Self Respect

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We have been continuing the process of excavating those things in ourselves that are at odds with coming from the heart in our decision making. Astrologically, the energies of the month are offering a lot of opportunity to help with this. Ryan described it as having buried shrapnel in our psyches and having a big magnet going over the top of us to pull it out. Not always the most comfortable process, but in the end we will be glad for the clearing. One of the gifts of this process has been recognizing the role of self-respect in living a heart-centered life. It isn’t always easy to follow the path of the heart, especially when it seems to be going against a more logical course. That is where self-respect becomes crucial. Focusing on your own feelings about your choices and always checking to see if you can respect yourself taking this path really helps to soothe some of the unease. Joyful living isn’t something that is all that common and there is a reason for it. We have a lot of fear-based systems that keep us checking over and over again for what might be going wrong. Building a strong basis of self-trust and respect can help to navigate the moments when it is tempting to fall back into fear.

Try It

Today, start your morning off by having a conversation with yourself in the mirror. Praise yourself for all that you have been doing to step away from fear and come from love. Notice all that you have done well and even give encouragement for the places where you may have fell short. Finish with the statement, “I love, honor and respect myself. I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming!” If you start to feel the fear kicking in again, ask yourself what could you do in that moment that you would respect? Do that!

Nature Inspiration

Here is a photo from a beach along the Oregon coast. While it is a beautiful place, the wind gusts and blowing sand can make it tough to enjoy. Imagine yourself there, but build in a bubble of protection that is created by your love and respect for yourself. Keep that around you all day!


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