Gifts and Challenges of the Wood Element

I am loving looking at life through the focus of the Five Elements (Dondi Dahlin). This spring, the Wood element seems to be a dominant theme (and spring is all about this element as well as the liver!). We all have a primary and secondary element that we most relate to. We also have all the elements, and we need them all!

What I love about the wood element is that it is all about confidence and decisiveness! Wood personalities are strong, confident and powerful. They know what their goals are and they have the willpower to reach them! There is something very dependable and solid about wood personalities. If there is a crisis, they are the ones that calmly do what needs to be done!

The symbolism for wood is a tree. It comes after water in the cycle, meaning it takes the brilliant ideas that water’s envision and then grows them into something alive and viable.

The challenge for Wood people is anger and frustration. Because they are so clear in their convictions, they can easily become frustrated when others don’t get on board with their vision! Yang Woods need to have healthy ways to express anger. Yin Woods need to be listened to.

Since we all have the Wood element within us, a good question is how do we work with anger and frustration in a healthy empowered way?

Anger shows up to tell us something. I’ve seen this come up for Wood Element people when they get caught in trying to get others to do what they think is right or best. The message there is to focus on themselves instead of trying to bully others to do what they want. When they stay focused on what they believe and live their truth authentically, people will naturally be drawn to their leadership. When they try to force people to do things, it says they are too focused on others and need to come back to self.

Our power is always coming from being in our own system. Wood People love others and want to protect them. They get very angry at injustice and care deeply that all are treated well. This is a beautiful quality, however, to bring about change, the best approach would be to use their strong will and confidence to build what will provide that more equatable world, instead of trying to push others into changing.

As we all need and have this wonderful element within us, I thought it might be helpful to share a few resources with techniques to work with anger and frustration in a healthy way. Remember, the goal is to always to come back to ourselves. The other person who is triggering us is giving us an opportunity to learn something about ourself. When we approach this from curiosity, not taking things personally, we can gain wonderful new insights and empowerment!

Here are a few resources with techniques to help balance your Wood element when anger or frustration kick up.

Anger – Quick Tapping with Brad Yates

Activating the Cells (Expelling the Venom) with Prune Harris

Energy Medicine Coaching Session with Nancy Nicholas (If you want more personalized support and insights!)

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