Feel Good Thoughts

Here’s a post I posted recently on Spirit Earth.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

One of the challenges to living a joyful life is keeping your thoughts positive. So often, the mind, which is trained to look for things to worry about keeps pointing out anything that might be a potential danger. That makes it tough to stay in a joyful frame of mind! A few days ago, we saw a quote from Abraham Hicks. Essentially, the message was to choose the thoughts that feel good – to make that your top priority. I started thinking about that and pondering how it could help with our quest. What came to me was the realization that our bodies always know when we are lined up with what resonates with our highest good. When we think things that are negative or untrue, our physical system reacts with tightness or discomfort. Using this information, I decided to “test out” some different thoughts until I found the ones that my system opened up to. The results were astounding! My energy shifted drastically and I found my heart wide open when I stuck to the thoughts that were in resonance with my system. The next step was continuing to reaffirm them, even if it looked like on the surface they weren’t true. Even though, I’ve just started the process, I feel confident that this is a great tool to help us start living from love not fear. I’ve put out the intention to have my thoughts match what is true and resonates with my being. That way I can stay in a state of love and the joy will flow!

Feel Good Thoughts

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