When Anxiety Stops By

Gulf of Mexico and pelicanI have found that one of the biggest challenges for those who are highly sensitive is anxiety.  Last night, it stopped by for a visit (something it hasn’t done in a while) and I found myself thankful for all the many tools I’ve learned over the years.  While I was using them and waiting for the anxious feeling to pass last night, I promised myself I’d write a post with some of those tools for all of you. The energy shifting and massive transformation we are going through is fertile ground for anxiety.  I find when I don’t know what is coming or exactly where I’m going, my mind starts to feel like everything is out of control and starts freaking out!  As the mind is the place we often go when we need to fix something that is disturbing our peace, having it in a state of panic makes it tough to settle again.

Below is the routine I go through when I start to feel anxious.  It always works for me, so keep at it and keep reminding yourself that though anxious feelings can feel deadly, it is actually just the fight or flight hormones working their way through the body.  Once they clear out, you will feel better.

Step One:  Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

The Triple Warmer Meridian is the energy pathway connected to our body’s response to danger.  When you are feeling anxious, odds are your triple warmer has excess energies that can be released.  Donna Eden’s methods for calming this system are my favorite.  Here are a few links where you can watch how to do it:

Sedate Triple Warmer Points

Donna Eden Demonstrating Several Techniques

Step Two:  Strengthen the Spleen Meridian

In one of her videos, Donna Eden mentioned that she sedates the triple warmer meridian and strengthens the spleen almost everyday.  Last night, I realized I hadn’t been doing that for several weeks.  Clearly, something to get back into my routine!  She describes this meridian as our inner mother who nurtures and takes care of us.  Strengthening this meridian can help you feel relaxed and peaceful quickly.  Here is a link for a video on that: Strengthen Spleen Points

Step Three:  BodyTalk Routine

I took a class a few years ago and learned a basic routine for the BodyTalk System which involves tapping on meridian points and breathing.  While I can’t share the full routine, you can use the basic technique called Cortices which is a big part of the routine I use. It is available here:  BodyTalk

Step Four:  30 Exhales

The fight or flight hormones can be cleared through exercise or breathing.  I have noticed though that if I start focusing on breathing first, I get more anxious.  That is why I start this at Step Four after I am feeling calmer.  I also find that working with the fingers (which are points to balance your meridians all on their own) really helps along with counting my exhales (which I try to make longer than my inhale).  I start with my little finger and hold it for three – five deep breaths, then work through all my other fingers.  I have an affirmation I use for each finger that I say as I breathe.  I wrote an article on this technique here which you can view: Create Your Own Yoga Mudras

What Next

If I haven’t fallen asleep at that point or the anxiety hasn’t passed fully, then here are some additional tools to try…

Donna Eden Daily 5 Routine – I sometimes start with this one, depending on what is going on.  You can learn it here:  Daily Energy Routine

Yoga Mudras:  Flip to a yoga mudra series and do them.  This book has great routines:  Power Mudras for Women by Sabrina Mesko

Laughter:  Imagine my inner child laughing for at least 2 minutes or imagine myself laughing.  Even better is when I can actually get myself to laugh out loud.

Nature:  Go outside and sit by a tree.  If it wasn’t the middle of the night yesterday, I would have done this first.  This often instantly stops anxiety!

Exercise:  Walk or clean something that requires a lot of physical movement.  Walking daily outside is a great way to keep anxiety at bay permanently.

Bath:  Take an Epsom Salt Bath for at least 20 minutes.  Here is a great article on that: Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

What to Do Once the Anxiety Has Passed

When you are feeling calm again, it might be a good idea to explore what triggered the experience.  Were you worried about something?  For me, I’d had my health worries triggered by a couple of different experiences (only one of which actually had anything to do with my own body).  Often something bothers me, but it is only a little flutter and I tend to ignore it.  If a few more of the same type of concern comes by and I continue to ignore the feelings though, I usually end up feeling anxious and often am not sure why!  That is why going back and getting clear on what triggered the experience can really help avoid it coming back again.  I have been using the protocol I am teaching with the Intuitive Life Coaching Classes that use the quantum physics concepts and EFT combination to clear limiting beliefs.  This blog post explains the process if you would like to try it with your situation or I am happy to help you figure out what is going on with an empowerment reading too.  You can read the article here:  Ascension Symptoms: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Experience


Another tool I pulled out last night was Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I read the essay I flipped to a few times and also tapped on the meridian points for each of the sentences while reading it out loud.  It really helped!

I randomly flipped to a page to include one for all of you and it opened to the same essay I worked with last night!  Here it is…

Highest Good

“The Power that created me is the same Power that I co-create with, and this Power only wants me to express and experience my highest good.  I do my best to make my real self vitally important and give it control of everything.  By doing this, I am truly loving myself.  It opens me to greater possibilities, to freedom, to joy, and unpredictably wonderful daily miracles.  My highest good includes the highest good for others, too.  This is truly a loving act.

I always work for my highest good.  Loving myself and others allows me to be all that I can be.”

Sending much love to you all!  My Spirit Guides are assuring me the energies are going to lighten up soon.  Hang in there!





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4 thoughts on “When Anxiety Stops By

  1. Awesome advice Nancy ! I can attest that the Donna Eden system works ! I bought the entire healing energy kit and now my whole family uses it . Amazing tools !

  2. This is a great post! Thank you so much for including the link to the Spleen Acupressure Points. I’ll definitely pass this information on!!
    Joyous blessings,

  3. Nice to have those isn’t it? I tried to learn from the book and realized I hadn’t been holding the right points all this time. I am so grateful for You Tube videos so you can actually see the exact places to hold! Thanks for sharing! Hugs! Nancy

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