New Spirit Earth 30 Day Challenge!

I am so excited to start our new 30 Day challenge and I thought you might like to join in, too!

Do you ever find yourself swallowing your words or repressing your feelings? Does your neck or jaw get tight? Do you get headaches or tired eyes?

I know I do!

The throat is the gateway between our head and our heart. When we shove down our feelings or feel restricted in expressing who we are, that energy pathway of our fifth chakra (the throat) gets blocked, making us feel depressed, irritable and uptight.

That’s why I am starting a new 30 day challenge this month to help!

The idea is to create new habits – ones that make us feel uplifted and empowered. By committing to 30 days of a new activity, we can shift how we feel and create more balance in our lives.

In August and September, my Spirit Earth Facebook group did two different challenges. The first was a dance a day and the second was a walk a day. Everyone that joined in said it shifted their mood and made their day go much smoother!

The next challenge is to sing a song a day.


Singing opens the throat chakra which is what allows energy to flow between our heart and head. Do you ever feel trapped in your head sometimes? Opening this chakra will slow down your thinking and help you relax into your body. You’ll be amazed at how much happier you feel.

And singing is also a great way to clear trapped emotions…which reminds me of a super effective technique I just learned to help with that! I’m including it at the end so you can try it out.

But back to the challenge…

How the Challenge Works

Dates of the 2022 Challenge: Begins 10/15 – Ends 11/15

Who Can Participate: Anyone!

What to Do: Pick one song a day to sing! You might want to create a playlist that you can use after the challenge is over. You can also choose a theme. You can sing a different song each day or make a shorter list of favorites that you sing as the mood strikes!

Accountability: Join my free Spirit Earth Facebook group if you’d like to be on our group accountability thread. You can also find a friend or loved one to do the challenge with you. Check in daily with each other to keep on track with the 30 day goal.

Love Exchange: Free!

Are you joining me?

I can’t wait to see how we feel at the end!

Sending much love to you all!

PS. Here is the technique I mentioned earlier from author and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette…

Bonus Technique to Clear Trapped Emotions

How it Works

You create a playlist of 6-10 songs that reflect an emotion you are struggling with. For example, maybe you have repressed anger or grief. You would look for songs that help evoke that emotion. The songs evoke the emotion most strongly at the beginning of the playlist and then become lighter as the songs progress, ending with a song that makes you feel happy, uplifted and positive. Sing the playlist all the way through and let the emotions flow! You can repeat this as often as necessary. I did it recently and the second time through, I had no trapped emotion left! Another tip – if you don’t have time to do the longer playlist, make a shorter version of 3-5 songs.


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