.  She offers Life Coaching Readings, Divinely Guided Messages by email, Divinely You Readings, coaching clubs, and other products to inspire and empower.  For a free Divine Purpose Survey and to learn more about her services, visit her website: