Ascension Symptoms – Change Your Story and Change Your Experience

Howling Wolf on Mountain Peak You have probably read that this is a big week energetically.  Those who are sensitive to energetic shifts may be experiencing a variety of physical symptoms and trouble sleeping.  You may be feeling alternatively exhausted and then elated too.  All of this is part of the move to higher dimensional vibrations that we are in the midst of right now.  Our physical and emotional systems are being recalibrated to be able to work with these energies and that means a lot of adjusting is going on.

Personally, I’ve been having the worst time sleeping.  I fall asleep for a few hours and then I’m awake – often feeling borderline anxious.  I go through my routine with the Energy Medicine, BodyTalk and Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques I know to settle my nervous system, and then I spend some time talking to my Spiritual Support Team.  While it isn’t a huge deal since I am self-employed and can sleep in a little longer if needed, I am finding it a little tiresome (tired being the most relative word!), especially since waking up has moved to 1 AM instead of 4AM.  Last night, I did have some really interesting insights come through about all of this and I wanted to share them with all of you.

One of the things I’ve been working on ever since I read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail by Greg Kuhn is to stop seeing myself at the mercy of the outer world and start owning my power as a co-creator of my reality.  When I apply that concept to ascension, it occurs to me that we are creating a collective belief that this expansion into higher frequency energy patterns has to be a disruptive and difficult thing.  I found myself feeling quite stubborn last night in deciding that I wasn’t interested in doing it this way anymore.  After all, if I’m writing this story, why not write one in which the shifts are smooth and easy?

Applying the concepts from the book, I can start changing my belief about my experience with ascension.  Below is my walk through with this process in case you’d like to try it too.

Step One:  Ask myself – “What do you really feel about ascension?” with the intention of getting to the true underlying emotions.

My Answer:  In my head, I feel excited about spiritual ascension because it is supposed to be a great thing right?  But when I ask myself what I really feel about it underneath, I find the following feelings coming up:   confusion, exhaustion, despair, overwhelm, and fear.

Hmmm…No wonder I’m not sleeping well right now.

Step Two:  Reframe the Emotions – Next, I need to put these feelings in perspective.  I remind myself that I am “experiencing” these challenging feelings, but they are not who I am. Detachment helps to keep things in perspective and not get sucked into the emotions themselves.

Step Three:  Okay, now I need to look at these emotions separately to discover what the beliefs are.  Let’s start with confusion because I am getting the impression that a lot of the other emotions are stemming from that one.  So, why do I feel confused about ascension?

Despite having read or heard about spiritual ascension a million times the concept still feels wispy to me.  I get that we are shifting into different vibrations and all that, but what does that really mean?  Maybe it is time to ask my own Spirit Guides this question.  Here is what I’m hearing, “Spiritual Ascension is about letting go of false identities and moving into the frequency of truth.  Discarding limiting perceptions of who you are based on the story your soul has been telling for many lifetimes.   It is time to be the clear note of WHO YOU ARE without the distortion of these older melodies.”

Okay, so instead of thinking about this from the perspective of dimensions and higher vibration, let’s rewrite the belief about ascension based on what it means from a point of spiritual development.

Step Four:  Rewrite the story – Using a combination of wording from the Quantum Physics book and The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner, I come up with a statement to help me transition from the old belief into the new one.

“Even though I am currently experiencing confusion and fear around the concept of spiritual ascension, I choose to belief that as I release old stories and change to a better story about what ascension is for me, I can start to experience the process of it more comfortably and joyously.”

Step Five:  Tap it out – Next, I’m going to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to help to shift the old story out and rewrite the new one into my neural pathways.   What you are doing is tapping on the meridian points to help shift the energy and change the wiring you have around the concept.  If you haven’t tried tapping before, you can find a great video, information, and a tapping chart with the points at this link: The Tapping Solution.

Here is the script for what came up for me.  I tend to do this as if I am having a conversation with God (which I do a lot!).  You can also just use a word or two at each point if that is easier for you.   I repeat the statement about 5-10 times, tapping as I’m saying it, on each spot.  You can’t screw it up, so just follow what feels right for you.  (One side note, I know a lot of my feelings around spiritual ascension has to do with what my soul experienced the last time this process came up back during the time of Atlantis.  If you want to read a great book to help you clear out that story, check out The Atlantis Legacy by Jennifer Hoffman).

Nancy’s Tapping Script on Spiritual Ascension

Ask yourself:  “How would you rate your confusion around ascension on a scale of 1-10?”

My Answer:  8

Next, start the tapping process…

Karate Chop Point (tapping while stating statement 3 times):  “Even though I am currently experiencing confusion and fear around the concept of spiritual ascension, I choose to belief that as I release old stories and change to a better story about what ascension is for me, I can start to experience the process of it more comfortably and joyously.” 

Inside Corner of Eyebrow:  “I really don’t want to screw this up God.  I want to be safe.”

Outside Corner of the Eye (outer edge of eyebrow):  “What exactly should I do God?  How do I do this?  I want to get this right!”

Under the Eye:  “I so want this change!”

Under the Nose:  “I want to be free!”

Under the Lip:  “I want to be happy!”

Collarbone (where your bow tie would be!):  “What if I can’t do it? What if I miss my chance and this starts all over again?  I can’t do this all over again God!”

Under the Arm: “It is my choice.” 

Top of the Head:  “I choose to be free to be the powerful, magical being I am!  I am ascended already.  There is nothing that needs to be done.” 

End with a deep breath.

Ask:  “How would I rate my confusion around ascension now?”

My  Answer:  4

I will continue to do the tapping script (adjusting the wording as I feel called) until I get it down to a 1 or 2.

Step Six:  Work on other emotions or beliefs that come up around the topic.  For me, this really hit all of the emotions I listed because confusion was leading to all the other feelings.  If you feel though that you want to focus on another emotion or belief, you can do the same routine to let it be released and the new story written.

Well, I’m feeling much better! How about you?   This is an example of the protocol I have been using that I’ll be walking you through with the Intuitive Life Coaching classes on Wednesday nights.  If you want to change some stories you have around prosperity/money, then join me for the first class on Wednesday March 25th.  You can register here and learn about the future topics if you are interested at this link:  Classes

Sending lots of love to you all!






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6 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms – Change Your Story and Change Your Experience

  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    I like the answer of your sprit guides. The path is about finding out who we are.
    Or rather ‘what I is’.
    The path results in a shift in identity. From thinking that we are located in our head , between our ears, towards the recognition that we are consciousness which contains our head and the rest of the world as well. And that consciousness is the substratum of al, the visible 3d world, like sand is the substratum of a sandcastle. But consciousness is also of a higher dimension than the 3d world. Like the sphere in the novel Flatland is hard to describe for beings living on the 2d plane, so is consciousness hard to describe to beings in a 3 d world. But it is what we are. Remembering that is what the path is about.
    Ascension is not about making the screen figure in the computer game ever better, leveling it up to level 100. Rather, the path is about remembering that we are not the screen figure. We are the one who is sitting with his butt on the chair in front of the computer screen, temporarily lost in the identification with the screen figure. Temporarily addicted to the small self.
    Upon remembering, we see that we have been not only watching this game on the screen, but that we have also programmed it all.

  2. Thank you for your reflections! The metaphor I’m often given is that my true self writes the story that my personality self is a character in. Now we get to write a new story and the character can be different too – reflecting more of the one who is writing. I believe there is a quote out there about the Dreamer, dreaming and all those in the dream are dreaming too! So fitting for this time huh? I am leaning more and more to letting the magical child lead – so for this to occur – there is no need for me to make things so complicated. As I love to “understand things,” I can easily get lost in the complexities. Thanks for your analogies and sharing – they are very helpful. Lovely to have so many beautiful beings to explore and experience life with! Sending a hug! Nancy

  3. Yes, writing a story. Or dreaming a dream. All are fitting metaphors. The essence of the spiritual path is never to stay identified to the dream character. It is always to wake up from the dream.
    A ‘happy dream’ will occur during the journey. But it is a by-product of the journey to truth (rather than an end in itself).
    Hugs! Karin

  4. What a great day of all days to be having this conversation! We are all getting such a lovely invitation to stop identifying with the dream character right now – as the whole energetic Universe is lining up to support it! Sending a hug! Nancy

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