Think or Do?

Miles thinks. Beckett does. So is the motto of the Fowl twins in Eoin Colfer’s wonderful new series about the twin brothers of Artemis Fowl. Miles Fowl is very like his older brother, a child genius with a well-developed ego in a tailored suit. Beckett Fowl is the complete opposite, opting for a minimal amount of clothes and an optimal amount of dirt, except for the goldfish tie he’s made from his best friend, the deceased goldfish Gloop.

So why am I sharing about a children’s book here? Well, first, because I think we all need a bit more lightness in our lives these days, and all of the Fowl books offer that in abundance.

The second reason is the message offered by the Fowl twins division of labor.

Miles thinks.

When the brothers get into their misadventures, dragging in their fairy world allies in the process, it is Miles who must outwit their enemies with his highly developed intellect. Truly, Miles is a child genius, and his brilliant ideas are important in the survival of the twins. However, without his idiot brother, all of Miles brain power would have been useless.

Beckett does.

As Miles encounters situation after situation that requires action to extricate them from disaster, it is Beckett who shines. A master of all things physical, he and his targeted cluster punch, leap to the rescue, saving the day again and again! His optimistic confidence is infectious, as is his ability to befriend the friendless.

So who do you need more of in your life?

Me, I need more Beckett. As someone who comes from a long line of thinkers, who always find ample opportunities to think about things that never even happen (and when I say think translate as ”worry”), I need to start channeling my inner Beckett.

How about you? Feel free to share in the comments!

And if you are looking for some lighthearted fun, check out the Fowl Twins at your local library or bookstore!

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