Peace Begins with Choice

There has been a lot of frustrations brewing in the world lately. The political climate along with more violent occurrences in the news has been challenging everyone to stay in a positive mindset. So how does one stay committed to coming from love when it seems there is so much anger and fear going on in the outer world? That is a question we explored with a client recently and we felt what came through might be helpful for others. For us, we are doing our best to keep our eyes on the natural world and look for guidance there. The bald eagle has been coming up in card readings and we actually saw one fly over as we were working on this entry. The bald eagle represents the ability to fly high above what is going on below. It sees the big picture and only dives to the earth when it has a specific aim in mind. As you fly over your own life, look for the peace, joy and abundance you are seeking. Choose to fly towards that over getting pulled into the whirlpool of fear and negativity. What to do when those around you are caught in the fear and want to pull you in too? Be courageous enough to acknowledge their fears and then redirect to a more peaceful topic. So often, we get pulled into verbally rehashing and worrying at the things that frighten us to no effect. Ask yourself, “Is there some positive action or insight that can come from this discussion?” If not, be willing to politely excuse yourself from it if you are unable to shift the focus to a topic that is more able to uplift and empower. Fear breeds fear. Our job right now is to keep focusing on love, so that is what grows in our world. We are the co-creators of our reality. What frightens us in the outer world is what is being reflected from within ourselves. Where are you not loving, respecting and supporting yourself? Where are your boundaries not being respected or where are you ignoring your needs? Be kind, be loving, and keep your eyes on the big picture. Chaos is sometimes needed to bring change and with that change new growth can happen. Choose that the new growth be that of love and peace. Don’t fight the darkness in yourself or the world around you. Send love to it instead. That is the only way it can truly be transformed.

Try It

Make a list of things you love to discuss. What good books have you read lately? What favorite recipe have you tried? What interesting experience have you had or beautiful place you would love to visit? Make a list of topics that uplift you and keep them handy. As the fears start kicking up around you, try shifting to one of your favorite topics. By helping to get others interested in something else, you are doing your part to spread the love.

Nature Inspiration

We recently spent a day at a beach in the state of Washington. The tide pools were teeming with life. Here is a photo to help you connect with the fascinating world of nature.


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