Creating Happy Boundaries

Have you ever felt you needed better boundaries? Most people who are spiritually evolving find this issue comes up for them. Often, they have more highly sensitive nervous systems that cause them to over empathize with others, frequently losing their own perspective. This can lead to challenges in relationships and even with one’s health.

One of the reasons that those who are spiritually evolving or are highly sensitive struggle with boundaries is connected to their auric field. The auric field is an energy field that surrounds the body. It is generated from the electromagnetic energy of the person and its cohesion and resiliency has a lot to do with a person’s overall health.

Highly sensitive or empathic people often have a weak, dispersed, or hole-ridden aura which makes it very difficult for them to stay in their own perspective. The aura allows the person to have a sense of separation from the other people around them and is important in maintaining a healthy system.

How To Tell If Your Aura is Weak

You will know your aura is not working optimally by how you are feeling. If you feel overwhelmed or bombarded by the emotions or energies of others, then odds are your aura is not supporting you in the way you would like. People often describe it as feeling invaded or punched by the unhappy energies of others. When our aura is strong, vital and cohesive, we are able to remain detached from the drama of others more easily.

How to Strengthen Your Aura

A simple technique to support the aura is to make figure eights with your hands. Rub your hands together first and then begin making figure eight patterns (palms facing the body) just off the body. Make the figure 8’s all over – above the head, along the side body, down the front, at your feet, and have a friend do your back (or visualize it being done if no one is around). You can do this many times throughout the day to feel strengthened and revitalized! To make it even more powerful (and fun), listen to some upbeat music while you do it!

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