Loving and Respecting “Your Way”

Here’s a post from Spirit Earth from when I was in Arizona.  Be sure and check out the other posts I have posted at Spirit Earth and sign up to join me on my Joyful Quest by clicking here.

As I have taken off on this adventure across the country, I find myself having some internal wrestling going on. Part of me has always wanted to fit in to a more “normal” way of doing things. It is the part that finds going on such an endeavor without at “plan” to be very unsettling. I’ve found though that what is working best for me is sticking to my “way.” What is that exactly? For me, it is to let my Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Spirit Guides lead the way. I have often become very frustrated with myself because I feel like I get flighty or can’t keep focused on what is going on around me. I am so much in my inner world and perceiving what is happening from that point of view that I can miss the things that are right in front of me. What this experience is teaching me is that to be in joy, I have to stop judging myself for not being as focused and embrace the fact that my way works beautifully. My conscious mind might not know exactly where I’m going or what is happening, but I always get led exactly where it is best for me to go.

Try It

Discovering your way can be an adventure in and of itself. Ryan’s way is to use his observation skills and intuitive knowing to instinctively choose. Mine is to rely on my Spiritual Support Team. Jacob uses a combination of intuition and logic. To discover your way to navigate through life’s choices, see what approach brings you the most peace. Today, try letting your “way” be the one you choose. See what the results are!

Nature Inspiration

This is a photo from Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona. Spend a moment communing with the rocks as you acknowledge the gift of you and your unique approach to life.


About Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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