The Spirit Earth Story

Just wanted to share with you what and who Spirit Earth is.  Be sure and check out all my posts at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

The Birth of Spirit Earth LLC

Last summer, I had a life changing experience when my son, Jacob, and his friend Ryan, joined me on a week-long spiritual retreat with Dr. Jaap Van Etten. The three of us instantly bonded and started having powerful spiritual experiences. This led to the inspiration to go into business together to create a community and offer services that brought the principles of living a spiritual life into the physical experience of living close to the earth. This lead to the start of the joyful life quest we are currently on and will be working together to grow Spirit Earth to be a place to inspire and empower you on your own quest to live your most joyful life.

The Spirit Earth Team

Nancy-Nicholas-2-WebNancy Nicholas (me:)) has always had a deep love of nature, wild places, and the mystical aspects of life. She experienced a spiritual awakening in 2000 which started her on a quest that led to the blossoming of her intuitive gifts, her Reiki training, the publications of her books, and a career as a life coach.  In 2015, her life took another turn when her son, Jacob, and his friend Ryan entered her spiritual work.  This led to the creation of Spirit Earth and their joint commitment to pushing past fear-created boundaries that inhibit the flow of love and joy in this life.  Since then, Nancy has expanded her training to include shamanic practices and is on a new quest – one to prove that by living close to the Earth, to Spirit, and in harmony with one’s true nature, a life of joy where love leads is not only possible, but inevitable.  She is currently traveling to wild places to reconnect with living simply and sustainably, writing a book about her experiences, and teaching through online classes, wilderness workshops, and private sessions.

IMG_0713Ryan O’Toole has always been passionate about nature, wildlife, and living close to the Earth.  He spent much of his childhood backpacking, camping, rock climbing and exploring the wilderness near his home in Evergreen, Colorado and areas further out, including three weeks in Costa Rica. He continued this love through participating in an Outdoor Leadership program, volunteering at Mission Wolf, attending Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School, and working at Outdoor Lab in Jefferson County where he taught geology and composting to sixth graders. In the summer of 2015, he attended a week long retreat learning about earth energy centers, dowsing, and other spiritually-oriented programs taught by Dr. Jaap Van Etten.  This led to his collaboration with Nancy and Jacob in Spirit Earth and his new path as a shamanic life coach and spiritual teacher.  Ryan is currently traveling the country with Nancy where they are working on a book about living a joyful life by living simply and sustainably, teaching online classes, wilderness workshops and offering private sessions.

IMG_0686.JPGJacob Zimmerer spent his childhood captivated by nature and connection, always focused on personal growth and understanding the world around him. In 2009, Jacob visited Colorado for the first time. This adventure marked the beginning of his spiritual quest. In 2014, after years of focused intention and regular visits, he moved to Evergreen, Colorado. Within 6 months of living in Colorado, he began working for Jefferson County Public Schools as an intern at Mt. Evans Outdoor Educational Laboratory School. Jacob spent 16 weeks working with over 1,000 6th graders from across the county. His primary focus was reconnecting these visiting students to not only nature, but also themselves. In the summer of 2015, Jacob went back to Ohio to visit his mother. He invited his friend, Ryan, to accompany him on this journey. This summer marked the beginning of Spirit Earth. The bond between Nancy and Ryan blossomed within hours, creating a triad of talented and passionate individuals. The experiences of the summer provided Jacob with the spiritual awakening that led him forward into another 16 weeks as an intern and an early graduation from high school. Upon his graduation, Jacob created Spirit Earth LLC alongside Ryan and Nancy as well as his own web consulting business.

AND YOU…Thanks for being a part of our team (if you haven’t already be sure to join us at our new organization by clicking here).  We are working to build a world centered on love not fear.  Please continue to share your experiences with us and spread the word so others can join too.

About Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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