Choosing Your Center

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Years ago, I heard a man speak about how to settle the nervous system. He was lecturing to a group of 40 some anxious people. Being empathic, I could feel the tension in the room when he started. He had a very calm manner and proceeded to talk about how our nervous system is responding to things in our environment all the time, sometimes in ways we aren’t conscious of. He talked about how in family dynamics, it is often the person who is most uptight that becomes the center of the family nervous system. They are the ones who have the most dominant presence, often radiating their imbalance. He explained that in a collective situation, everyone’s nervous system will sync with the most dominant energy in the group. That means that if someone who is dominant is very angry, everyone’s nervous system begins to resonate with the anger, causing all kinds of upheaval. He then went on to demonstrate what can happen when someone in a peaceful state becomes the center. He took a few moments and brought himself to a place of deep peace. The energy in the room changed instantly. All those anxious people suddenly settled! Recently, I’ve been reminded of this dynamic. Families are often built around crisis because the person who is most dominant is the one who is most unsettled. This reminded me that our families are just a reflection of our own inner world. We hold all the archetypes (personality aspects) of our loved ones in ourself. Which brought the question of which archetype am I letting be the sun or center of my inner world? I realized, in the past, it was often the wounded child. When our energy is centered around our woundedness we continue to draw to us those things that resonate with the wounds. So what happens if we shift that sun archetype to the part of us that is most joyful? Wouldn’t that mean that all the other aspects of our personality would come into sync with that piece? The demonstration in the room of anxious people would suggest that it would work that way. So would the concepts of quantum physics which suggest it is our beliefs that are constructing our experiences in our world.

Try It

Find time to do a little inward searching. What part of your personality tends to be the center of your experience? If it is a wounded aspect, consider putting out the intention to let your most peaceful and joyous self be the sun in your world. Try it for the day and see what happens when you turn your attention to the happy self inside of you instead of focusing on the fearful one.

Nature Inspiration

While I was writing this passage, I was sitting by the North Fork of the Skokomish River in Washington. In front of me was a heart shaped rock. The energy of the water flowing by with the sun reflected on it was very peaceful and soothing. Spend a few minutes connecting with it to support you in moving your joy to your center.

Choosing Center

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