Wisdom of the HoneyPot Ant

Here’s a post I posted recently on Spirit Earth.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

One of the processes of the quest is to learn how to teach what we are learning about living a joyful life. We have been building a class series to share our learnings and to inspire others to take the quest, In the process, we have come up against the ideas or fears we have in our own foundations that inhibit our ability to stay coming from love. To help us, we used a totem pole spread from a book called Animal Totem Tarot Cards by Lizza Robertson. We decided to start with the first card of the totem card reading which represents the earth that you are planting your dreams in. The card that fell out for me was the Hanged Man with the animal of the HoneyPot Ant. Having some previous experience with the tarot deck, I was less than thrilled about the card that fell out for me. The Hanged Man in traditional decks is all about a man hanging by his feet unable to move. It is a “let go, let God” card that is all about surrender. Being someone that enjoys being able to act, that is always a card that I have dreaded and here it is as the foundation of my joyful life! With some intuitive insights from Jacob and Ryan, some deeper insights into the animal totem connected to the card, and some of my own intuitive guidance, I have come to realize, though, that it is actually the perfect card for me. The HoneyPot ant is an ant who is stuffed with nectar and other food substances and then it spends its life regurgitating the food to the members of the ant family, so they always have food, even in the harsh desert. At first, this seems a card of sacrifice, but as I started to connect deeper, I realized it is actually a gift. The ant that fills this role always has enough food. It is literally filled to overflowing with nectar and sweetness. That excess is then shared with the other members of the ant colony. It is also the ultimate card of allowing the Divine to work through you. It calls for a deep, heart-centered devotion and faith in the Creator and a willingness to let the Divine lead. It also calls for a position that places your heart above your head. For me, this is the ultimate gift. I have a strong mind that is used to leading. This card is saying at my foundation, my heart is the one that leads and I have found that is the only way to truly experience the joy I am seeking.

Try It

What is the earth you are planting your joyful life in? Are you comfortable with what you have chosen to come from in your experiences? Today, ask to connect to the animal energy that is the best one for you to build off of in your joyful journey (and if you are interested in some help, call us to schedule a reading!). Connect to the animal’s energy and let it support you in the creation of your day and your life.

Connect with Nature

One way to be still and find the essence that you need at your core is to be in nature. Below is a photo from Rialto Beach in Washington. Connect with the flow of the tides and let the wind blow in some fresh perspective into your experience.

20160719-Honey Pot Ant

Interested in discovering your own “ground floor” animal totem? Email nancy@EmpoweringLightworkers.com. Special Offer for August – $35 Written Reading

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