Making Worry Work

Do you worry?  Most people will admit to worrying from time to time (and some of us to a lot of the time!). Mostly, worry doesn’t bring about any positive results, instead it increases stress and distracts us from working towards our goals. 

But what if you could make that worry habit work in your favor?

Anne Helmstadter, The Story Immersion Project, shared in a recent email the following.

“When you turn worry on its head and start worrying in a positive way it’ll change how you react. Instead of shutting down, you’ll be inspired.”

Brilliant right?  So let’s look at a few examples from well-known characters from movies and books.  

Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables and the Netflix adaption, Anne with an E) dearly wants to have auburn hair and be beautiful. Positive Worry Example:   – What am I going to do when I have so many suitors because I am so lovely?

Richard Castle (TV Show called Castle) wants his new book series to be as popular as his last Derek Storm series. Positive Worry Example:  What am I going to do with all the money from my second bestselling series?

Bradley Jackson on The Morning Show wants to moderate the democratic debates.  Positive Worry Example:  What am I going to do when I have multiple offers from several networks to be their evening news anchor because I did such an amazing job with the debates?

Are you seeing the pattern?

As we shift to worrying about positive outcomes, we create a very different energetic vibration – one that attracts what we are seeking, even quicker! 

Ready to give it a try?

Let me know how it works for you!

Learning About Relationships with Ted Lasso

My loved ones and I, like a lot of the world, have been watching the series Ted Lasso. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Ted is an American football coach who gets hired to coach a British soccer team in the UK, even though he has no experience with soccer. Ted’s unshakeable optimism and kind heart made season one utterly heart-warming, something we all need a bit of right now. This season, Ted’s back story is being explored. We discover that behind this cheerful, optimistic, “can do” persona lurks a deeply traumatized man.

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t watched Season Two yet, then maybe skip the rest of this until you do!

At the end of episode 11, we were all shocked when Nate, the insecure water boy whom Ted promoted to assistant coach in season one decides to tell a reporter about Ted having a panic attack at a recent soccer match. It was appalling! How could Nate do that to someone who has been nothing but kind to him?

An initial response might be to write Nate off as an idiot and wait for him to get his inevitable comeuppance when the repercussions of his actions rain down on his head (I haven’t seen the last episode yet, so perhaps that gets resolved then). For those of us who like to look a little deeper though, this interesting set up gives us a chance to learn a lot about relationship dynamics, and the gifts that come from their challenges.

So let’s start with Ted. We know from Ted’s work with the Team therapist, that Ted’s father committed suicide when he was a teenager. While Ted is angry at his father, he’s also angry at himself, feeling that if he’d only made his dad feel more understood, he wouldn’t have ended his own life. With Nate, Ted tried to make up for Nate’s lack of recognition and respect from Nate’s own father, by seeing what he had to offer and giving him a chance to shine. The result – Nate’s unresolved issues lead to him humiliating Ted, just as he is working through this old, deep trauma around his father’s death. The gift? Ted has an opportunity to truly release the believe that he is responsible for his father’s actions or for the actions of others, including Nate. He can give himself permission to do what’s best for him, instead of being driven by this subconscious need to prevent others from hurting themselves. Ultimately, this will free him to help others in a balanced way, one that is both nurturing to himself and the other person.

Next, we have Nate. In Season One, we see Nate as someone who is picked on, put down, and shamed both by his father and many of the other characters in the show. His insecurity and deep subconscious need to feel better about himself, controls him, even after he begins to get the recognition and respect he’s seeking. Instead of him being kind to others who are struggling, he instead treats them, as he has been treated, using anger and shame to dominate and control. For him, there is a desire to pull Ted down, so that he can climb on top of him and feel better. No matter how many others he pushes down though, it will not change the internal belief he holds about himself. Hopefully, the writers will have Nate get the help he needs to move beyond his deep wounds, instead of setting himself up for more pain.

How about you? Can you resonate with one or both of these characters? Have you experienced a relationship that pushed your buttons? I know I have!

Perhaps we can all learn from Ted Lasso, finding a way to be grateful for the wonderful opportunity for growth that challenging relationships provide!

July Special Offers -Tuesday Tune Ups

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Big hugs to you all!

Photo credit – my son (Jacob Zimmerer) took this in Yellowstone National Park. It is of a chocolate lily. When you see it, it is drooping and doesn’t look like much, but when you flip it over – WOW! A perfect metaphor for this month!

Gifts and Challenges of the Wood Element

I am loving looking at life through the focus of the Five Elements (Dondi Dahlin). This spring, the Wood element seems to be a dominant theme (and spring is all about this element as well as the liver!). We all have a primary and secondary element that we most relate to. We also have all the elements, and we need them all!

What I love about the wood element is that it is all about confidence and decisiveness! Wood personalities are strong, confident and powerful. They know what their goals are and they have the willpower to reach them! There is something very dependable and solid about wood personalities. If there is a crisis, they are the ones that calmly do what needs to be done!

The symbolism for wood is a tree. It comes after water in the cycle, meaning it takes the brilliant ideas that water’s envision and then grows them into something alive and viable.

The challenge for Wood people is anger and frustration. Because they are so clear in their convictions, they can easily become frustrated when others don’t get on board with their vision! Yang Woods need to have healthy ways to express anger. Yin Woods need to be listened to.

Since we all have the Wood element within us, a good question is how do we work with anger and frustration in a healthy empowered way?

Anger shows up to tell us something. I’ve seen this come up for Wood Element people when they get caught in trying to get others to do what they think is right or best. The message there is to focus on themselves instead of trying to bully others to do what they want. When they stay focused on what they believe and live their truth authentically, people will naturally be drawn to their leadership. When they try to force people to do things, it says they are too focused on others and need to come back to self.

Our power is always coming from being in our own system. Wood People love others and want to protect them. They get very angry at injustice and care deeply that all are treated well. This is a beautiful quality, however, to bring about change, the best approach would be to use their strong will and confidence to build what will provide that more equatable world, instead of trying to push others into changing.

As we all need and have this wonderful element within us, I thought it might be helpful to share a few resources with techniques to work with anger and frustration in a healthy way. Remember, the goal is to always to come back to ourselves. The other person who is triggering us is giving us an opportunity to learn something about ourself. When we approach this from curiosity, not taking things personally, we can gain wonderful new insights and empowerment!

Here are a few resources with techniques to help balance your Wood element when anger or frustration kick up.

Anger – Quick Tapping with Brad Yates

Activating the Cells (Expelling the Venom) with Prune Harris

Energy Medicine Coaching Session with Nancy Nicholas (If you want more personalized support and insights!)

Spinal Flush To the Rescue!

I am a huge fan of Eden Energy Medicine – and especially a technique called the Spinal Flush. I didn’t realize just how amazing it was until recently.

A few weeks ago, my partner, Ryan, and I drove all the way to Florida from Colorado so we could visit my parents. The drive was about 30 hours without stops! Obviously, we had to break the trip into two days, but it was still fifteen to sixteen hour days of driving. While Ryan and I have done a lot of traveling over the last several years and are not strangers to long treks, this was a lot even for us.

But guess what? It turned out to be the most smooth and restorative trip we had ever had!

Here’s why we had such a great drive…

For this trip, I decided to do things a bit differently. We agreed to keep our driving time to two hour stretches and I chose to sleep or meditate when I wasn’t driving. Both of those things helped to make the trip much easier on my system.

We also did spinal flushes on each other with every stop and my body stayed much more flexible and grounded than on any other trip!

So what is a Spinal Flush?

A spinal flush is an Energy Medicine technique that helps to flush toxins and trapped energy by massaging down the sides of the spine. For this technique, firm pressure is essential to have the most benefits. I have heard Donna Eden (founder of Eden Energy Medicine) say this is a wonderful technique to do on your partner when you are feeling frustrated with them. You can take out that frustration on their back and help your partner feel better too! I have also found it very helpful when I am starting to feel ill or my hormones are out of balance. It is a really powerful technique!

If you would like to try it, you can watch Prune Harris (another favorite teacher of mine) demonstrating the technique in this video on You Tube: Spinal Flush

I hope you find it as helpful as I do!

For those of you not in my private Facebook group, I wanted to share that I have also added a new coaching session where you can learn more Energy Medicine techniques specific to your needs that will empower your health and well-being. You can learn more at my recently updated services page here: Grow with Nancy

Creating Happy Boundaries

Have you ever felt you needed better boundaries? Most people who are spiritually evolving find this issue comes up for them. Often, they have more highly sensitive nervous systems that cause them to over empathize with others, frequently losing their own perspective. This can lead to challenges in relationships and even with one’s health.

One of the reasons that those who are spiritually evolving or are highly sensitive struggle with boundaries is connected to their auric field. The auric field is an energy field that surrounds the body. It is generated from the electromagnetic energy of the person and its cohesion and resiliency has a lot to do with a person’s overall health.

Highly sensitive or empathic people often have a weak, dispersed, or hole-ridden aura which makes it very difficult for them to stay in their own perspective. The aura allows the person to have a sense of separation from the other people around them and is important in maintaining a healthy system.

How To Tell If Your Aura is Weak

You will know your aura is not working optimally by how you are feeling. If you feel overwhelmed or bombarded by the emotions or energies of others, then odds are your aura is not supporting you in the way you would like. People often describe it as feeling invaded or punched by the unhappy energies of others. When our aura is strong, vital and cohesive, we are able to remain detached from the drama of others more easily.

How to Strengthen Your Aura

A simple technique to support the aura is to make figure eights with your hands. Rub your hands together first and then begin making figure eight patterns (palms facing the body) just off the body. Make the figure 8’s all over – above the head, along the side body, down the front, at your feet, and have a friend do your back (or visualize it being done if no one is around). You can do this many times throughout the day to feel strengthened and revitalized! To make it even more powerful (and fun), listen to some upbeat music while you do it!

Staying Centered – Three Questions to Promote Peace

For those of us who are highly sensitive or empathic, other people’s emotions and dramas can often feel overwhelming. The extra level of awareness that allows us to be compassionate and intuitive, also means we are more aware of the energy and emotions swirling around us. There are many tools to help you stay centered and not at the mercy of this sensitivity and I thought I’d share one created by my coaching partner, Ryan O’Toole, that I am finding very helpful.

One of the important steps to being a healthy, thriving empathic or highly sensitive person (or really for anyone trying to navigate the challenging times we live in) is to learn how to stay in one’s own shoes and not become overloaded by the emotions or experiences of others. When we are able to stay grounded and centered, we align with our higher self and are able to hear the wisdom of our heart. This is a time period when being able to listen to our inner truth radar is essential, as you can pick almost any topic and find conflicting “truths” being espoused.

Three Questions to Stay Centered

1. What is motivating your choice to get involved – love or fear? Love motives will bring a feeling of being uplifted, excited, or joyful. Fear motives will leave you feeling tense, anxious, pressured, or worried. If it isn’t love, then it is best to take a look at what is making you afraid and find a way to address the fear so you can then choose from love.

2. Will it nourish me to get involved? Just as they recommend when you are flying that if you need to use the oxygen masks, put yours on first before helping someone else, the same is true for keeping our own systems functioning optimally. If pursuing an interaction or activity is going to drain you, perhaps you should reconsider participating. When it is in alignment from a spiritual point of view for us to be involved, we will have the energy we need. If we are doing something out of guilt or obligation, it will drain us and that doesn’t help anyone.

3. Have you been invited? Those of us who are empathic naturally have a sense when someone is upset or struggling, but that doesn’t mean it is always best for us to get involved. We need to be invited to help before we act, as otherwise the person we are trying to help will become angry with us for not respecting their boundaries.

I have found taking the time to check in on these three questions really strengthens my ability to stay centered and empowered. I hope you find them helpful too!

Crossroads Coaching LLC NOW Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

A Message from Nancy 

I am so happy to share that I have made the name change to Spirit Earth Coaching LLC! As those of you who have been with me for awhile know, Spirit Earth was the name of my second business that I had started in Colorado. For several reasons, we ended up deciding to dissolve it back in January. I was very sad to let go of the name and the concept of Spirit Earth, as it is such a good representation of the type of work I do now. Recently, I learned that I could just change my business name, so I have decided to do that! For those of you who didn’t realize my business name was Crossroads Coaching (you probably think it is Empowering LIghtworkers), that is one of the reasons it feels safe to make this shift! I started Crossroads Coaching when I was at a “Crossroads” in my life – moving from a career as an elementary teacher into doing my life’s calling as a life coach. Now, I am on a quest to live a spiritual life that is centered around living close to the Earth – thus Spirit Earth Coaching LLC is a much better fit!

What is New 

Most of the offerings are not changing, but here are some things that are new with the name change:

  • Empowerment Readings NOW Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions: I  will still be offering the same type of sessions I’ve been doing in the past under the header of Empowerment Readings. I’ve changed the name because I feel it is a better representation of the full extent of what those sessions are about, since they combine intuitive guidance with teaching and coaching. Also, this will allow other types of spiritual coaching sessions to be offered as we go along.
  • Domain Name: My website address will still be accessible from but the primary name will be changing to
  • Earth Living Skils: Spirit Earth Coach, Ryan O’Toole, and I will be offering more Earth Living Skills in the future. These skills combine spiritual tools with nature-focused activities. More on that soon!
  • Website Blog: We are going to share more about our travels on the website blog than we have been doing this last year. If you want to follow, there is a place to sign up on the website. See below to go to the website home page. The option fo follow the blog (you can do this via email) is on the right side.
  • Workshops/Classes On the Road: We are going to be adding a page with types of workshops and classes we offer that will be available in Ohio or in other areas by request. More on that soon!
  • Facebook Page: My Facebook page has been changed to Spirit Earth Coaching LLC from Nancy Nicholas- Intuitive Life Coach. You can follow me here: Facebook

How to Schedule a Session

There is a contact form on the website (or you can reply to this email if you are an email subscriber!). Use the link below for the contact form option: Contact Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Check out the New Website

The website has been completely revised (and more pages will be added soon). You can check it out using the link below:

Visit the Website

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Panic to Empowerment – Tips to Stay Out of Fear

I decided to post this week’s newsletter from my email list on the website, as I know anxiety and panic are something that a lot of people struggle with. Hope you find it helpful!

Glacier National Park

Last week, panic attacks were the theme with three different people in a span of 24 hours! This took me back to my own experience with panic and reminded me of my vow to never go there again! I wanted to share what I learned from the experience with the hopes of helping others avoid the experience all together, as it was one of the most horrible things I ever went through.

The bottom line to stay out of a panic attack, is to keep your inner batteries charged up and not depleted. When we are in a constant state of anxiety and stress, it wears down the reserves and our adrenal glands become fatigued. This means our ability to cope with additional stressors is greatly diminished. My own panic attack felt like I was having a heart attack or something worse. I felt like I was dying and I was rushed to the emergency room. Once it subsided, I then had years of constant anxiety that was fueled partly by my fear of having it happen again! Below are some simple steps you can take to recharge your batteries (if they are already depleted) or to keep them charged up so you can avoid anxiety and panic.

Steps to Stay OUT of Adrenal Fatigue and Panic

1. Take a 30 minute walk everyday outside (preferably alone if you can). This saved my life! Exercise and breathing are the ways to clear the excess cortisol and other stress hormones from your system. When we are walking we are moving and breathing more deeply. Plus, we are in nature which helps to settle and calm the nervous system. I still do this every day now!

2. Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine – Having tools to use when you get into an anxious state is so important! I like the Energy Medicine Toolkit – I can flip a card and just do what it says if I’m anxious. You can also use the techniques to sedate the triple warmer and strengthen the spleen meridians which is essential to getting out of flight or flight. You can find those on You Tube for free. Learn a few easy techniques to calm the triple warmer so you have them on hand whenever you need them.

3. Rub your feet – Even if you have no training with reflexology, this is still a very powerful tool to use. Simply start rubbing your feet, toes, and ankles. As you find sore spots, spend more time there until they feel better. Let your intuition guide you and you will soon feel much more settled. You can access the entire system from the feet energetically – plus rubbing the feet reminds us to get back in our bodies which is much-needed when we are in a state of anxiety or fear.

4. Pay attention! Don’t ignore feelings of stress or overwhelm. When that starts, it is time to slow down, take the physical steps mentioned above to get out of fear and then get some insight into what is going on inside of you. I have found that anxiety usually stems from a truth that I am afraid to face or that I’m attempting to push myself into doing something that is not in resonance. Figuring out what is going on (after you have taken the steps to settle yourself) will help resolve the deeper message the fear is trying to bring.

5. Resist the urge to “think” to find a solution – When something goes wrong, we are quick to jump to thinking as a means of finding the answer. This is the worst thing you can do when you are struggling with anxiety. The sympathetic nervous system is activated when we are thinking. You want the parasympathetic system to kick in that is all about being. That is why having tools on hand you can use immediately without having to “think about” what to do is so important. Often, anxiety hits in the middle of the night, so having something you can do instantly to feel better is crucial.

Finally, just remember that your best friends when you are feeling anxious are movement and breathing! As tempting as it is to climb into bed and hide out, move instead! Even doing something like washing the floor can help, as it will clear out the stress hormones!

Opportunities to Connect

3/24 Saturday 1-5PM Spring Open House – This event is full – I’m excited to see those of you who are coming! I will be sending out an email soon with details.

3/31 Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM (Hinckley Metroparks) ReWilding Hike- A huge challenge we are facing as a collective is our disconnect from nature and our own physical systems. We have moved so much into our heads that our systems are constantly in a state of stress. Being at home in the natural world and in our physical bodies can change that pattern. This event will share some information about the concept of “ReWilding,” teach you some simple techniques to help you be more connected to the natural world, and give you a chance to get outside and get some exercise too. We will be talking for about an hour inside and then walking for an hour around Hinckley Lake. Love Exchange: $15/Members or $30/Non-Members. Reply to this email (for email subscribers) or use the contact form at the bottom to register.

Oracle Card Reading for the Week

From The Fool’s Wisdom Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

The Play Fool – “Have fun and be playful.”

Nancy’s Reflections: This is so perfect with the topic of anxiety and panic! Worrying and being in our head is what causes us to land in anxiety and panic, so playing is the perfect antidote! When we play and laugh, our nervous systems settle. We are able to move out of fear and into love, which then brings us more love to enjoy! A few tips to help you find that playful energy (as I know it can be tough when we feel weighed down by worries):

1. “I am laughing!” – I find that when I can’t get myself out of a heavier state of mind, if I start repeating this affirmation, my energy lightens and shifts. So even if you can’t get yourself to laugh out loud, try saying this statement over and over and it will make it easier to laugh for real.

2. Listen to Kid’s Music – I shared in a group recently that I’d been doing a lot of the hokey pokey lately! Singing simple childhood songs – especially ones that make you move – is a great way to get out of heavy adult energy and into fun. If you look on Pandora or You Tube or other music collections, you can easily find recordings of childhood songs. Have some on hand this week to pull out when you need a little lightening up!

3. Dance – Dancing is great exercise and it is also tremendous for freeing up our resistance. Don’t worry about looking good or having good moves! Just move your body in whatever way feels good and shake off the stress! I loved the movie “Sing” and one of the songs on that was “Shake it Off.” That is a great one to dance around too, especially if you have something you want to shake off!

4. Get outside and wander – When I was a kid, I spent a lot of hours in the vacant lot next door looking for fossils or climbing trees. Find time to wander outside a bit, even if it is just in your backyard. There is so much going on out there that we miss because we are too in our heads to notice. Find your childhood curiosity again and reawaken your playful spirit!

Coaching Tool for the Week

Here is a quick video to explain how to do foot reflexology on yourself!

Foot Reflexology

Wishing you all a playful, anxiety-free week!
With much love,

Creating Harmony by Coming From Wholeness

Collectively, there has been a rising up of those who have felt victimized and repressed, especially by the feminine (an aspect that is in all of us – both women and men). This has also been occurring on the individual level within our own psyches as well. It is as if the parts of ourselves that we have undervalued have absolutely had it with being dismissed or ignored! It has also sparked off fear, as our inner and outer interactions are being asked to evolve. This is kicking up a lot of anger which is spilling out in our relationships. I have worked with many women lately who have been struggling with relationship challenges, often between the women in their family. Sadly, it has frequently lead to a complete breakdown in communication, causing a fracturing in the family.

Hearing about these conflicts, I have been pondering the question about what true feminine power looks like. It occurs to me that these dynamics are another example of how feminine power has been masquerading as a man. Feminine power is about wisdom, nurturing, cohesiveness, harmony and empowering the whole. It is about trusting the natural unfoldment of life, working with its rhythms, not trying to dictate them. The more masculine approach is individually focused and goal oriented. It is about action and doing, not being. This is not the true nature of the feminine or yin. Yet, isn’t that what is happening in these dynamics? Instead of the using of wisdom to bring people together so that all feel empowered and nurtured, it is as if we are suddenly so afraid of being left out in the cold that we are shoving our sisters out first.

When I asked for guidance about this, I was given a very powerful message. The message was that we all, men and women, need to start thinking of ourselves as part of one organism. While we don’t always realize it, we are connected energetically and telepathically to all those we know. They also said that anyone who shows up in your life, in your movie, is part of your whole, even the ones that you think you don’t want there or who don’t seem to want you! It is not to say that we have to stay involved with people who are abusive to us, but it does mean that those people are part of the whole and there to teach us something that is important to the functioning of the whole. For example, our body is one organism, but it has many individual parts. If the left leg decided the liver was disgusting because of its function to remove toxins from the body and tried to get rid of it, the body would die. We are made up of many parts and all parts are needed and none are truly more valuable than others. The organism thrives when each part is playing the role it was meant to play in the way it was meant to play it. When this becomes out of balance, the whole being suffers.

So what do we do with this information? I was guided to start asking myself in all situations, how will this impact the harmony of the whole that I am a part of and how will it impact my relationship to the larger whole which is Nature which we are dependent on? It is not a question of kicking people out of our movie, but instead asking ourselves, what is the best response from me that will feed the harmony of the whole in regards to this person? Is the conflict that is being created causing growth? Is it bringing to light places where we are too controlling of others, instead of trusting in the flow of life and the perfect timing of nature – what true feminine power is all about? Are we too focused on what others are doing while ignoring our own needs and interests? Are we overlooking the need for each individual to access their own wisdom, so that they can feel empowered? Are we welcoming and inviting to all or are we trying to exclude and control? What is going on for the other person from a spiritual perspective?

Going back to the metaphor of the body, imagine what would happen if the stomach was obsessed with how the lungs were breathing. Imagine it being so busy prodding the lungs to breathe when it thought it should, that it was unable to do its own job of digesting food! What a disaster that would be. Feminine wisdom (something we all possess – both men and women) knows that it is not necessary to control things. Nature knows what it is doing – just as our bodies do. If you look at most of the challenges we are having in our environment right now, they have come from getting out of balance with the needs of the whole and trying to control processes that we didn’t really understand. Could this also be said about the interactions with our loved ones? Perhaps each of us is doing exactly what we need to do with our lives, with the people we are meant to be doing to with, for our optimal spiritual growth and development. What if there is truly a bigger story here and we don’t need to try to control that story, but can instead trust that everything is unfolding in perfect, Divine order for the highest good of all?

Shifting from the thinking of trying to control the parts, we would instead focusing on feeding the harmony of the whole. We would work with the whole of our bodies, the whole of our families, the whole of our communities, the whole of our world. We would nurture, support, encourage, and allow each system to move into its perfect rhythm without trying to force it. We could relax, let go, and enjoy the absolutely perfection of each moment, even the moments that challenge us.

When I asked for guidance on how to work toward this more harmonious approach, the following steps were suggested:

When someone challenges you…

1. Say thank you in your heart.  “Thank you for bringing to my awareness that which is no longer in resonance for me. Thank you for helping me to see something I believe that is not good for me that has created this challenge. Thank you, for at the soul level, I know you are my friend.”

2. Ask yourself how you can feed the harmony of the whole in this situation? If the person who is challenging you seems controlling, ask yourself, is there somewhere in my life where I need to trust more and let go of control? If the person is unkind, ask yourself is there somewhere in my life that I am being unkind or judgmental of myself or others? Let the person be a mirror that helps you more deeply understand yourself.

3. Send love and peace to the person who challenges you. We want the whole organism to thrive because it is the only way that each part will thrive. Pray for the person. Pray that they find the wisdom they need. Pray that they feel loved and safe. Pray that you can allow them to find their way, as you work to find your own. Just as you may feel unhappy when your head hurts, the best way to get the head to feel better is to send love its way. To do things that nurture yourself and to be kind to yourself. The same is true within our dynamics with others.

4. Be patient. Nature has its own timing. Things may not shift as quickly as you like, but things are changing. Let it unfold. Breathe, focus on what is going well in your life, and love. Trust. The Creator has it all under control, so you can relax and trust that in the end all is working for your good.

Thank you for being part of my whole!

Sending love and gratitude,