Secret Santa Spirit Earth Style

When my son was little, I used to put a little present in his stocking for each of the 12 days of Christmas. It was such fun! My son is all grown up now, but I thought it might be fun to do a virtual version with my Spirit Earth community!

How to Participate

I will be sharing a daily gift of empowerment in my Spirit Earth Coaching Facebook Group from 12/2 to 12/22 (ending the day after the Winter Solstice – and on my birthday!). The group is free, but private, so you will need to request access. Mention Spirit Earth Secret Santa when you request to join!

Here is the link: Spirit Earth Coaching Facebook Group

Wishing you all an abundant and joyful Holiday season!

Discover Your Blind Spot!

Have you seen the TV show Blind Spot? I’ve just started watching it on Hulu this last week. For those unfamiliar with it, the show begins with a beautiful woman, covered in tattoos, being delivered to the FBI – with absolutely no idea who she is.  Each episode, they solve one of the clues from her tattoos which moves her closer to her identity (while also stopping the bad guys from committing crimes!).  

I wanted to share about a scene from one of the episodes, as it holds a powerful coaching tool.  In this particular scene, the woman who they call Jane Doe is talking to her therapist.  She’s struggling with the fact that she remembers nothing about herself.  She can’t even decide what to order for takeout as she has no idea what she likes! The therapist listens and then hands her two cups – one filled with coffee and one filled with tea.  When she reiterates that she has no idea if she is a tea or coffee drinker, he suggests she try them both.  She does and discovers she likes coffee.  He then tells her (I’m paraphrasing as I can’t remember the exact words), 

“Every time you make a choice, you find a little more of yourself.  You aren’t lost.  You can find yourself by trying new things and letting your body remind you of who you are.”

Wow! I love that! 

Now let’s apply that as a coaching tool.  

While no one wants to experience real amnesia, we can use our imagination to help.  Try the exercise below…

Sit somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed.  Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.  Imagine that you have just woken up and you have no idea who you are.  You aren’t afraid (because in this scenario this is just temporary).  You just realize that you don’t know your name, who you love, what you love to do, where you love to be, or anything at all about yourself.  Sit with this for a few minutes, breathing calmly, knowing you are absolutely safe. Then ask yourself…

What do I choose…

  • To eat?
  • To drink?
  • To talk about?
  • To read?
  • To watch?
  • To do?
  • To learn?
  • To connect with?

You can do this solely from your imagination or even better, you can physically try things, just as Jane did with the coffee and tea. 

Would you still choose what you are choosing now?  Did you discover anything new that peaked your interest?  Do you have limiting stories that stop you from trying those things in your day to day life?  

What if all those past experiences or stories about who you are didn’t exist?  

What would you be choosing?  

If you find that your past is stopping you from doing or exploring what you are passionate about, then maybe it is time to clear away the hold the past has over you.  Each day is a brand new day.  Choose and let those choices connect you more and more deeply to your true self.  

I’d love to hear what you discovered, so feel free to share in the comments!

Quick Healing – The Power of 8!

Yow! Sharp stings stab my arm, feeling like a million yellow jackets jabbing me all at once.  I look at my arm, only to see tiny bumps, more like a rash than a sting.  Confused, I look back at the plant. 

Stinging Nettle!  

If you’ve ever been stung by stinging nettle, you know it hurts!  On this occasion, I was on a family trip to Ireland, out in a sheep pasture, with no first aid supplies.  At the time, I’d recently started studying Eden Energy Medicine and I remembered a quick response technique Donna Eden had shared.  I started drawing figure 8’s with my fingers over the rash, again and again.  Within about 30 seconds the pain was gone and as I continued to do the figure 8’s for another few minutes, the rash disappeared too!

Incredible right?

Since that long ago day, I’ve been using figure 8’s daily.  And guess what? This simple technique works with everything, even emotional things!  Have a stomach ache?  Draw some figure 8’s over your belly.  Headache?  You guessed it! Figure 8 the spot.  Feeling sad?  Imagine your sadness as a bubble and draw figure 8’s in it.  

Sound crazy?

All I can say is try it! I’ve used this to stop the flu, to calm someone having an asthma attack, to settle anxiety, balance hormones, and shift my mood. There’s really no limit to things it can help with.  

So why does it work?  

According to Donna Eden who is able to see the human energy field, figure 8 patterns show up all over our energy system.  When we trace the shapes, we remind our energy body to return to its balance and flow.  

A few tips…

  1. Removing Pain:  I like to use the back of my hand or fingers to clear an imbalance.  Then I do figure 8’s with the front of my hand or fingers to bring in good feeling energy. 
  1. Include Laughter:  Laughing, imagining yourself laughing or even repeating “I laugh” over and over again is another tool that works great with the figure 8 tracing.  Laughter is a great way to reset your system and quickly restore harmony to all aspects of your being.  If you can’t bring yourself to laugh (understandable when you aren’t feeling well), then just say it in your head or imagine a tiny version of yourself laughing at the place of discomfort.  It really works! 
  1. Use Figure 8’s daily:  Getting into a practice of using figure 8’s means you are training your system to respond to this technique.  Plus, it keeps your system running optimally, often preventing illness from even happening!

Still skeptical? 

Well, what you believe has a big effect on what you experience, but if you are willing to open your mind to it, figure 8’s can be an empowering way to stay healthy and thriving!  

Let me know how it works for you! 

Think or Do?

Miles thinks. Beckett does. So is the motto of the Fowl twins in Eoin Colfer’s wonderful new series about the twin brothers of Artemis Fowl. Miles Fowl is very like his older brother, a child genius with a well-developed ego in a tailored suit. Beckett Fowl is the complete opposite, opting for a minimal amount of clothes and an optimal amount of dirt, except for the goldfish tie he’s made from his best friend, the deceased goldfish Gloop.

So why am I sharing about a children’s book here? Well, first, because I think we all need a bit more lightness in our lives these days, and all of the Fowl books offer that in abundance.

The second reason is the message offered by the Fowl twins division of labor.

Miles thinks.

When the brothers get into their misadventures, dragging in their fairy world allies in the process, it is Miles who must outwit their enemies with his highly developed intellect. Truly, Miles is a child genius, and his brilliant ideas are important in the survival of the twins. However, without his idiot brother, all of Miles brain power would have been useless.

Beckett does.

As Miles encounters situation after situation that requires action to extricate them from disaster, it is Beckett who shines. A master of all things physical, he and his targeted cluster punch, leap to the rescue, saving the day again and again! His optimistic confidence is infectious, as is his ability to befriend the friendless.

So who do you need more of in your life?

Me, I need more Beckett. As someone who comes from a long line of thinkers, who always find ample opportunities to think about things that never even happen (and when I say think translate as ”worry”), I need to start channeling my inner Beckett.

How about you? Feel free to share in the comments!

And if you are looking for some lighthearted fun, check out the Fowl Twins at your local library or bookstore!

Getting What you Want – Dog Charm Versus Cat Confidence

My parents’ dog, Buttons, tilted his head from side to side, looking at me with adoring brown eyes. Would I please give him a little morsel of my dinner, pretty please?

My cat, Rosa, scratches on the side of the bed, catching my arm in the process. Would I get up already and get her some breakfast?

These two approaches to getting what is wanted have lots of lessons for us humans, who often find getting what we want challenging. Why? Because unlike dogs and cats, we are a hodgepodge of learned behaviors and a melting pot of conflicting interests. By applying some wisdom from our animal companions perhaps we too, can effectively get what we want.


Dogs are descended from an Asian, now extinct, grey wolf. While they have moved a long way from their wild counterparts, they still exhibit some of wolf-like instinctive behavior. Wolf pups will use licking and fawning behaviors to get the attention of the adults in the pack so they’re fed. The pack instinct is to provide food based on rank and to ensure the survival of the pack as a whole. Buttons has learned that when he does the cute head tilt, the humans in his world (or at least some of them, my father remains unmoved) will give him what he wants. He also knows exactly what he wants. He’s angling for a bit of chicken, not for a walk in that moment. His clarity of intent and single focus has a good chance of succeeding, just as his wild ancestors would choose an animal in the herd to target when hunting. Also, Buttons is dedicated and loving to his human family. His affectionate attention also means that the humans in his life want to make him happy. Like wolves, dogs operate from a pack mentality. They want the whole to thrive, not just the individual.

HUMAN APPLICATION – Like Buttons, we too could benefit from being kind, sweet and charming to others. If you want someone to help you with the dishes, asking in a playful or loving manner is a good way to get some help! Having clarity of focus and a community mindset is also a winning strategy. Learning to focus less on our human wants and more on what is needed for a thriving ecosystem for all living things is essential for our survival. Finally, being focused is neccessary. Buttons isn’t easily distracted in that moment! He wants a piece of chicken and he’s using all his charm to get it! When we are clear and put all our energy toward a single objective, we have a much higher chance of getting it.


House cats, and their wild counterparts, are ambush predators. This means they aren’t looking for direct confrontation, but instead prefer to attack from behind. This is why cats love to stare at you, until you stare back, at which point they usually look away. They want to observe, unseen, and unnoticed, until they are ready to pounce! Rosa applies some of her wild instincts, to scratch the bed in the morning until I wake up. She knows that I don’t want her to scratch me or the bed, which usually means, I get up and get her some food. Cats are not pack animals. They are less concerned about their human companions needs being met and more concerned with their own. Rosa wants food, so she uses a quick and efficient method to get it. Cats are very charismatic. Because they are often aloof, when they do bring attention to you, it is hard to resist! They also are very confident. They aren’t going to beg you for anything. In fact, they expect to get what they want and they usually get it!


Like cats, we can benefit from expecting to succeed at whatever our goals are. When we boldly and confidently pursue what we want, our energy sends out a powerful message to the people around us. Being direct is also a good strategy. Instead of hoping someone will guess our needs, directly asking for them to be met can work really well, though perhaps employing some dog charm in the asking might be helpful too. Rosa is also very content in her own company. She will wander around near us, but is completely content doing her own thing. When we give off a vibe of being self-assured, this sends a message to others that we are capable. Employing a little cat confidence can go along way to getting what we want!

So how about you? Do you use dog charm or cat confidence to get what you want? Or do you use a mixture of both? Share in the comments! I’d love to hear what works for you!

Making Worry Work

Do you worry?  Most people will admit to worrying from time to time (and some of us to a lot of the time!). Mostly, worry doesn’t bring about any positive results, instead it increases stress and distracts us from working towards our goals. 

But what if you could make that worry habit work in your favor?

Anne Helmstadter, The Story Immersion Project, shared in a recent email the following.

“When you turn worry on its head and start worrying in a positive way it’ll change how you react. Instead of shutting down, you’ll be inspired.”

Brilliant right?  So let’s look at a few examples from well-known characters from movies and books.  

Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables and the Netflix adaption, Anne with an E) dearly wants to have auburn hair and be beautiful. Positive Worry Example:   – What am I going to do when I have so many suitors because I am so lovely?

Richard Castle (TV Show called Castle) wants his new book series to be as popular as his last Derek Storm series. Positive Worry Example:  What am I going to do with all the money from my second bestselling series?

Bradley Jackson on The Morning Show wants to moderate the democratic debates.  Positive Worry Example:  What am I going to do when I have multiple offers from several networks to be their evening news anchor because I did such an amazing job with the debates?

Are you seeing the pattern?

As we shift to worrying about positive outcomes, we create a very different energetic vibration – one that attracts what we are seeking, even quicker! 

Ready to give it a try?

Let me know how it works for you!

Learning About Relationships with Ted Lasso

My loved ones and I, like a lot of the world, have been watching the series Ted Lasso. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Ted is an American football coach who gets hired to coach a British soccer team in the UK, even though he has no experience with soccer. Ted’s unshakeable optimism and kind heart made season one utterly heart-warming, something we all need a bit of right now. This season, Ted’s back story is being explored. We discover that behind this cheerful, optimistic, “can do” persona lurks a deeply traumatized man.

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t watched Season Two yet, then maybe skip the rest of this until you do!

At the end of episode 11, we were all shocked when Nate, the insecure water boy whom Ted promoted to assistant coach in season one decides to tell a reporter about Ted having a panic attack at a recent soccer match. It was appalling! How could Nate do that to someone who has been nothing but kind to him?

An initial response might be to write Nate off as an idiot and wait for him to get his inevitable comeuppance when the repercussions of his actions rain down on his head (I haven’t seen the last episode yet, so perhaps that gets resolved then). For those of us who like to look a little deeper though, this interesting set up gives us a chance to learn a lot about relationship dynamics, and the gifts that come from their challenges.

So let’s start with Ted. We know from Ted’s work with the Team therapist, that Ted’s father committed suicide when he was a teenager. While Ted is angry at his father, he’s also angry at himself, feeling that if he’d only made his dad feel more understood, he wouldn’t have ended his own life. With Nate, Ted tried to make up for Nate’s lack of recognition and respect from Nate’s own father, by seeing what he had to offer and giving him a chance to shine. The result – Nate’s unresolved issues lead to him humiliating Ted, just as he is working through this old, deep trauma around his father’s death. The gift? Ted has an opportunity to truly release the believe that he is responsible for his father’s actions or for the actions of others, including Nate. He can give himself permission to do what’s best for him, instead of being driven by this subconscious need to prevent others from hurting themselves. Ultimately, this will free him to help others in a balanced way, one that is both nurturing to himself and the other person.

Next, we have Nate. In Season One, we see Nate as someone who is picked on, put down, and shamed both by his father and many of the other characters in the show. His insecurity and deep subconscious need to feel better about himself, controls him, even after he begins to get the recognition and respect he’s seeking. Instead of him being kind to others who are struggling, he instead treats them, as he has been treated, using anger and shame to dominate and control. For him, there is a desire to pull Ted down, so that he can climb on top of him and feel better. No matter how many others he pushes down though, it will not change the internal belief he holds about himself. Hopefully, the writers will have Nate get the help he needs to move beyond his deep wounds, instead of setting himself up for more pain.

How about you? Can you resonate with one or both of these characters? Have you experienced a relationship that pushed your buttons? I know I have!

Perhaps we can all learn from Ted Lasso, finding a way to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity for growth that challenging relationships provide!

July Special Offers -Tuesday Tune Ups

Check out this month’s special offers and a new weekly gathering – Tuesday Tune Ups! Details are below…

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THEMES (Intuitively selected from the Power Animals deck – Dr. Steven Farmer)

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Big hugs to you all!

Photo credit – my son (Jacob Zimmerer) took this in Yellowstone National Park. It is of a chocolate lily. When you see it, it is drooping and doesn’t look like much, but when you flip it over – WOW! A perfect metaphor for this month!

Gifts and Challenges of the Wood Element

I am loving looking at life through the focus of the Five Elements (Dondi Dahlin). This spring, the Wood element seems to be a dominant theme (and spring is all about this element as well as the liver!). We all have a primary and secondary element that we most relate to. We also have all the elements, and we need them all!

What I love about the wood element is that it is all about confidence and decisiveness! Wood personalities are strong, confident and powerful. They know what their goals are and they have the willpower to reach them! There is something very dependable and solid about wood personalities. If there is a crisis, they are the ones that calmly do what needs to be done!

The symbolism for wood is a tree. It comes after water in the cycle, meaning it takes the brilliant ideas that water’s envision and then grows them into something alive and viable.

The challenge for Wood people is anger and frustration. Because they are so clear in their convictions, they can easily become frustrated when others don’t get on board with their vision! Yang Woods need to have healthy ways to express anger. Yin Woods need to be listened to.

Since we all have the Wood element within us, a good question is how do we work with anger and frustration in a healthy empowered way?

Anger shows up to tell us something. I’ve seen this come up for Wood Element people when they get caught in trying to get others to do what they think is right or best. The message there is to focus on themselves instead of trying to bully others to do what they want. When they stay focused on what they believe and live their truth authentically, people will naturally be drawn to their leadership. When they try to force people to do things, it says they are too focused on others and need to come back to self.

Our power is always coming from being in our own system. Wood People love others and want to protect them. They get very angry at injustice and care deeply that all are treated well. This is a beautiful quality, however, to bring about change, the best approach would be to use their strong will and confidence to build what will provide that more equatable world, instead of trying to push others into changing.

As we all need and have this wonderful element within us, I thought it might be helpful to share a few resources with techniques to work with anger and frustration in a healthy way. Remember, the goal is to always to come back to ourselves. The other person who is triggering us is giving us an opportunity to learn something about ourself. When we approach this from curiosity, not taking things personally, we can gain wonderful new insights and empowerment!

Here are a few resources with techniques to help balance your Wood element when anger or frustration kick up.

Anger – Quick Tapping with Brad Yates

Activating the Cells (Expelling the Venom) with Prune Harris

Energy Medicine Coaching Session with Nancy Nicholas (If you want more personalized support and insights!)

Spinal Flush To the Rescue!

I am a huge fan of Eden Energy Medicine – and especially a technique called the Spinal Flush. I didn’t realize just how amazing it was until recently.

A few weeks ago, my partner, Ryan, and I drove all the way to Florida from Colorado so we could visit my parents. The drive was about 30 hours without stops! Obviously, we had to break the trip into two days, but it was still fifteen to sixteen hour days of driving. While Ryan and I have done a lot of traveling over the last several years and are not strangers to long treks, this was a lot even for us.

But guess what? It turned out to be the most smooth and restorative trip we had ever had!

Here’s why we had such a great drive…

For this trip, I decided to do things a bit differently. We agreed to keep our driving time to two hour stretches and I chose to sleep or meditate when I wasn’t driving. Both of those things helped to make the trip much easier on my system.

We also did spinal flushes on each other with every stop and my body stayed much more flexible and grounded than on any other trip!

So what is a Spinal Flush?

A spinal flush is an Energy Medicine technique that helps to flush toxins and trapped energy by massaging down the sides of the spine. For this technique, firm pressure is essential to have the most benefits. I have heard Donna Eden (founder of Eden Energy Medicine) say this is a wonderful technique to do on your partner when you are feeling frustrated with them. You can take out that frustration on their back and help your partner feel better too! I have also found it very helpful when I am starting to feel ill or my hormones are out of balance. It is a really powerful technique!

If you would like to try it, you can watch Prune Harris (another favorite teacher of mine) demonstrating the technique in this video on You Tube: Spinal Flush

I hope you find it as helpful as I do!

For those of you not in my private Facebook group, I wanted to share that I have also added a new coaching session where you can learn more Energy Medicine techniques specific to your needs that will empower your health and well-being. You can learn more at my recently updated services page here: Grow with Nancy