Quick Healing – The Power of 8!

Yow! Sharp stings stab my arm, feeling like a million yellow jackets jabbing me all at once.  I look at my arm, only to see tiny bumps, more like a rash than a sting.  Confused, I look back at the plant. 

Stinging Nettle!  

If you’ve ever been stung by stinging nettle, you know it hurts!  On this occasion, I was on a family trip to Ireland, out in a sheep pasture, with no first aid supplies.  At the time, I’d recently started studying Eden Energy Medicine and I remembered a quick response technique Donna Eden had shared.  I started drawing figure 8’s with my fingers over the rash, again and again.  Within about 30 seconds the pain was gone and as I continued to do the figure 8’s for another few minutes, the rash disappeared too!

Incredible right?

Since that long ago day, I’ve been using figure 8’s daily.  And guess what? This simple technique works with everything, even emotional things!  Have a stomach ache?  Draw some figure 8’s over your belly.  Headache?  You guessed it! Figure 8 the spot.  Feeling sad?  Imagine your sadness as a bubble and draw figure 8’s in it.  

Sound crazy?

All I can say is try it! I’ve used this to stop the flu, to calm someone having an asthma attack, to settle anxiety, balance hormones, and shift my mood. There’s really no limit to things it can help with.  

So why does it work?  

According to Donna Eden who is able to see the human energy field, figure 8 patterns show up all over our energy system.  When we trace the shapes, we remind our energy body to return to its balance and flow.  

A few tips…

  1. Removing Pain:  I like to use the back of my hand or fingers to clear an imbalance.  Then I do figure 8’s with the front of my hand or fingers to bring in good feeling energy. 
  1. Include Laughter:  Laughing, imagining yourself laughing or even repeating “I laugh” over and over again is another tool that works great with the figure 8 tracing.  Laughter is a great way to reset your system and quickly restore harmony to all aspects of your being.  If you can’t bring yourself to laugh (understandable when you aren’t feeling well), then just say it in your head or imagine a tiny version of yourself laughing at the place of discomfort.  It really works! 
  1. Use Figure 8’s daily:  Getting into a practice of using figure 8’s means you are training your system to respond to this technique.  Plus, it keeps your system running optimally, often preventing illness from even happening!

Still skeptical? 

Well, what you believe has a big effect on what you experience, but if you are willing to open your mind to it, figure 8’s can be an empowering way to stay healthy and thriving!  

Let me know how it works for you! 

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